The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 8


Voice: open this door now before I break into this house .

Nurse Titi: Pesman Who is that? .

Me: It should be Don .

Nurse Titi: Who is Don? .

Me: One notorious guy in this area .

Nurse Titi: Do you owe him anything? .

Me: The guy is son of a b—h, that’s how he do disturbing all residences of this area, i heard he was once mad .

Nurse Titi: It better you did not open the door for him .

Voice: Do you want me to pull down this house ***He kept knocking on the door*** .

Me: Don’t worry I will deal with him .

Nurse Titi: What do you wanna do?? .

Me: Just keep looking at me ***I reached for the back of my door, took small cutlass, hiding it at my back, I was about to open the door when Titi pulled me back*** .

Nurse Titi: What do you think you’re doing? You’re going nowhere not here in my presence .

Me: You have nothing to worry about, I know how to handle him .

Nurse Titi: No ain’t ready to lose you .

Me: This is not my first time of dealing with him .

Nurse Titi: Are you sure? .

Me: Yes ***She let go of me, I summoned courage opened the door, although I was scared, I raised up the cutlass to cut his arm, just then he quickly spoke out “Don’t cut me Pesman its me Abbey your friend” I was like you’re a fool*** Abbey why are you behaving like this nau? .

Abbey: Do you truly want to cut me .

Me: I swear I will cut you, because i thought it was Don .

Abbey: Do you have issue with one Don? .

Me: Ofcourse yes .

Abbey: Who is he? .

Me: Come in if you want to know about him .

Abbey: ***He walked into my room, and met Titi seated on the bed*** Good afternoon bae .

Nurse Titi: Afternoon sir .

Abbey: ***He also seated on the bed*** .

Nurse Titi: Are you the one knocking on the door? .

Abbey: Yes its me .

Nurse Titi: Are you the notorious Don Pesman is talkin about? .

Abbey: Am Abbey not Don ***Turned to my side*** Pesman who is this Don of a guy .

Nurse Titi: I thought as much your face is looking familiar .

Abbey: Yes I was admitted into your hospital few months back .

Nurse Titi: Its true .

Abbey: Yeah, Pesman tell me about Don .

Me: I’ll tell you about him later .

Nurse Titi: Why not now? .

Me: ***Faced Abbey*** Hope no problem I see you without notifications .

Abbey: No problem brother you know we See few days back am sorry I forgot to tell you .

Me: To Tell me what? .

Abbey: My introduction is in two months time .

Me: Wow, na lie o padi mi .

Abbey: Am serious Pesman .

Me: Who is the lucky girl? .

Abbey: Same person noni, you know I don’t double date .

Me: Grace? .

Abbey: Sure .

Me: Congratulation bro .

Nurse Titi: Congratulation sir .

Abbey: Thank you babe mi .

Nurse Titi: ***Faced me*** When are we having ours pesman? .

Me: Very soon, let rejoice with Abbey first, Abbey am happy for you, this call for celebration .

Abbey: Indeed it call for celebration .

Me: Where are we celebrating it .

Abbey: Anywhere of your choice .

Nurse Titi: Do you want to leave me here and follow a friend? .

Me: The guy here isn’t my friend but my brother .

Abbey: Hun woman I know you’ll fight for your right, Pesman call me in the evening after you settle with your wife .

Me: By which time? .

Abbey: Anytime you’re free .

Me: Be expecting my call then .

Abbey: No lele ***He walked out of my room*** .

Nurse Titi: ***Kissing me on the lip*** Pesman when are we engaging? .

Me: Lets leave everything in the hand of God .

Nurse Titi: Do you know I fought whom am dating because of you? .

Me: Really? .

Nurse Titi: Yes dear, but I don’t think you’re ready to settle down with me .

Me: If God wish .

Nurse Titi: Hmmmm am afraid .

Me: ***Gave her soft kiss*** you don’t have to be afraid my love, what I want you to know is that I love you and I’ll be pleased to settle with you, but I don’t know what future hold for us, lets just be prayerful***Kissed her deeply*** .

Nurse Titi: You always have your way of calming me down .

Me: That’s the power of being a man .

Nurse Titi: Keep deceiving yourself ***She kissed me*** .

