The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 4


Later in the Evening I received a call from Madam Hadiza .

Madam Hadiza: Hey Pesman how are you? .

Me: Am ok ma .

Madam Hadiza: What’s happening? .

Me: Nothing, I just dey .

Madam Hadiza: I want to see you in my house .

Me: I don’t think I can make it to your house .

Madam Hadiza: Because? .

Me: I don’t want your Daughter’s wahala .

Madam Hadiza: Jameelah is not around, and I have already told her you’re my P.A, everything has been settled I will be waiting for you Pesman .

Me: Ok am coming .

Madam Hadiza: Don’t stay too long .

Me: Alright dear ***Hanged Up*** .


Both daughter and mother were seated on the couch in the sitting room discussing, suddenly Mrs Ibrahim phone rang, bringing their conversation to halt she picked the call without wasting time .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Hi my love .

D.P.O: How are you doing my lovely wife? .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Am fine, how was your journey .

D.P.O: Not too stressful, I call to inform you that we are now in Abuja .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Wow so fast, that’s good, hope you’re not feeling weak? .

D.P.O: Not too much .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Glory be to God, how is my Daughter? .

D.P.O: She is here beside me .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Give the phone to her let me talk to her .

D.P.O: Ok ***Handed phone to her*** .

Tola: Hello mum .

Mrs.Ibrahim: My Daughter my Daughter how was your journey? .

Tola: Fine ma .

Mrs.Ibrahim: How do you see that area? .

Tola: Very cool and beautiful city .

Mrs.Ibrahim: As time goes on you will adapt to the area .

Tola: Mummy I love the little I have seen and I believe I will enjoy my stay here .

Mrs.Ibrahim: That’s good, but “Ranti omo Eniti iwo nse o” (Remember the Daughter of whom you’re) .

Tola: I promise mum .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Don’t forget what makes you leave home .

Tola: It won’t repeat itself ma .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Am begging you dear .

Tola: It ok mum, how is Nike? .

Mrs.Ibrahim: She’s here .

Tola: Please give her the phone, I want to talk to her .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Ok dear

***Handed phone to Nike*** .

Nike: My sister how far nau? .

Tola: I dey oh .

Nike: How was your journey? .

Tola: Fine .

Nike: Am missing you already .

Tola: Same here sister am missing you too .

Nike: Try to be calling your kid sister all the time o .

Tola: Sure i’d be calling you .

Nike: Buy something nice for me when coming back home .

Tola: Don’t know when am coming home .

Nike: Whenever you’re coming just get me something nice .

Tola: No problem about that, I’ll .

Nike: Ok sister, give phone to daddy let me greet him .

Tola: ***She gave phone to her daddy*** .

D.P.O: Daddy’s wife .

Nike: Hey daddy .

D.P.O: Hi my daughter, how are you? .

Nike: Am not fine, daddy house isn’t lively without you .

D.P.O: Am so sorry about that dear, daddy is coming back soon .

Nike: When are you coming? .

D.P.O: Am spending weekend here, you will see daddy on Monday .

Nike: Bring something for me ooo .

D.P.O: You don’t have to tell .

Nike: I trust you dad, bye sir ***Hanged up*** .


I was moody since morning after I received sms from my girlfriend, my mind wasn’t at rest again, all what occupied my mind was how to speak with her, I’ve been calling her line for the past 3hours now, still it was switched off. I was still battling with my thought when my cousin walked in .

Ade: ***Banging the door*** Hello who is in the house? .

Cnn: ***With Inaudible voice*** Yes come in .

Ade: ***he Walked in and noticed I wasn’t myself*** What happened to you, your face looks dejected .

Cnn: ***Hissed*** Something is bothering my mind .

Ade: ***Placed the pack of Kilishii he bought on the table and faced me*** Oya tell me what’s it all about, maybe I can be of help .

Cnn: Its about my girl Tola, you won’t believe I flew out of Osun just because of her .

Ade: ***He seated beside me*** That reminds me you promised to tell me what made you run away from home unexpectedly in the morning .

Cnn: Yes I do, let me firstly tell you so you’ll be able to understand my worries. .

Ade: Ok ok, am all ears .

Cnn: It happened that I had a girl am dating in Osun, her name is Tola she’s a D.P.O’s Daughter .

Ade: Omo you get mouth joor, so what happened next? .

Cnn: I mistakenly impregnated her .

Ade: Gobe .

Cnn: One day she came to my house to break the news of her pregnancy to me, immediately she told me I called one of my friend (Pesman) I explained everything to him, we make plan to abort the pregnancy but she disagreed with us, after much persuasion by Pesman she later agreed to get rid of it without knowing something terrible would happen .

Ade: ***Astonished*** hmmmm ok continue .

Cnn: ***I told him everything that happened between me, Pesman and Tola*** .

Ade: Bro you need to print Abuja colour for now .

Cnn: What is the meaning of Abuja colour? .

