The Replacement Girl Episode 33


Kamal, or should I say Ka7, had been allover my head ever since he saw Humairah for the first time. He kept bothering me about her, he said he loved her and was willing to marry her against all odds. I could only smirk at him because Humairah only loved one person and that person was me. But if I didn’t do anything soon he might just snatch her away from me.

“Jemima, please summon Humairah for me” I said through the intercom as soon as I was back from Asr prayer. It was almost closing time and I hadn’t done the work I supposed to do for the day. Ka7 wasted my time in the morning. He was always visiting me these days just to disturb me about Humairah. I knew what he had for her wasn’t love for he liked talking about all that she had in her body…

“AsSalama Alaykum” Humairah said as she gently walked into my office. Today, she was wearing a black jalabiya with her hairstyle in a ponytail. She was so f—–g alluring, thank God Ka7 wasn’t able to see her when he came, she was very busy in the observation room.

“I am sorry to…” I was saying when she cut in.

“I am already done with my work, sir. Just preparing for home” She uttered amicably.

“Hmmm” I heaved a sigh because she had started being nice to me ever since I halfway confessed my feelings for her that day. Well, she would be fully nicely when I tell her the truth. Yes, the truth before Ka7 take that chance from me. “Can I drop you home?”

“Actually…” She was halfway about finding an excuse when I unhesitatingly intercepted her.

“It is very important if I do” I said.

“Okey, let me go and get my bag” She said.

“I will be waiting for you in the car” I said.

“Okey… okey” She said and left.
A slight smile could be seen on my face as I stood and took my car key.

“Jemima, be sure to clear my remaining mess before going home today. I really have something important to do right now and I might not just come back till tomorrow” I blurted out through the intercom and stormed out to my car in the parking lot.

Humairah hopped into the front passenger seat few minutes later after having checked the back seat’s door and found out it was locked.

“Hi” She said not looking at me.

“Hi” I smiled as I ignited the engine into action.


It was a silent drive to KFC restaurant, Minna. Humairah gave me a puzzling gaze as soon as I pulled over in front of the place. I was hungry.

“What are we doing here?” She was curious.

“What do people do here? Eat, right?” I said as I gently alighted from the car. “Come, please”

“Okey” She uttered as she alighted from the car as well and followed me into the restaurant.

“Two 5 in 1s, please” I placed an order as soon as we settled down in one of the empty tables.

“Okey, sir” A waitress said.

“Hmm” Humairah sighed looking insecured.

“Relax, baby” I blurted out. And hey, please don’t insult me. I already made up my mind to confess my feelings to her today so it didn’t matter if I called her that name – or did it?

“Huh?” She wrinkled her brows, so surprised by the strange nick name I called her with.

“Yeah” I moved my hands gently towards hers on the table, and that really made her to jolt.

“Hmmm” She huffed as she gently drew her hands back. Ahh, wasn’t this what she wanted? Love, right? Why then was she so very naive? “I think I should be going home, I have a lot of things to take care of” She said as she without hesitation picked her bag and stood to her feet.

“But I already placed an order” I reminded her.

“Yes, but… but…” She stuttered finding a word.

“But I want to eat with you, Humairah” I calmly said as I stood to my feet as well.

“Why?” She rose a brow.

“Because I love you, Humairah” I finally said the words out and just then, she smiled and ran out of the restaurant. “Hey waitress, cancel the order!” I said as I paid half of the money and ran after Humairah. Unfortunately, I was too late for she had already stopped a moving cab and vanished in thin air.

“Hmm” I sighed.