The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 9


Don and Jay are seen laughing uncontrollably when they saw Pesman speed out of his house, he kept running without looking back. .

Don: Jay see as your friend is running .

Jay: I swear that guy na girlish,, he doesn’t have mind at all .

Don: What next to do now? .

Jay: We’ll follow him without raising any suspicion .

Don: Do you know where he’s heading to? .

Jay: I don’t and I want to know, let trail him .

Don: Lets go then . (Two of them followed Pesman from behind and keep far distance so he won’t see them, few minutes later they saw him knocking on a house door and she came out) .

Don: Jay see that lady .

Jay: Who is she? .

Don: Don’t you see she look like Grace your Ex .

Jay: You mean my Grace .

Don: Take a look at her very well .

Jay: *** With anger voice*** weldone, so this is the guy house, perfect game one could not snatched my bae and go Scot free, have been lounging for this moment, finally the day has come .

Don: What have you been lounging for? .

Jay: To know Abbey’s house .

Don: Pesman and Abbey are in trouble .

Jay: I will let them know, i will make sure Abbey rot in jail .

Don: How? .

Jay: Just be looking at master plan .

Don: What about Pesman? .

Jay: We cannot strike him just like that, remember we just collected his number from Jameelah, let just be threatening him for now .

Don: Abbey nko? .

Jay: Abbey is due for punishment, once have know his house now, he should be expecting worse from me .


Welcome pesman, why are you running? Grace asked me as I made my way into Abbey’s room, I sat on the plastic table and order for a cup of chilled water .

Grace: ***Handed the cup of water to me*** Pesman I said why are you running and what is running after you? .

Me: ***Panting*** Where is Abbey? .

Grace: Abbey is at the backyard, drying his washed cloth .

Me: Why don’t you do it for him? .

Grace: He insist I shouldn’t .

Me: Please call him for me .

Grace: Won’t you tell me what’s happening? .

Me: I’ll, call me Abbey first .

Grace: ***She walked to backyard and came back with Abbey*** .

Abbey: You’re here Pesman .

Me: ***Palpitating*** Yes i am .

Abbey: What happen to you? Your mind isn’t at rest .

Me: Something bad just happened ***I gave him my phone*** someone just called me with a private number and threatened my life .

Abbey: ***Laughing*** .

Me: What funny? Am talking about my life, Abbey my life is on the line I’m really scare .

Abbey: Its funny ***He faced Grace*** Dear didn’t I tell you about this strange call I received last week? .

Grace: Yes you did .

Abbey: Pesman don’t be scare I know who called you .

Me: Please who is the person? .

Abbey: ***He gave me change the topic, we will talk about it later sign*** .

Me: ***I quickly understand his gesture he didn’t want to discuss it in the presence of Grace*** ok bro .

Abbey: So what’s going on .

Me: I came to see you .

Grace: Hmmmm Abbey abbey you want to change the topic, although you said you know who called him or woman should not hear about it? .

Me: Don’t mind us, me too I know the caller, its our friend Cnn, he called Abbey last week to threatened him .

Grace: You better tell him not to use that kind of a thing to play again, its not good and it can give you heart attack, see how panting you’re .

Me: Don’t mind the yeye guy, I’ll call to warn him .

Abbey: You said you come to see me? .

Me: Yes I want to go and check my jamb result will you go with me, we’ll have to talk about your introduction when we come back .

Abbey: Why not, we can go together .

Grace: Uncle Pesman am I permitted to go with you? .

Me: Woman first, you’re free to go with us ma .

Grace: Stop using ma for me o, am still a kid .

Me: Every woman is entitle to ma .

Abbey: Let me take my bath then ***He went out*** .

Me: ***Faced Grace*** Abbey told me about your coming introduction .

Grace: Yes its true, we want to throw the party, Pesman don’t you know single life is kinda boring? .

Me: ***You failed, single life is boring when you’re dating just a girl*** yes its kinda boring even I’m tired of it,. Our Wife to be .

Grace; Na me be that o, you and my friend should put heads together and chose one Saturday .

Me: Which of your friend? .

Grace: Which of my friend are you dating? Don’t tell me you have another side chick beside her .

Me: Christabel? .

Grace: You still want me to answer that question? .

Me: I don’t have anybody except her .

Grace: When are you having your introduction too? .

Me: ***You don’t know anything*** No Enugu transport fare at the moment .

Grace: Pes Pes but her parents are in this town nau .

Me: Her parents are here not her family, if we want to do introduction we’ll have to go East .

Grace: So, what you’re trying to say is that you’re not yet ready for introduction? .

Me: Christabel and I would talk about it .

Abbey: ***He walked in that Moment*** What are you guys talking about? .

Me: Its personal affairs .

Abbey: No vex o .

Me: (Few minutes later, Abbey was ready, three of us headed to cafe where I checked my jamb result, few meters to the cafe I remembered Dupe’s words “PESMAN YOU DIDN’T PERFORM WELL IN THAT EXAM”) .

Meanwhile as Abbey, Grace and Pesman walked to the cafe, Jay and Don sneaked into Abbey’s compound, Jay walked to backyard where abbey dried his clothes, he took one of his cap and quickly walked out of sight,

“what are you going to do with his cap “Don asked”

“you will know when its time” “Jay replied”) .

We made our way into the cyber cafe, I went straight to where to check the result with my heart beating so fast and shaking voice.

“I want to check my jamb result” I said to a girl of about 20years who was on the system

“Your money is 300naira” She replied me .

Me: No problem” .

Girl: Let me have your registration number ” .

Me: ***Gave it to her*** .

Girl: ***She punched some buttons oh her system, she looked at me and shake her head, she looked at me*** Your name is Adekunle .

Me: Yes what happened .

Girl: Nothing I just want to confirm before printing it out .

Me: Ok print it ***Just then I felt a soft touch on my neck, I looked back and I felt like disappeared with who I saw. .

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To be continued