Me: *** I responded back, we began to kiss, smooched, licked and f—-d*** when next are we seeing? .

Nurse Titi: When do you want us to? .

Me: Anytime you’re available .

Nurse Titi: When next am available i will let you know .

Me: Alright love .

Nurse Titi: Let me be on my way, I have something to do at home .

Me: I’m also going to see Abbey .

Nurse Titi: Who is Abbey? .

Me: The guy that just left here, I want to go and see him so we can start the preparation of his introduction .

Nurse Titi: Keep planning your friends life and keep looking at yours .

Me: Am also planning mine too, or still someone else would be planning mine .

Nurse Titi: Do quick with the master plan and bring it to my office for cross checking .

Me: ***Laugh*** I will do as you say ma .

Nurse Titi: That’s my boy, love you .

Me: I love you too .

Nurse Titi: Pesman please don’t break my heart .

Miss: Titilayo please don’t break my heart too .

Nurse Titi: I promise not to .

Me: May God help me .

Nurse Titi: Amen, let me be going dear .

Me: I just feel as if you shouldn’t leave me alone .

Nurse Titi: I feel the same dear, anyway let me be on my way .

Me: We will soon be together .

Nurse Titi: ***She hugged me*** Let’s go .

Me: Ok ***I saw her off***

. ******CNN******

I was busy dialing a number immediately my cousin left home for office, I cannot wait any longer I must talk to the love of my life “Hello the person at the other end of the line answered” .

Cnn: Hello dear, how are you .

Tola: Am doing good and you? .

Cnn: Am ok, guess you’re enjoying your stay in Fct? .

Tola: Not yet, because I always stay indoor ever since I came to this city, no friend to hangout with, nothing nothing here just kinda boring jare .

Cnn: Its matter of time dear, samething is happening to me here, no place to go .

Tola: Na wa o .

Cnn: How can we see nau? Or are we not going to see each other again? .

Tola: I don’t know, you know I don’t know anywhere .

Cnn: Yes I know, although you said you’re in Jabi? .

Tola: Yes .

Cnn: I asked my cousin how long is Jabi to life camp here he said its just 10min drive, which means we are not far from each other .

Tola: ***Suprised*** Really .

Cnn: That’s what he told me, please how do you think we can see? .

Tola: You are the one to decide .

Cnn: If that should be the case can we see today .

Tola: Today cannot work, Big mum is around, I think tomorrow Sunday will be ok, because she said she want to go and visit one of her friends at wuse zone 5 tomorrow so, we’ll use that opportunity to see .

Cnn: Wow, tomorrow is ok by me then, just call me when you’re ready, I will come to wherever you’re .

Tola: Ok babe, love you .

Cnn: Love you more bye .

Tola: Bye .

Cnn: ***Hung up, Yes am seeing my babe tomorrow, I began sang “I love my babe” by Wizkid, no story we are going to see tomorrow after deadly abortion***


Don and jay are seen sat some kilometers away from Pesman’s house, they were there to keep tap on him so, their strike won’t be too difficult, they have been waiting for the past 45minutes without any sign of him, just then one damsel girl walked into Pesman’s compound (Nurse Titi) definitely the girl must be looking for him. Jay took his phone and snap her from afar, some minutes later another guy walked into the compound (Abbey) Jay also took his picture .

Don: Jay do you think this will work out? .

Jay: Please stop doubting me Don, I have my plan already you should allow me carry it out .

Don: Am afraid of Jameelah and her mother .

Jay: Have told you already, you have nothing to be afraid of, nothing will happen, we just have to teach the nonentity guy a lesson .

Don: Jay Jay badoo, the first son of devil .

Jay: Your father, see I can ***before he could finished his words Abbey walked out of Pesman’s house*** Wait that guy don comot, remain that bae and we never see Pesman outside .

Don: What do we do now .

Jay: Just keep looking at me .

Don: wait o don’t you notice this guy look like the guy that snatched Grace from you .

Jay: You mean Grace new boyfriend? .

Don: Yes nah check it well .

Jay: Dey don release him from hospital, I go send him back ***Checking the picture very well, he zoomed it and discovered it was truly Abbey*** so Pesman and this guy are friend .

Don: It seems so .

