The Runaway Bride Episode 3


The drive to rabbi’s house was fun and full of
laughter, Chinwe could not hold back the
laughter most of the times. Rabbi obviously
was not from Akwa Ibom and he made sure of
mocking everything about them, from the
ladies to the housing to the accent and
everything else.
Davis made sure to remind him he used to
think the same way about him, coming from
Abia state himself, they talked and made fun
of each other on the short drive.
When they arrived, Davis helped her with her
bags and Rabbi led them to the small
apartment at the back of the building they
parked in front of, he opened the room and
she was surprised at the ambiance and the
cool decor. The room was small but had
everything in place.
“I know, I arranged everything because I
knew you will be coming” he said before
Davis could say anything, which made them
burst into another bout of laughter. Obviously,
he was not a very tidy person, but he kept
everything orderly because of his friend, they
must be close, Chinwe thought as she sat on a
plastic chair, one of the 2 around a plastic
Her eyes traveled to the arranged books in
the corner of the room, almost all were
computer books, she looked at the TV and the
CD collections, all were seasonal movies, all of
which Chinwe had watched herself.
They both disappeared through a door at the
side of the room; Chinwe pulled out her
phone charger and plugged in her phone and
rested back on the unusual plastic chair.
When they both came back outside, Davis had
a cup of water in his hands and said they
were cooking too.
“What are you guys cooking?”
“Rice I guess,” he said as he sat on the second
“Can I help?”
“Just relax, we got this” he was not sure how
to start a conversation with her that could
lead to knowing more about her.
“Dave!! Abeg come” Rabbi called from the
He stood up and she stood up with him,
following him to the kitchen
Rabbi was in the process of opening a Geisha
can and he had a knife in his hand
“Babe, don’t worry about a thing, I am still
the better cook between the 2 of us, you have
nothing to worry about, oh maybe pepper sha
because I eat a lot of pepper” he laughed
jovially again.
“I can’t just sit still, let me do something”
Chinwe said as she moved into the tiny
kitchen and collected the knife from him, she
opened it with ease and poured the content
out, before long, she was asking for the next
ingredients as both men talked and
reminisced about their university days.
They all went back to the room and Davis
offered to put on the TV; Chinwe, who knew
she could be the topic on the local news,
quickly asked for one of the seasonal movies
to be played. Rabbi was happy to oblige her.
They watched and she checked the food
which was ready, she served the 3 of them
and when she came back, Rabbi had gone out
to buy ‘something’, Davis informed her. She
ate slowly and watched the movie while Davis
watched her instead.
She was so natural in the kitchen and even
though she appeared to be relaxed on the
surface, a little bit of tension is still lying on
her shoulders, giving her a vulnerable look.
Davis wondered what he could do to help her
relax more. He could try reassuring her that
she could stay as long as needed, but that
would be left for Rabbi to determine, even
though he knows Joseph would gladly take her
in, but would she be willing to stay?.
Rabbi retuned with a pack of orange juice for
them and he went in search of glass cups for
them to drink it with.
They ate and watched the movie, when they
were done eating, Chinwe wanted to pack the
plates but they both stood up and asked her to
sit, they washed the plates and they returned
to join her in front of the TV, with Rabbi
sitting on the tiled floor, Chinwe and Davis on
the plastic chairs.
Davis looked at her and when he looked up,
he saw his friend looking at him with a
bemused look on his face, they both laughed
softly and Rabbi went into the narration of
one of the characters.
Chinwe picked up her phone and called Clara,
her number rang this time.
“Hello, Chinwe, I am so sorry, where are
you?” she said
“I am in a guy’s place, where are you?”
“On my way to the place I asked you to wait
for me, where is the guy’s place, I could come
to pick to pick you there”
“Hold on, Rabbi, please where is this place?”
“Give me the phone” Chinwe handed the
phone to him and listened as he gave a
description to his house, they seemed to agree
on a place and he handed the phone back to
“I will be there shortly, the house he
described is not too far from the gate I asked
you to wait, and it is not too far from my
apartment also”
She ended the call and thanked Rabbi
“It is your first time in Uyo, right?” Rabbi
What have you come to do?”
“I came to look for a job”
“Ahah, you left Lagos for this place in search
of a job, what kind of job are you looking
“Any business management job would be
fine” she replied smoothly.
“You read business management?”
What level?”
“Ahhhh that is big o Ebere, Masters. Why did
you not stay back in Lagos?”
“I have tried Lagos and nothing came up”
“This friend of yours is she working or
something, that is, is she likely to fix you up
“Something like that sha” she lied smoothly.
“Because, ordinarily, you are not from here
and unless your father is connected to some
of these big shots, you are banking on the
long thing” he said with a smile.
“I know, but hoping is all I am doing at the
“Davis, do you know you guys would be
starting lectures soon?” he turned to his
friend who could not take his eyes off Chinwe
“Soon as in when?”
“Soon as in Monday, as I heard”
“No problem, as long as they don’t stress us”
“Is there any university in Nigeria they would
not stress you?”
They talked at length about the school system
and she came to understand that Davis was in
Uyo for his Master’s degree in some computer
studies. Her phone rang and she was glad
Clara was outside the apartment waiting for
She jumped up and picked up her bag as
Rabbi and Davis followed her out, Davis was
scared he might not see her again and he
stayed close to her as Clara stepped out of the
They watched as she pulled a young boy by
the hand out of the tricycle and Chinwe ran
to them and picked the boy up and hugged
her friend tightly. Both guys were however
shocked when they both started crying, the
tricycle honked for him to get paid, forcing
them to let go of each other as Clara paid him
Rabbi asked if they would like to come into
the apartment for some time, but they
declined, she said they would walk to the end
of the road where they could get a tricycle to
her house. Rabbi went inside instead and
came out with his car keys and Chinwe’s
charger in the other hand.
Davis went into the car with them and
unconsciously picked up the little boy, who
did not seem to mind, both ladies sat at the
back of the car, while Davis held Clara’s son
at the front seat.
They were not talking, but Chinwe was still
sobbing quietly at the back of the car and
Clara was also wiping her eyes as she directed
Rabbi to her apartment.
When they arrived her house, Davis came
down and pulled out Chinwe’s bag and Clara’s
son, waiting for them to be led to the right
apartment. Rabbi parked the car well and
came to join them at the gate as they were led
to the first apartment in the compound.
They followed them in and she offered them
refreshments, which they declined, Chinwe
went to Davis and thanked him before moving
to Rabbi to thank him for his hospitality too,
she asked for their numbers and promised to
visit them.
Davis was so happy he got her number and
asked her to call him anytime she needed
something. After they left, Clara undressed
her son and made him something to eat
before she asked him to seat in front of the
TV to watch his favorite cartoon.
When they eventually had time alone, Clara
turned to her friend and asked her solemnly…
“Why did you do it?”
“Why would I not?” she replied with a
shocked expression.
“Clara, I did the right thing, I would not be
able to look myself in the mirror if I went
ahead with it, I only regret I could not get a
flight out of there yesterday. I regret saying I
do to him in the church” she started crying
“I wish I had kept my mouth shut, I swear, I
wish I did” Clara said softly wiping her own
“I would have hated you for if you did, you
did the right thing”