The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 40 Final



I felt Eerie that moment, having Dupe and Nurse Titi at the same time can make one Censured himself, I just stood lik log of wood, what full my head was what is going to happened next, I looked at Nurse Titi direct in the eye she was burning in Antagonism, I shifted my gazed off her because I couldn’t looked that eye twice, I take a looked at Dupe who was still lying on the bed, seriously I couldn’t read her expression she was calm and happy. I walked to my door and was about to closed it when Dupe spoke out, that moment I was like I’m now at the end of the road, but I assured myself of one thing, I strongly believed I can never lose Dupe because of this scene, she knew I did women ritual, my only fear that moment was I wasn’t ready to lose Nurse Titi too because I haven’t enjoyed her the way I want. Nurse Titi eyed me hissed and was about to stormed out of my room. .

Dupe: Wait our wife where are you going? (She faced me) Big brother is this our wife? .

Me: ***My head swelled up I became stammer that moment*** Y ye yes yess! She is .

Nurse Titi: ***She stopped, she couldn’t believed the girl who was on only underwear called Pesman her Big brother, is she for real?*** .

Dupe: Big brother you can’t even tell me you’re having a visitor? See the way I dressed don’t you think our wife will be thinking you’re cheating on her? .

Me: ***Honestly I don’t know how to describe Dupe again*** I didn’t know she is coming .

Nurse Titi: ***She just stood motionless*** .

Dupe: ***She stood up, walked to Nurse Titi, she hugged her*** Our wife you’re welcome to our house, Bro won’t you introduce your wife to me? .

Me: ***I walked to Titi wrapped my arm around her neck*** Welcome dear, Meet my kid sister Dupe, (Faced Dupe) Dupe meet my one and only Nurse Titi .

Dupe: She’s dam beautiful .

Nurse Titi: (Smile) I’m very sorry my sister inlaw, I thought Pesman is cheating on me with you .

Dupe: Hmmm woman with their jealousy .

Nurse Titi: Thank God you’re one of them, assuming you met your man and a strange lady in this position what will you think? .

Dupe: Anyway I’ll think the same .

Nurse Titi: Can you see it now? But Pesman has not for once tell me about you .

Dupe: That’s my brother for you, he hardly call me, I guess he uses all his airtime on you? .

Nurse Titi: Pesman don’t call and I don’t like him for that ***She sat beside Dupe on bed*** .

Dupe: What can I offer you? Had it been I knew you’re coming I would have prepared something nice for you, well I’ve rice and beans do you care to have some? .

Nurse Titi: What a nice sister inlaw, you have cooked for your brother? .

Dupe: Yes I’ve .

Nurse Titi: I’ll like to eat your food before I start cooking for the family .

Me: ***I just sat down looking at the two of them*** .

Dupe: *** She served her rice and beans*** Brother give me money let me get our wife some drinks .

Nurse Titi: You’re so wonderful sister, If Pesman is nice definitely you’re a nicer .

Me: ***I gave her money, though I don’t know what am going to face later in the night*** .

Dupe: ***She put on one of my shirt and went out*** .

Me: ***Exhaled! What Dupe is up to? I can’t tell*** .

Nurse Titi: Your sister is nicer than you .

Me: That’s my sister for you, she’s too nice and she can disturb for African .

Nurse Titi: I think I like her .

Me: Smile, like on first sight .

Nurse Titi: Wherre she based? .

Me: Lagos .

Nurse Titi: You didn’t tell me about her? .

Me: You didn’t ask about her ***Dupe walked in with one hollandia youghort which she served Nurse Titi, before two of them engaged in chat as I was side line, they chatted for some hours before Nurse Titi left my house*** .

Nurse Titi: Pesman I came to see you, you promised to come to my house last week but I couldn’t see you till this moment that’s why I decided to come to your house, we have to talk, when are you coming to my house? .

Dupe: ***Cuts in*** We are coming tonight .

Nurse Titi: Are you sure? .

Me: I just nodded .

Nurse Titi: You’ll come along with Pesman? .

Dupe: Yes or you want to have him alone? .

Nurse Titi: I’ll be waiting for you anty Dupe .

