The Runaway Bride Episode 11


When Tokunbo woke the following morning,
it was to the ringtone of his phone. He was
initially disillusioned especially having to
wake up in the guest room, and then the
whole drama of the night before came
flooding back, making him to collapse on the
bed before picking the unrelenting caller’s
“Hey guy, what’s up?”
“Chris, how far, good morning.”
“I woke you, sorry about that, my fingers have
been itching since last night and I just cannot
help myself before I head to church this
morning, what’s happening, did she go back
with you to the house?”
“Chris, it is a long story and to answer your
question, yes she came home with me last
night and I don’t know what to make of that.
I would have loved to come to church but I’m
sure so many people heard it this morning in
the news that she’s back and would be
wondering why I am not staying with her,
see, we need to see. I think this is more than
I thought it to be. ”
“That bad?”
“Worse, but in all sincerity, we have not
talked about it and I did not want to press her
for any explanation yesterday”
“Wow, you know what? I will come there
after service to see you”
“No problem, I and my loving wife will be
waiting for you”
“Yeye boy, just take it easy and rest, hmmn?”
“I am and I will”
He ended the call and went into the bathroom
to freshen up but changed his mind instead
and went to the kitchen to get a bottle of
water, he was surprised to see Chinwe in the
kitchen already, boiling some water for only
God knows what.
“Good morning, Chinwe”
“Good morning,” she replied and walked out
of the kitchen, leaving him to go about what
he came there for. She returned later with
her phone and sat down at the dining table
right outside the kitchen. Tokunbo decided to
take his water to the guest room and leave
the kitchen for her; he could take his coffee
When he finished bathing and was fully
dressed, he noticed she was in the bathroom
and went to the kitchen to get some food
ready, he measured the right quantity of rice
for the 2 of them and started cooking, hoping
to make things easy for them both and maybe
they could talk about what is plaguing her.
When the rice was done, he removed the
sauce from the fridge, courtesy Chris’s sister,
who had been helpful; he made a mental note
to call her later for her help.
After defrosting the sauce, he fried some
plantains and set the table for them both, but
was still surprised she had not come out of
the room still. He took an extra effort of
walking to the door, knocked on it twice and
then opened the door and saw her lying on
the mattress with the phone on her ear.
“Chinwe, breakfast is ready, let’s eat”
“Go ahead, I’m fine”
“You did not eat anything last night, neither
of us did, it is just a simple meal, we need our
strength so we could talk later”
“Tokunbo, I am fine, thanks and what is there
to talk about? I already said what I wanted to
say last night, yeah, hello, how was your
night.” The call she was making came through
and she ignored Tokunbo as she started
talking with whoever it was she was calling.
Tokunbo retraced his steps back to the dining
room and suddenly lost his appetite. He
however forced himself to take some of the
food he cooked, knowing he could not survive
long on just air and fear. He listened to her
talk, she was not making any effort to hide
that she was talking with one of her friends,
probably calling her back to be sure they
heard right.
More than ever before, Tokunbo felt he
needed someone to talk to, he sat at the
dining table for long even after eating the
food he dished for himself. He was totally lost
on how to proceed with the information she
just gave to him.
Well, he sure needed an explanation and if
she had nothing to say then who does? He
went back to the room and she was still on
the phone. Instead of giving her the privacy
of talking with her friend, he took his seat at
the dressing table and watched patiently as
she told her friend she really was back, but
she kept avoiding the question, often telling
her friend it is a long story; I am back now,
just forget about the kidnappers.
She obviously was upholding her father’s
kidnap story. Tokunbo waited and soon
caught her staring in his direction a moment
or two before she finally ended the call and
faced him squarely on the bed..
“Are you through?” Tokunbo asked nicely
“What do you want?”
“An explanation on what happened 3 weeks
ago, at our wedding, the message you sent
and what you said last night that you no
longer wish to be married to me. Let’s start
from the most recent, this morning, when you
said you already said all you have to say last
night. Obviously, saying that again will take
me to my next question.” The calmness in his
voice surprised him when all he wanted to do
was cross over to the side of the room she
was sitting and shake some sense into her, or
hug her or beg her to tell him what went
“Okay, I already said all I have to say last
night at my parents’ house I have nothing
more else to say ” she replied sweetly.
“Okay, what was it you said?”
“That I no longer want to be married to you”
“Because we are just a result of our parents’
business merger”
“I thought we got past that about 3 months
back and we agreed we liked ourselves
enough to go ahead with their plans?”
