The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 7


Me: I can’t hear you what do you say? .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman you couldn’t believe some part of Royals hotel collapsed not too long we left there, even our room is involved, I can’t believe you save my life .

Me: ***Surprised*** You mean the hotel building collapsed? .

Madam Hadiza: Am serious dear, many were dead, switch on your tv and see the breaking news .

Me: ***Omg baba God thank you for my life, so this is how I would have ended my life for nothing. At this point I thought of meeting Dupe and Madam Hadiza’s gateman has meaning in my life, I trulybelieve that everything we do and everyone we meet came in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents; we’re all teachers – if we’re willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door. I really owe two of them a lot .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman you are an Alfa, what did you use? .

Me: Nothing but I was just not feeling comfortable in that room again that’s why I said we should leave .

Madam Hadiza: When are we seeing? We really need to talk, I must give you something .

Me: You have been giving me before today .

Mada Hadiza: When are we seeing? .

Me: Anytime of your choice .

Madam Hadiza: Tomorrow? .

Me: No problem, we shall see tomorrow .

Madam Hadiza: Alright see you tomorrow Dear .

Me: Yea ***Hung up***

“hmmmm I thank God for sparing my life” “Maybe I would have been buried by now” “This ring is so powerful, I need to keep it safe” “I owe this gateman something big” Christabel brought back my sense .

Christabel: Pesman what is in this leather .

Me: The cloth I just bought .

Christabel: You went for shopping without getting me anything .

Me: Everything I have is yours .

Christabel: Everything you have is mine, but this is men’s clothes .

Me: Its for both .

Christabel: ***Checking the clothes*** Pesman I love this round neck Top .

Me: You can have it .

Christabel: ***She took it and putting it on*** Wow so beautiful .

Me: You look so sweet in it ***A text entered my phone that moment, it read “Pesman won’t you give me some of the cloths? #susan” .

Christabel: Thank you dear .

Me: You always welcome, erm erm Susan check weather you can see the one you like out of the cloths .

Susan: ***Pretending*** Its not necessary .

Me: Check it out first .

Susan: Ok let me see .

Me: ***Showing her the clothes*** .

Susan: I think I like this .

Me: You can have it .

Susan: ***She took it*** Thank you Pesman you’re a nice guy .

Me: its nothing dear ***I spent some hours with them before I left for my house***

. ******JAMEELAH******

I was in my car driving home, when my phone suddenly ranged, I shifted my gaze to the screen of my phone the caller was DON (my ex). “What is this guy calling me for?” “Afterall we have settled” I brought my car to “desisted” and answered the call. .

Jameelah: Hello Don .

Don: Jameelah how far I saw your car just passing by, that is why I call .

Jameelah: Where did you see me? .

Don: Ajegunle street .

Jameelah: Its true am not too far from that area, what can I do for you .

Don: Where are you going? .

Jameelah: Am heading home .

Don: Can we see please .

Jameelah: Once I reach home am going nowhere again .

Don: Can you please stop your car where you’re, so I’ll come meet you .

Jameelah: What do you have to say? .

Don: Very important issue about your man .

Jameelah: You mean my man? .

Don: Yes Pesman .

Jameelah: ***Shaking*** What about him? .

Don: Can you please wait for me where you’re .

Jameelah: Sure I will, where are you? .

Don: Same Ajegunle .

Jameelah: Am waiting for you at Ajegunle junction, don’t stay too long .

Don: Alright am coming

***He hung up*** .

12minutes later, I was lost in the music playing in my car stereo just then I heard a soft knock on by my side door I reduced the volume of the car stereo, wind down the glass .

Jameelah: Welcome Don, come in ***I opened the other side door for him*** .

Don: ***He hoped in*** Thanks for honoring my request .

Jameelah: Its nothing, so am listening .

Don: ***Clear throat*** I just want to tell you that I have nothing against your man anymore .

Jameelah: I thought we have settled this already .

Don: Yes we have , but I think you’re still doubting me .

Jameelah: Why would I? I believe you nau .

Don: I want you to believe me further so I want you to give me Pesman’s number, I’ll call him in your presence, I think that would also make you believe and trust me .

Jameelah: No problem about that, if that’s the only way you want to prove your innocence, let me give you his line .

Don: Thank you Jameelah I love you .

Jameelah: Don’t go there Don, you and I know that we cannot date anymore ***Checking my contact for Pesman’s number*** Here is the number .

Don: ***Collecting the phone from her, he copied the number*** Thanks for this Jameelah, you can see me as your friend as from now on, have forgiven you and your man .

Jameelah: Don am I free to go? .

Don: A kiss .

Jameelah: Impossible, please get down of my car, I want to go and rest at home .