Dupe: No problem dear ***They hugged*** .

Nurse Titi: ***She hugged me and went to her house*** .

Dupe: ***Faced me*** I safed your a-s once again .

Me: Are a human being at all? .

Dupe: I was sent to you from heaven .

Me: No doubt about that, you’re truly heaven sent, but why did you safe me this time around? .

Dupe: Because I do not see her in your future, so I have nothing to worry off, two of you are just been playing soccer after 90minutes you’ll surely parted .

Me: You’re too smart dear I love you .

Dupe: You know if I don’t welcomed her like that she might go and kill herself .

Me: Thanks for saving a life I really love you .

Dupe: You love me? Keep cheating on me ok? .

Me: Once my cream expires I’ll stick to just you .

Dupe: It easy said than done .

Me: Lert wait and see .

Dupe: Have heard you .

Me: Thank You love ***She stayed some days with me before she returned to Lagos, she told me what to do and not fall into Senator Akinkunmi’s trap, I gave her goodbye kiss as she left my house***


Don and Jay had served their two months punishments in police custody, D.P.O Ibrahim had returned to his office and he had called the Man who is having the case with them and Abbey to come and sign some papers so they can be released, After signing of the paper Don and Jay were also given a Life warrant and threatening free form to fill and sign, This mean something bad shall not happened to the Man and Abbey in the next five years to come, If something bad eventually happens to them Don and Jay would be account for it. They gladly signed the form after it was filled and their bail was granted, spending good two months in police rotten cell is like a hell to them, they promised to let Abbey and Pesman be, they will look for their loves somewhere else.


I have been given admission to study S.L.T at Oscotech this made me happy because I’m now successful with the first stage of my plan, at least I’ll be attending same school with Him and starts my affairs with him on campus. I put a call to him to share the good news with him, he sounded happy when I told him I have been admitted into Oscotech, he also told me he has been offered admission to study Elect/Elect too, so I asked him when he’s resuming into the campus and he said he’s going to South Africa for shopping and he would be back after a week. Oscotech here we come.

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The rest of the month after Dupe’s departures to Lagos was not too eventful one, I spent most of my day with all of my so called girlfriends from one house to another, no week pass by without having s-x, I kept all of them in check. Till this moment I haven’t heard from Susan I asked of her from Christabel she said Susan is fine and she was not staying with her anymore.

I was in Abbey’s room one day when I received a text from Oscotech saying

“Dear Pesman! You have been offered admission to study Elect/elect in National Diploma (ND) of Osun state college of Technology Esa-Oke with the duration of two (2) year, come along with your credentials and pay sum of 5600naira into school bank account for your acceptance fee to avoid your admission been terminated, Please Accept my congratulation Register!”

I was so happy to received the text so I put a call to Powerline and told him about the text I just received, he was so happy and congratulated me, he also welcomed me to campus, he told me to login to school website to confirm it

I called Madam Hadiza after I spoke with Powerline, I told her about the latest news, she said I should come to her house right away. I left Abbey’s house and headed to Madam Hadiza’s, I told her everything once again while she put a call to Sen.Akinkunmi the senator sounded happy on phone he asked Madam Hadiza when we would like to leave for South Africa? We agreed to go on Friday since today is Monday.

Madam Hadiza said we are leaving for Lagos on Thursday and we’ll be going to Abuja same Thursday, so we’ll be on our way to South Africa on Friday. I got home and started the preparation for the forthcoming journey to South Africa, I called Dupe and explained to her that we are to take off on Friday, she said I shouldn’t forget all what she had told me few months ago, I thanked her and called all of my side chicks and told them Pesman we’ll be out of the country for a week, I promised to bring something nice for them including Nike. .

Later in the night I called Cnn .

Me: Cnn .

Cnn: Padi ni how far? .

Me: I’m fine, I want to tell you that I’ll be in Abuja on Thursday .

Cnn: What are you coming for and where are you coming? .

Me: I’m going to South Africa on Friday so am coming for flight in Abuja .

Cnn: Are you serious? .

Me: Trust you guy nah, have been given admission in Oscotech, Madam Hadiza and I want to go for shopping in South Africa .

