The Runaway Bride Episode 22


Chinwe walked with slumped shoulders to the
car, where her husband was waiting patiently
for her with his father, she had stayed some
few moments more to say farewell to her
mother-in- law who was disappointed they
would not be staying to eat.
“Can you give me a lift to my parents’ place?”
“Okay, but why would you like to go there”
“I just need some space to think”
“If that is your reason, then you can think all
you want in our house, we still need to talk”
“Tokunbo, please, this is not easy for me”
“And you think it is for me? If there is anyone
who would like to be alone right now to think
some things through, then I should be the
one, I have been abandoned, ridiculed,
disbelieved by the woman I have come to love
and it is so heart breaking, but you know
what? I don’t know how to hide and run from
my challenges, so I won’t be able to do so
now. We still have to live together, at least till
the result comes out. However, I still get this
feeling that you still do not believe me and if
that is the case, then give me this 1 week.”
Chinwe could not find her voice and before
he finished speaking she started crying, her
tears were falling so heavily that she looked
as if she was sweating around her neck.
Tokunbo looked at her and pulled out his
hanky and placed it on her thighs, this
seemed to have made her cry harder.
He did not know why she’s crying but he
would love her to stop, she could fall sick
from too much crying. And for some reason
he would like to know what else she could be
keeping from him because it seemed there
were more.
When they got home, he walked beside her to
their room and asked her to get some sleep,
when he came back some minutes later, he
found out that she was still crying. Tokunbo
placed a call to Chris to ask him for the tablets
he used on him when his wife ran away, he
directed him to a part of the cabinet in the
room. Seconds later, Tokunbo dissolved the
tablet in a cup of water for Chinwe. She took
the water from him with teary eyes and drank
He was glad to watch her doze off some
minutes later; he sat beside her and wiped
her face with a moist hanky. Tokunbo just
could not bring himself to be upset with her,
maybe later or some years to come, but
definitely not today, not the way she looked
now, fragile, beautiful and broken, and
definitely not after that night at the hotel.
He called his father and asked him if he could
still get a week off work to which he agreed.
He set some plans in place as he waited for
the results to come. All he needed to do was
to follow his plans through and wait.
Chief Ajayi drove out of the house without
wasting time to tell his wife where he was
headed, he drove straight to the family
hospital, the same place his son had visited
earlier. He went without any formalities to the
office of the doctor that did the sample
“Ah, Chief, what brings you here” Dr Kunbi
looked up from the file in front of him and
stood up to shake hands with his guest.
“Good to see you too, I just want to pay you a
“Are you feeling well?” he asked without
wasting time, knowing fully that he was
joking about the visiting part, men like this
don’t pay him a visit unless something is
“I am well; I would just like to ask about the
test my son and some 2 other people came
here to do this morning”
“Well, that is between them and the
laboratory, you don’t expect me to give you
any information on that, do you?” Dr. Kunbi
smiled professionally as he relaxed back in
his seat..
“Have you sent it already?”
“chief, this is a patient’s…”
“Forget that confidentiality, all I want is to be
included in the test, he is my son, so.”
“so, you have to buy your own test kit and
bring the person you want to confirm his
paternity to us here and you fill the forms, fill
the reply route and we send the samples to
them. My job is to sell the kit and send to the
lab the samples”
“So there is nothing you can do?”
“Absolutely none. Wait for the result to come
and if your son wants you to know the results
he will tell you. I don’t even get the result
unless he brings it to me to interpret for him;
which would still be confidential”
“I am not after the result, I just want to know
if Tokunbo is my son.” Ajayi could not hold it
in any longer.
There he got it off his chest, his suspicions
have left him restless since the little boy
walked towards him in the house some hours
back, he trusts Tokunbo and believed him
when he said he is not the father of that little
boy; but what father could forget the face of
his son while growing up. The resemblance is
just too much, the birthmark is the least of
what he saw, the teeth, the way he walked,
the eyes and even his stature. Everything just
points to just one fact, no make that 2 facts;
Tokunbo is either not his son or he is the
father of that boy.
When all he had to say would not change the
doctor’s mind, he pretended to have some
other issues he wanted to complain about, but
Kunbi knows him too well and told him he
needed to rest. He wrote him some pills that
could be bought over the counter and sent
him home with a pat on the back, reminding
him to take it easy.
When he got home, he walked to the sitting
room and one of their staff came to welcome
“Where is my wife?”
“She’s in the kitchen sir”
“Doing what?”
“Cooking sir”
That made him more suspicious, since
Tokunbo announced that they had gone for
DNA test, his wife had gone quiet compared
to her normal self and the antagonist stand
she was against the young lady. She had been
acting nervous, asking him what he would
love her to prepare for him.
Well, it is not that she did not use to do that,
but when she cooked for him, it would be on
his birthday or they were expecting guests.
She would rather stay in the kitchen and
supervise the meals than do the cooking
Not that he blamed her, he is not a great
eater, he wastes more than he eats and that
could be discouraging for the person who
makes the food. They have been married for
32 years and known each other too well. She
knows him too well and he could say the same
about him of her. They met when he was
about to finish his University degrees at the
University of Ife. They started dating. She
being an indigene of the town. She was
running a diploma program in one of the
colleges. He had asked her to be his girlfriend
surprising his friends who had lost hope on
him finding a girl before leaving school.
When he introduced her to them, they had
been shocked at his good choice and luck. She
was so lovely and well groomed. They called
her good pedigree. Most of his friends were
envious of him. When he finished his
university degree, he was posted to Kaduna
for his NYSC and she started a program at the
University of Ibadan. He went for his masters
immediately in the UK, hoping to give her
more time to go further in her education
before tying her down with marriage.
He had planned to marry her after her NYSC
but things did not work that way as they
married in her third year in the University.
Immediately he returned from the UK, his
parents had informed them they were not
getting any younger and but mounted
pressure on him to get married. He got
married her eventually.
He has come to know her by listening to her,
watching her and patiently listening to her,
but one thing he knows too well about his
wife is that, when she is nervous, she cooks.