Don: Alright***He came out of the car*** See you next time .

Jameelah: bye ***I drove off*** .

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I was extremely happy to have Pesman’s number, Good mission accomplished, I will let Pesman know who I am, I left the spot and headed to Jay’s house to gist him about the latest development, I called Jay on my way because I didn’t want to meet his absence*** Padi mi have done that thing .

Jay: What do you mean, I don’t understand you .

Don: Have collected Pesman’s number .

Jay: You too much, its good like that, you really did a wonderful job, who gave you the number? .

Don: I got it from Jameelah .

Jay: And she gave you without any suspicions? .

Don: At all, you know what? I told her that I want to apologise to Pesman she gave in and give it to me .

Jay: I love you padi mi .

Don: What next to do now .

Jay: We will visit Pesman’s house .

Don: Do you know where he stays? .

Jay: Don’t worry, just be coming to my house .

Don: Ok bro am coming .


The following day around 10am I received a call from nurse Titi .

Me: Hello the most beautiful nurse on earth .

Nurse Titi: Sugar coated mouth Pes, how are you doing? .

Me: Am fine and you? .

Nurse Titi: Am ok .

Me: Your voice is so bright and I can sense happiness in it,. What’s going on? .

Nurse Titi: Pesman you’re the source of my happiness .

Me: Wow! What did I do to deserve all this .

Nurse Titi: Because you’re my life, erm don’t you forget we are seeing today? .

Me: No I don’t, when are you coming? .

Nurse Titi: Am set already just want to remind you before I start coming .

Me: Ok dear you’re free to come .

Nurse Titi: What should I bring for you? .

Me: Whatever you like .

Nurse Titi: I know what to bring .

Me: What’s that? .

Nurse Titi: I won’t tell you until I arrive, just want to suprise you .

Me: Can’t wait .

Nurse Titi: I love you dear .

Me: Love you more than you do .

Nurse Titi: See you soon .

Me: Bye ***Hanged up, An hour later, I heard a soft knock on my door, my instinct quickly told me “Nurse Titi” is around, I made my way to my door threw it opened, my visitor was no other person than Titi, she threw herself on me to give me a soft hug*** You’re welcome to my palace .

Nurse Titi: Yeah king is welcoming his Queen, you have a nice palace sir ***She sat on my bed*** I miss you so much love .

Me: Miss you more .

Nurse Titi: When last did you hear from Cnn and Tola? .

Me: Not quite long, even he called me this week .

Nurse Titi: Your bad nigga, you guys has been settled? .

Me: Yes! We can never fight each other .

Nurse Titi: That’s why I like guys, they do understand themselves and forgive easily, had it been its we ladies, we would not be talking to each other again, despite how he hurt you, you still continue your friendship .

Me: That’s why we are called man .

Nurse Titi: See you, I love being a woman .

Me: Likewise me, do you know what? .

Nurse Titi: Nope until you utter it out .

Me: Cnn and I can never fight, he’s my main man .

Nurse Titi: Where is he now? .

Me: You won’t believe if I tell you something .

Nurse Titi: Tell me first and see if I will .

Me: Cnn and Tola are in Abuja .

Nurse Titi: Better wake up from your sleeping .

Me: Am serious two of them are in Abuja but not same area .

Nurse Titi: What a suprise, tell me more .

Me: Immediately Cnn escaped from your clinic he went to Abuja, so he called me this week that Tola called him he said she’s on her way to Abuja too, because her father said she can no longer live with him in Osun .

Nurse Titi: What a world? Tola’s daddy want to send away his daughter because of Cnn, without knowing he’s going to re-connect two of them .

Me: Life drama .

Nurse Titi: What will be will be .

Me: They would soon be together again .

Nurse Titi: ***She moved close to me and sat on my lap*** ok o, I also want to be with you for the rest of my life .

Me: Let’s leave everything in the hand of God he knows best .

Nurse Titi: Yes I know but lets start planning how to spend our life together***Kissing my lips*** . M

e: Sure we’d ***Kissing her back, we began to play dirty, kissed, caressed, s—-d, I was about to kiss off when I heard a loud knock on my door***who is there? .

Voice: Me your enemy .

Me: ***The voice am hearing resembled my enemy voice (DON), I began to shake and sweat at the same time, Don is gonna kill me today*** .

Voice: Open this door now before I break into this house, I came for revenge .

Me: which revenge? What did I buy from you? .

Voice: If you sure of yourself come out, if you ain’t blaming yourself call me whatever you like .

Me: *** I just stand still because I don’t know how many of them at my door*** .

Voice: Pesman you want me to pull down this door

Me: ***This time my door is been shaking as if it’ll opened soon, I closed my eye as I prayed for God protection*** .

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To be continued