The Replacement Girl Episode 22


Few days ago, I caught Naziha making a weird call. I eavesdropped through her door and found out she had been cheating on me. I barged into her room and she was shocked on seeing me. Thus, I drove out of the house in high speed with tears blurring my vision.

No destination, I just kept driving like a maniac. The car was hijacked when I reached the empty highway of Maikunkele. The robbers took my master card too but I called the bank and got it blocked as soon as they left me.

It was in the middle of the night, I had to trek to the junction of Police Secondary School, Minna before I got a cab. “Take me to Galaxy Bank…” I had said to the cabman, thus he drove me there and I told him to wait for me.

Galaxy Bank was the only bank that operates even in the night but, only the affluents could open account with the bank. I walked in and got another master card, thus withdrew some money and went back to the cab.

“Take me to Brimstone, I will pay you all your money” I had said to him. Thus, he gently drove me there.

I paid him off and walked into the hotel. It was one of the biggest hotels in the city, don’t even think of spending money there if you are not rich. I had been there countless time with Naziha before we got married, but ever since we married each other she forbade us from going there. Let me break it down for you, it is a very bad place and Naziha and I had committed Zina not once in that place before we got married. Maybe that was why we couldn’t even conceive. Allah was punishing us for our sins.

I lodged into a room, ordered some polar beer and quenched my worries. The following day in the morning, I was on my way to the bar when I saw Humairah looking for me. Of course she knew I would be there because when Naziha disappeared for almost a month, Humairah and I had been in the hotel but don’t panic because she was a wise teenager – every time I attempted violating her while drunk she would stop me. She wasn’t ready for it I guess!

She told me to follow her home but I hesitated before finally succumbing to her wish. I told her my car key was in the room I lodged thus she asked me to wait for her while she get the key for me. I didn’t wait for her because I was thinking she might not know where I kept it but that girl, she was something else – she found the key. Something got into my head and I almost violated her but God saved her because she was wise and I liked to respect her decisions. Why was I so bad? I was 26 and she was barely 17. No, that should be the last time I would ever attempt such evil and sinful act!

We left the hotel and my driver drove us home. I vomited the beer I took in the sitting room and Humairah cleaned it. I was so ashamed, why was I always putting such a small girl into difficulties that even my wife could not take? Whoever married Humairah would be lucky! A letter in Naziha’s room baffled me. It reads;

“Dear, Ahmad. I’m so sorry for everything that I’ve done to you. I know I’ve not been good to you ever since I realized life without the fruit of the womb is worthless. I needed a child, for us against all odds. I thought I could get it, I thought I could deceive Allah but I was so wrong. I love you, Ahmad and I will always love you but we can’t live together anymore. I have to go faraway, away from the people I love which include my siblings too. This is my punishment, the one I imposed on myself. I don’t know if Allah will forgive me but I will keep praying for his forgiveness and mercy. I also want you to forgive me too, Ahmad. Don’t search for me because you will never see me. I love you, Ahmad and will always love you!”
The letter really brought tears to my eyes.
Today marked the 6th day since Naziha left me for good. I had tried reaching her on phone almost every single hour but to no avail. And like a clock’s hands at twelve O’clock, all her relatives refused to give me reliable information about her walkabout. I was left with no other option but to do what my parents were now asking me to do…

“Kai Ahmad, you really have to divorce her. She’s gone forever!” My mother said. “If you have someone in mind, bring the person out. Life is too short to waste a second, my dear!”

“Okey, but please give me a day or two to think about it” I pleaded with her. I really didn’t want to do something I would regret. I loved Naziha and I hoped she returned back soon.

“You should stop wasting your time on him, I’ve forgiven him but if he didn’t divorce that girl I will make sure I curse him!” My father squealed angrily as he couched so hard.

“Calm down Alhaji, bai kai nan ba. It hasn’t reached that. Lets just give him the time he asked for” My mother intercepted and sighed.

“Ke wallahi kike bata shi, you’re the one spoiling this BOYYY!” He screamed hard.

“A’a, Alhaji. It’s just that he’s the only child we have and I love him. It wasn’t easy getting him, you know that too” She paused and continued. “We are giving him the two days he asked for. There won’t be a room for another day…”

“Kaji kenan Ahmad, there won’t be a room for another day. If you come back here asking for another favour I will crush you” He said.

“Yes, crushing is better than cursing. I will even help you in crushing him!” She glared at me.

As soon as they were done talking I bade them goodbye and drove back home. Both Sarah and Humairah greeted me as soon as I bounced into the sitting room. They were watching film but quickly switched the TV off and stood to leave. They were so funny, why that attitude?

“You guys should come and enjoy your film o!” I said as I walked upstairs to take a siesta.

“Thank you, sir!” They both chorused.
I went to my room, took shower and hopped on the bed. Just as I was about getting carried away by sleep my phone beeped. It was a text message notification. “The f–k!” I muttered a curse as I picked the phone. It took me almost forever to get that slumber into my way but someone managed to ruin everything for me! I hissed as I quickly viewed the text message.

•”Hello Ahmad, the son of Uncle Jaafar Zaki. I’m Rania, the daughter of Bappah Zaki. I just came back from the States, we had an emergency landing at Minna Airport. My dad says you’re very close, can you come and get me before my departure time? They promised to find a plane that will take us to Lagos next tomorrow!”
I gulped immediately I finished reading the text. That was my cousin sister, Rania. She was among the 11 children of uncle Bappah. She was 23 years old and was my childhood friend. She had been in the U.S for a very long time. She did both her first and second Degree there.

•”Lost bird, I’ll send my driver to pick you up”

•”Don’t even try that. Just come by yourself!”

•”Gosh, Rania you are wicked”