The Replacement Girl Episode 6


The following day, Aunty Aminah took me to her friend. The place wasn’t as close as I thought, it was in the middle of the city.

“This is the restaurant” she said immediately we reached a two storey building. It was actually beautiful. I wondered why most of the buildings in the city were about storey, even shops. You couldn’t pass a line without seeing storeys, how I wished that was the case in the village too!

We went inside the restaurant, and surprisedly there were lot of customers at such early morning hours. One of the waiters recognised Aunty Aminah and welcomed us humbly.

“Madam is very busy now, you can please have a seat over there and wait for her…” He said.

“Alright, thank you” Aunty Aminah said.

“You’re welcome, ma” He said smiling.

We headed to the empty table and got ourselves comfortable. Aunty Aminah ordered coffee for the both of us which we took while waiting to be called.

The place was very appealing, you could see lovers dining and enjoying themselves. I didn’t want to keep looking around like a fool so I composed myself and enjoyed my coffee…

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Minutes later, we were summoned and directed to an office. Seated on a swivel chair was a beautiful woman in her Ankara going through some files. She looked pretty much like someone in her late thirties. She welcomed us wholeheartedly and asked us to occupy the two visitors’ chairs in front of her.

“You came unannounced, Aminah. I hope everything is fine?” the beautiful woman said wrinkling her brows.

“Yeah,” Aunty Aminah cleared her throat and continued. “This girl you’re seeing is my husband’s niece, she came in from the village just yesterday. She wants to learn how to brew coffee…”

The woman shook her head while beaming. “Actually, we have enough brewers already. But if she can be our delivery girl, she’s welcome” she said.

“Delivery girl you say?” Aunty Aminah squealed. “But she can’t ride a bicycle, nor can she handle a bike!” She added.

“Hhhh” the woman busted into laughter. “We have cars and a drivers, Aminah but it’s for longer routes. If she can cope with it then she’s welcome”

“Can you?” Aunty Aminah turned to me with a wrinkled brows.

“Yes” I nodded my head, and that was it. She got me registered and I was given a blue Polo Top and a face cap containing the logo of the restaurant’s brand.

“Your work starts tomorrow!” The woman announced with a smile.