Jay: Weldone two of them are in danger zone.


Pesman and Titi are seen coming out of his house, they were chatting and laughing, Pesman wrapped his arm around Titi’s neck and was talking to her .

Don: ***He tapped Jay who seems feeling sleeping*** Guy are you sleeping? Don’t you see them .

Jay: ***He came back to his sense*** Who??? .

Don: Don’t you see Pesman and that girl .

Jay: Where are they .

Don: Look at your front ***Pointing at Pesman and Titi*** .

Jay: Ouch, why are you so dull like this? Don’t you know what to do .

Don: *** He took his phone and snap their pictures*** .

Jay: Perfect, mission accomplished .

Don: I trust you my guy .

Jay: Lets wait for him here, I know he’ll soon come back to his room we will take the next step .

Don: Leg crossed .

***Few minutes later Pesman was back to his room, he locked the door from inside, he jumped on the bed celebrating having s-x with Nurse Titi, Fayemi charm is really working*** .

Jay: Do you have airtime on your phone? .

Don: Yes I do .

Jay: Edit Pesman’s number, put #31# infront of his number and dial it .

Don: What does #31# stand for? .

Jay: Abegi dial the number and give me the phone .

Don: ***He dialed the number and handed phone to him*** .

Jay: ***Speaking on phone With hectic voice*** Hi pesman! I know you’re in your room, you put on blue V neck levis vest with black three quarter jean, you and one girl just left your room not too long and you have returned. I just want to inform you that you will sleep in your own pool of blood in the next two to three minutes, am I communicating? *** The line went dead, Pesman had ended the call*** .


I Saw nurse Titi off and returned to my room, I bolted the door from inside, jumped on my bed just then the event of the previous hours began to play back in my head, I smiled to myself as I remembered how nurse Titi moaned under me “Ouch easy Pesman”. The satisfaction smile appeared on my face “Pesman the bad guy” I said to myself, I stood up and walked to my wardrobe took cup of my woman ritual cream and kissed it “Pesman I think you should rob this cream and go to government house,” “Don’t you think wife of state governors will fall for you? My inner mind told me” “Yes nau, I like your advice but Madam Hadiza can do better than State first lady, I replied myself” “Ok then I will advice you to go to Abuja then maybe Aisha Buhari will fall, my inner mind said again” “You be confirm guy o, that’s why I love you, Abuja on my mind Aisha Buhari would soon become my God mother, my phone rang that moment and cut short my imaginary, I brought out my phone from my pocket, looked at the screen “Private number” was displayed, who could be calling me with private number? I don’t think I would pick this call” “But why?” “Pesman try not to be scared” I summoned courage and picked the call, but I was shocked with what I heard from the caller he was speaking with “Discombobulation” all his voice

“Hi pesman! I know you’re in your room, you put on blue V neck levis vest with black three quarter jean, you and one girl just left your room not too long and you have returned. I just want to inform you that you will sleep in your own pool of blood in the next two to three minutes, am I communicating”? .

I began to panic and shaking like leaf on the sea, I don’t know what to do, the caller said in the next two to three minutes I will sleep in the pool of my own blood. I reached for the back of my television I took the ring Madam Hadiza’s Gateman gave me (I removed it off my finger when I want to had s-x with Nurse Titi) I wore it back, took my phone to call Abbey maybe he can save me from unknown death, I Dialed his number and placed it on my ear, I nearly smashed my phone on the floor when the stupid MTN Auto response machine answered me

“Your call credit has been exhausted and your call terminated”

I didn’t allow it to finish its stupid song before I hung up and dialed *606# but it was still prove abortive “Dear Estimated customer, you have outstanding payment, please recharge and try later thank you” Yes today na today, I began to sweat from head to toe, the temperature of my body can boil egg, have totally reached my last bus stop, I began to say my last prayer, Oh God I know am a sinner please forgive my sin and accept me as your servant. But all this while I noticed the ring on my finger is as cold as water in refrigerator, the ring is not hot at all,

“Does it mean this Ring isn’t working again?” I summoned courage and opened my door, what I met outside shocked me to the bone, just then I realised The women ritual cream I did has been doing me harm than Good, because whose ever is after my life isn’t because of anything else but because of a woman. .

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To be continued