Cnn: You and this Madam hun? .

Me: Wetin Pesman go do nau I can not kill myself, how are we going to see on Thursday .

Cnn: How is your journey gonna be? .

Me: We are leaving for Lagos on Thursday we’ll take a flight to Abuja that same Thursday .

Cnn: What time are you arriving Abuja airport? .

Me: I don’t know yet .

Cnn: Call me when you’re about to leave Lagos Airport .

Me: I’ll do that .

Cnn: I can’t wait to set my eye on you, Its been long padi mi .

Me: Walahi I missed you so much .

Cnn: Same here with me brother mi .

Me: Where are we metting on Thursday? .

Cnn: I’ll come and wait for you at the Airport, its not too far to my area .

Me: Come along with Tola .

Cnn: I’ll call her after this call .

Me: It ok brother see you soon .

Cnn: Bye .

Me: ***Hanged up*** .


Madam Hadiza and I prayed for journey mercy as we stepped out of her house, Jameelah also wished us safe trip because her mother told her we are going on a business trip,

I drove to the park where we took Lagos bus Madam Hadiza Did not agreed we go by her car, Jameelah took back home her Mummy’s car while Madam Hadiza and I zommed off in commercial bus, 3hours later we arrived at Ojodu Barger (Lagos state) we alighted from the bus and took another car drop to Muritala International Airport,

I was so astonished and engaged in what I saw at the Airport because It was my first time, I tired not to looked surprised but I couldn’t help myself as the local guy in me kept appearing on my face, the more I tried to take off my eye on exotic cars and building the more I saw new things

“MURITALA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT” was boldly written at the top of the might building of the Airport. .

Madam Hadiza led the way while I followed suit, she walked out of the International airport and headed to another way, when I couldn’t take it anymore I spoke out .

Me: Peslady where are we still heading to, I think we are now in the airport .

Madam Hadiza: (Smile) we are going to Domestic airport (Local Airport) this is international Airport it meant for people traveling out of Nigeria .

Me: So we have two Airport here? .

Madam Hadiza: Yes it was built next to each other .

Me Wonderful.

Few minutes later I found myself at the local airport, it was built adjacent to the international airport terminal and has world-class facilities like a multi-storey car park. A sky walk carries you across the access road to an airport hotel that is still under construction.

There are cabs and car- hire services within the airport. There are so many domestic airlines flying to-and-fro other parts of Nigeria such as Abuja,akure,PH,Kaduna,IlorinCalabar and other cities. .

Madam Hadiza: Wait for me here am coming .

Me: Alright .

Madam Hadiza: ***She entered one office*** .

Me: I took my phone and called Cnn, I told him we are now at Lagos Airport he said he and Tola would be on their way to Abuja Airport waiting for our arrival

few minutes later Madam Hadiza came with two tickets in her hand .

Madam Hadiza: Here is your ticket .

Me: ***Collected it from her*** So fast .

Madam Hadiza: Have booked it online before I just went to that office to validated it .

Me: You’re such a darling. Twenty five minutes later our departure was announced on a speaker which I couldn’t fathoms where it was erected, we entered into the Air plane took my seat, I began to look around everywhere, I was so happy to be inside Aeroplane for the first time I took my phone (The new phone Madam Hadiza’s gave me) and switched to flight mood as announced on the plane as we are receiving our welcome address, after the welcome address I began to have selfie with Madam Hadiza. I barely took 20Pictures when I heard something that almost make me collapsed I heard it very loud and clear on a speaker

“You’re welcome to Nnamdi Azikwe international Airport Abuja, Please minding the gaps between the stairs as you’re de- boarding the plane thank you” I was like are they joking? Because all what we have spent on air was 45minutes 20secons and Cnn had once told me that Abuja to Osun is almost 9hours journey by car, so Abuja To lagos should be around 11hours by car, here we are now at Abuja within 45minutes, so from Lagos to Abuja by air is just 45minutes? Seriously speaking I do not enjoyed my time in the plane because I thought we are going to spent close to 3hours in air, I felt like not de-boarding again. .