Ade: It means you will have to stay in Abuja for a very long time, you have to wave thought of going to Osun out of your mind .

Cnn: I have nothing to do with Osun, am going nowhere .

Ade: Tola’s father would not forgive you easily, but you haven’t tell me what is bothering you .

Cnn: After that accident, I began to call my bae but she didn’t pick my calls until I called her this morning .

Ade: Maybe she’s still angry with you .

Cnn: That’s exactly what I thought, but I was surprised to received a text from her .

Ade: What does it say? .

Cnn: ***I gave phone to him*** .

Ade: ***Reading the text*** What a coincidence, her father want her to vacate Osun because of you, but he didn’t realized his Daughter is coming to stay in the same city with you .

Cnn: That’s just it brother, but have Being calling her since I received the text still switched off .

Ade: So which area is she coming to? .

Cnn: I never know that’s why I wanted to hear her voice .

Ade: Don’t worry either sooner or later her number will be going through, we’ll try to locate her, I know in and out of Abuja searching for her won’t give us problem .

Cnn: Thank you .

Ade: Here is the Kilishii you requested for ***He gave it to me*** .

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He was seated by the edge of the bed, with the looks of things its obvious he’s ready to work on Jay’s advice to make peace with Jameelah, so 3months to their friendship he would strike on Pesman unnoticed, even by then Jameelah would not suspect him of anything because their friendship would have become more solid, he left out a dirty smile as he dialed Jameelah’s number which she picked after fourth rang .

Jameelah: What can I do for you? .

Don: Jameelah Be polite, how was your day? .

Jameelah: Am fine thank you, what do you have to say? .

Don: Anyway I call to make peace with you and to give you good news .

Jameelah: Mr Good news, what’s your good news is all about, and what makes you think you can make peace with me? .

Don: Firstly I don’t want us fighting anymore . J

Jameelah: Am not fighting you, I only warned you .

Don: that’s Still why I call, I want you to see me as your friend .

Jameelah: Fire and water can never become friends .

Don: I want us to, whereas am Don while you’re Jameelah none of us are water nor fire .

Jameelah: I can only become your friend if you stop threatening my man,I don’t joke with him .

Don: Am ready to leave Pesman alone, you know I love you and what matter most to me is nothing but your happiness, I can see Pesman is giving you just that, so as at this moment I want you to know that am in support of your relationship with him .

Jameelah: ***Surprised*** Are you serious? .

Don: Am for real, I want you to be happy that’s why I sacrificed my love for you, though it wasn’t an easy decision to make .

Jameelah: ***His words sound so convincing*** Wow you’re such a darling, thank you, you can now be my friend, we are cool Don .

Don: Thank you Jameelah, have a wonderful dream, bye .

Jameelah: You too ***Hanged up*** .

Done: He smiled at himself, things are now working in my favour, pesman must be dealt with, he thought as he slept off.


I was about to sleep after the stressful journey of about 9hours, I had taken my bath and had my dinner, I was about to doze off when I remember my boyfriend, I switched on my phone and reached him .

Cnn: ***His heart leaped in joy*** Hey love .

Tola: Hi dear how was your day? .

Cnn: Far from being fine, have been thinking of you immediately after I received your text, your switched off mobile added salt to my injury, babe am seriously scared .

Tola: Thank you love am perfectly ok, now in Abuja with my Daddy, am going to miss you because I don’t know when next am visiting Osun .

CNN: What a good news, that means you’re not going to miss me .

Tola: ***Confused*** Am missing you already joor, only God knows when next we are seeing, Abuja is kinda far from Osun state .

Cnn: Yes I know but we are close to each other than you can imagine, you’re not far from me .

Tola: Yes you’re always on my mind, we are very close by soul but our flesh is faraway from each other .

Cnn: That’s true but what I mean is that you are very close to me by flesh .

Tola: How? I don’t understand you .

CNN: alright let me make it clear to you, After event that took place in hospital,I relocated to Abuja .

Tola: ***Screamed*** You don’t mean it, tell me its a lie .

Cnn: Am d–n serious .

Tola: ***Happy*** OMG! My God is wonderful, I can’t believe we are in the same city .

Cnn: Yes .

Tola: Glory be to God, am more than happy which side are you? .

Cnn: Life camp area, Do you know there? .

Tola: No I don’t, its my first time in the city .

Cnn: Ok where are you too? .

Tola: Daddy said we are in Jabi .

CNN: What??? Jabi, unbelievable Ade once told me Jabi to Life Camp is 50naira cab even if you can beg aboki (The keke napep rider) very well he can collect 30naira from you, that’s how close it is .

Sometimes the things that are felt the most are expressed between two souls over the distance and over time…where no words abide. And others may speak freely, live with one another freely, express themselves freely– just like everyone else, but then there is you… you have no words for proof of reassurance, no tokens of professed love, but you have something. Something worth keeping. What will be will be .

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To be continued