The Runaway Bride Episode 13


Tokunbo heard a phone ring but knew it was
not his, he watched from where he sat as
Chinwe picked the phone but obviously was
not interested in speaking with the person.
Some seconds later, Tokunbo’s phone rang
and he saw his father in law’s number and
name on the screen
“Good evening sir” he said, wondering what
the man wants this time.
“Hello Tokunbo, where is Chinwe? I called
her phone but she did not pick” Tokunbo
glanced at her and was surprised to see her
still there, typing away on her phone with her
legs crossed and tucked under her on the
single-seater to his far left.
“She is in the house but the phone is here in
the sitting room sir” he lied.
“Okay, I would like to have a meeting with
you two, my lawyer and the representative of
the family to the press will be there to advise
you two on how to answer some questions and
some behaviors we expect after the whole
ordeal. Will 9 am be okay for you?”
“9 am? I will be at work then”
“Work? That would definitely not be proper,
considering that your wife has just returned,
the general public would expect you two to
still be cooped up in the house, you know?”
Tokunbo almost answered, it is my life and
not the general public’s , but decided against
it. After all, that would be true given a
different circumstance, but still true because
they are expected to be a happy family.
He has appeared over different gossip blogs
for the past 2 weeks than he ever posted on
his own personal social account and would
love to be below the radar. If his father in-
law is suggesting a way that would make that
happen then he should make use of that
“Ok sir, I understand, so where do we meet
“I will come there to visit you both, it will be
on my way to the House, and our meeting
would not start till eleven so I can stop on my
way to discuss”
“Okay sir that will be fine.”
“Is everything okay there, no problem from
her I guess?”
“Everything is okay sir, all is well”
“Ok, hmm, we will talk tomorrow and please
tell her that”
Goodnight sir”
Tokunbo looked at his wife and saw that she
was so engrossed in whatever she was typing
on the phone or could it be she was just
pretending to be, in order to avoid him
She simply looked up from her phone as if he
just took the phone away from her.
“Your father and his lawyer will be here
tomorrow by 9 am to visit us and have some
discussion with you. I just thought you should
know. He said he called you and…”
“I know. I saw it.” She cut in impatiently
“Okay” Tokunbo said as he stood up and went
into the room his wife had now taken over
and when he opened the closet to pick some
shirts to be moved to the guest room where
he now occupied. He was surprised to see her
clothes all well hanged and arranged in the
closet, her shoes well lined up on the shoe
shelves. On the other side of the closets, her
bags, scarves and some purses were either
lined or hung on the wall and the layers of
the closet.
This has been his dream for a long time, and
this particular scene in front of him has been
of his adult life fantasy; a wardrobe beside his
wife’s closet, and they could argue on who is
taking more space in the house, decide on
what needs to be moved out of the closet so
they could accommodate more things. Help
her select an attire for an outing while she
dressed and undressed in front of him.
He closed the shelf quietly and leaned on it
with his face pressed against its doors. What
is wrong, where has he gone wrong, what can
he do to settle things between them? He is not
giving up on her or them, he knows
something exists between them and he would
like to pursue that, but how to go beyond the
walls and thickets of false accusation were
what plagued him at the moment.
He was in that position when his phone rang
in his pocket; he picked it and felt bad for not
calling Chris to know if they got home safely.
“Chris, sorry I did not call first, how is NK?”
“No problem, she don enter room, so what’s
“Nothing, we are just there like 2 strangers
forced to stay in the same cell”
“I think you need to talk to her again”
“Hear me out. Try to talk to her again, come
down to a level lower than hers and try to get
the information you want, from there we can
“Chris, I swear I can do that, but I would not
like to meet a brick wall”
“Not trying is the brick wall, try to reach out
to her, you never know what might come out
of it”
“Abeg, if I did not see her being cordial to us
today, I would have said all is lost, but with
the way she thinks, feels about you now…
she welcome us and sat with you and I to eat
with us, that should tell you, there could be a
strand of truth in whatever she is accusing
you of”
“That I raped someone is true?”
“No, that she believes what someone said
about you”
“Ok o, I will try again”
“And you should not go to work tomorrow;
people would expect you not to”
“You and my father in law seem to know
what people expect and don’t expect”
“He said the same thing? So listen to your
“Elder ko, elder ni”
“comot there, just stay at home tomorrow,
enjoy the honeymoon”
“Your head no…” but he got the dial tone in
his ears as Chris quickly ended the call.
Chinwe had been waiting for Davis’ call for a
while and was surprised she felt that way,
they have been chatting for hours and when
she saw his call came in to her phone, she
could not hold back the smile.
“Hey Chinwe, how far” he said in a very low
smooth baritone as if he was lying down to
make the call. Chinwe pictured him with his
other hand beneath his head and a leg raised
while the other is stretched out as he lay in
“I am fine, what’s up?”
“Nothing much, just wanted to hear your
voice since you did not reply the last chat I
“I was typing my reply when your call came
“Ok o, are you sure or you want to go and
meet your husband?”
“Please, don’t mention him”
“Sorry, forgive my big mouth, what’s up, have
you eaten?”
“Yeah, I had something when his friends
came to visit”
“Ok, so what did you eat and hope you were
nice to his friends”
“It was rice and what are you, his advocate?”
“No, but if you act badly, it would not show
how bad he is but how bad you are”
“Well, that is true. Anyway I was courteous to
“Good, I miss you so much, I can’t believe we
met under such a terrible circumstance, I
would have loved to meet you under a
different circumstance; not married and I
would be free to pursue you with all my
“Dave, I am sorry, but I don’t want to mislead
you, I like you and I hope we can remain
friends. I need you as a friend now more than
any other thing.”
“I know, I am offering that, but I am
permitted to tell my friend what is on my
mind, isn’t it?”
“Yes you are, just want to be clear”
“Thanks for being clear, but I would like to
ask you something”
“Go ahead”
“Do you have feelings for him; I mean, do you
like him or feel something for him”
“I liked him and that is one thing I know, I
have been in this house for less than 24 hours
but I feel anger more than hatred for him.
Anger that he is the reason Clara’s life is what
it is today”
“But Clara is not doing badly herself”
“No she is not because you just got to meet
her. Before she traveled down to Uyo, she did
odd jobs, bore insults, lost her mother, her
uncle maltreated her, she was not allowed to
visit me often especially when my father was
in town, our friends mocked her, people
introduced nonsense to her, just because I
invited her to a party…”
“I think you are being too hard on yourself,
Clara has moved on, or she gradually is. You
should too, if you want to stay married to
him, then you have to look beyond all that
and besides nothing has been concluded yet,
because I believe that man should be allowed
to defend himself.”
“I can’t believe you are defending him even
after the evidence I showed you”
“I am not defending him, I am just being
neutral. You are educated and strong, looks
can be deceiving”
“But Clara recognizes him too”
“Calm down, just take some time to think
about it, and when you do, let me know what
you think”
“hmmn, I hear you. Thanks”
When he ended the call, he rolled over in the
bed and wondered what he just did, he should
be driving them further apart from each other
and not making her consider him, but he is
not the devious type neither would he be the
reason someone makes the wrong turn in life.
He saw a red light beep on his phone and
started chatting with Clara; he missed Henry
and they agreed to meet later.