Meanwhile Madam Hadiza had called Sen.Akinkunmi earlier that she and Pesman are about to take off from Lagos Airport. Senator on the other hand had get his boys ready (Tugo,Student and spider) all of them were at the Airport waiting for the arrival of Pesman and Madam Hadiza.

Cnn and Tola were also at the Airport waiting for the arrival of their man. Senator’s boys were at the far corner looking at Senator Akin who stood by the entrance of the local Airport). .

Madam Hadiza and I de-boarding from the plane while she put a call to Senator, she announced our arrival to him. The senator told her to come to the entrance of the Airport that was where he stood waiting for us, Just when I walked out of arrival terminal my eye fell on Cnn and Tola, I screamed his name without minding I was in a public place. .

Me: ***I jumped on him*** Cnn .

Cnn: ***He carried me up*** is this you Pesman? longest time .

Me: ***I hugged Tola*** Tola babe you’re now adding weight and more beautiful .

Tola: Stop flattering me .

Me: Am serious, Cnn Abuja is good o, I can remember when you’re in Osun I do called you “Headward” where are those head now? Or you went for surgery? .

Cnn: You no well .

Me: Me too will soon relocate to Abuja o .

Cnn: Come and stay with us in this city nah .

Me: Cnn meet my boss, my mother my everything, and heaven sent to me the one and only Madam Hadiza .

Madam Hadiza: It ok Pesman .

Cnn: Good afternoon ma .

Madam Hadiza: Afternoon my brother how is work, school and family? .

Cnn: Everything is fine ma .

Me: This is Cnn my one and only friend, I’ll have to tell you more about him later .

Madam Hadiza: Alright, can we be on our way now? Senator is waiting for us already .

Me: I feel like not leaving you again my brother but someone is waiting for us, you know I told you we’re going to South Africa tomorrow but I’ll still come to your house this evening so we can talk better, send your house address to me and be expecting me .

Cnn: I’ll be expecting you o .

Me: Sure I will come .

Tola: Hope you bring something for your girl? .

Me: Yes I did .

Tola: I trust you .

Me: ***Madam Hadiza pulled me from them, we made our way to the airport main gate senator Akin was there waiting patiently for us, he let out a big grin as his eye fell on us, Madam Hadiza walked to him and gave him a warmth hugged .

Sen.Akinkunmi: ***Stretch hand to me for handshake*** .

Me: ***Receiving his hand*** Good afternoon sir .

Sen.Akinkunmi: You’re welcome to Federal capital territory, get into the car let’s go .

Me; Alright sir ***

All of us entered into Senator’s car and off he drove (Tugo and his boys also entered into their car and followed senator’s car). Senator Akin kept driving and engaged in a chat with Madam Hadiza as we came out of the airport and headed to Lugbe axis, he drove for some minutes on the widest road I ever seen, Lugbe Airport road is about eight to ten lane, nothing like traffic jam as the road is wider enough to contains eight to ten cars at a times without touching each other, we are truly in FCT “how I wish we have such road in osun state? to have such road in state will curse lot of damages, houses without numbers will be demolished” I said to myself as I kept my gaze on the beautiful road of Abuja and lot of street lights.

Seriously Abuja is so beautiful I only see beautiful cities like this in movies. It happened so fast as a car overtook us and blocked our path, with the look of a things I know what is going to happen, Dupe had once said I shouldn’t follow airport road and I think we are at the said road.

Beside Senator Akinkunmi can also escape the notorious guys that blocked us because the road is wide enough, but no he stepped on the brake and brought the car to a halt, those guys in the car that just blocked us opened their car doors and walked out.

Walking towards our car was three hefty guys with F200 firearm hung on their shoulder, they matched to our car and threw our doors opened. Madam Hadiza has been shaking as if he was gonna fainted anytime soon while Senator was dragged out of the car and pushed into the guitar, they asked him to lie down in the guitar as one of them pointed gun at his head, the rest moved closed to Madam Hadiza and I he was about pulling us out of the car when something unforgettable happened. What really happened?? You’ll find out in season3.

Ladies and gentlemen kindly meet Pesman in the season3 of this story THE PROGNOSTICATOR SEASON3 TITLEED:MY LIFE ON CAMPUS



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