“That was before I found out that you are just
a son of a bi*ch with a past that has ruined
another person’s future”
“Do you mind coming again on that, you lost
me there?”
“You heard me, your stupid cruel act of 4
years ago has left someone’s life ruined,” she
stood up and made to go outside but Tokunbo
was fast enough to block her from leaving the
“No, you are going nowhere until you tell me
what the hell you are talking about”
“you know what I am talking about” she said
as she looked him straight in the face, the
dark birthmark on his forehead disappearing
to his hair brought tears to her eyes and she
banked the tears from falling.
“I don’t know what the hell you are talking
about and if you don’t start explaining now I
swear, I will..”
“What, beat me, rape me ehn, Mr Tokunbo
Ajayi? What would you do?” She went violent,
hitting him and shoving at his broad chest as
she lost total control of her cool; ready to fight
and raise hell. Tokunbo knew they dated for a
very short time, but he never saw or imagined
this side of her; confrontational, aggressive
and daring. She kept beating and shoving on
his chest till he had to hold both her hands in
one before she wears herself out.
She kept struggling with him until he
managed to pull her and push her to the bed,
wondering what to do next, run and take
cover or thrash the whole thing out; he stuck
with the latter.
“Why would I beat or rape you? I meant to
say lock the door and not open until we are
ready to talk things out”
He watched as she breathed heavily on the
bed as a result of her anger. She had pure
cold fire in her eyes and that scared Tokunbo
more than her tiny fists.
“Oh, really, why would you rape me? You
should ask yourself the question or take
yourself down memory lane, 4 years ago.”
“Chinwe, I swear to you, I don’t know what
the hell you are talking about, I married you
or rather I chose to marry you not because of
whatever business merger your father has
with my father. I married you because when
I saw you, I liked you and when we talked. I
thought I found something in you that would
keep me beside you forever, I thought the
feeling was mutual and I thought it was. I am
surprised of this crazy accusation you are
throwing at me and I would like an
explanation or a proof of what you are
“Really? I almost fell for the poem, but you
know what, I don’t care. I have been
convicted to this life of marital blast with you
and I will stay here while it lasts. Just don’t
just expect anything from me.”
“I demand an explanation, for the allegations
you are throwing at me for God’s sake!”
“Don’t you dare demand anything from me,
what you deserve is a bullet to your head,
animal!” That said, Chinwe stormed out of the
room and when she slammed the door,
Tokunbo was surprised it still hung on it
His feet could no longer carry him; he
slumped to the bed and covered his head with
his 2 hands, wondering how on earth he got
to this stage and what he did to deserve it.
But wait a minute , did she say rape? Him,
rape someone she knows? He had never ever
forcefully taken a thing in his life, not even
food, not to talk of a woman’s virtue; besides
he knows just few friends of hers. Yes, he has
heard her mention names, seen their pictures
but has never met them one or one not to talk
of…this is absolutely absurd. No she must be
mistaking him for someone else. What proof
does she have and why is she so bent on
believing the other person’s side of the story
and not willing to listen to him?
Tokunbo remained in the room on the bed for
several minutes, hoping she would come back
to the room to continue the conversation.
Who was he kidding anyway, she would not
come back to resume the session with him
and he’s now scared of what next she might
accuse him of, even though he was so sure
she got it wrong when she said he raped
The sound of the bell in the house announced
a visitor and he knew it would be Chris; he
went to the door and was not surprised to see
him. They shook hands and he came in with a
bag from a popular super mart around their
“What’s up? You look terrible, and did you
sleep at all? Abi honeymoon don…”
When he turned around, the look in his eyes
shut his friend up totally
“Dude, what’s up?” Chris asked carefully.
“Will you be going somewhere else?”
Tokunbo asked instead of answering his
“Nope, heading home from here, where’s
“Somewhere in the house, I am sure. Wait, let
me change my clothes, I need to be out of
here before I go crazy”
“That sounds serious, what on earth is going
on” Chris placed the goody bags on the dining
table and watched as his friend left him
standing there instead of answering his
Chris sat gingerly by the dining table, he
could see from the plates on the dinning table
that only one person ate. The second plate
was clean. He removed the pate from the
table and placed it in the sink in the kitchen
and returned to take his seat. He stood again
and took the bags to the kitchen, removing
the eggs, bread, chocolate and a bottle of wine
he got for the welcome back toast. Obviously
that would not be needed now.
When Tokunbo came back to the room, he
walked to the door as if he expected Chris to
follow him; he had nothing with him except
his phone.
When he got outside, he saw Tokunbo giving
instruction to the security man.