The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 39


Me: What do you mean by I’m safe? .

Dupe: You couldn’t see what I saw .

Me: ***Surprised*** What did you see? .

Dupe: Are we going to remain standing here? .

Me: ***I quickly unlocked my door as two of us walked in*** You just came without informing me .

Dupe: Have been trying all my possible best to reach you but it was prove abortive, what happen to your line? .

Me: I lost it yesterday .

Dupe: Have been trying your number for the past week not connection .

Me: I just lost it yesterday, why don’t you send me message on Facebook or whatsapp? .

Dupe: I guess you know I’m not into any social media and you know the reason behind it nah? .

Me: Yes its true (she had once told me the reason why she was not engaged in any social media and I’m not ready to tell you guys now, maybe I’ll tell you later in the future if time permit) .

Dupe: Anyway I’m happy you’re safe .

Me: Only God says you’ll see me today, I was on my way to Ibadan I just decided to returned back home, you couldn’t believe if I told I’ve reached Gbongan before I returned back home .

Dupe: Hmmm I know, and that’s why I came all the way from Lagos to stop you not to embarked on that journey, I was so mad at myself when I met your door closed .

Me: Thank God I’m here now, what would have happened to me if I go? .

Dupe: You don’t treat your visitor well .

Me: I’m very sorry dear, seriously I was carried away by you, what do you care for? .

Dupe: Hmmm give me pounded yam, you must pound it yourself .

Me: Thank God you know I don’t have a stove talkless of mortar, Can I get it for you? .

Dupe: Your own type of guy is kinda rare, common plate you don’t have, do you even know how to cook? .

Me: If its to cook I’m a chef, I cooked more than stove .

Dupe: ***She laughed*** You see I’m hungry I need to eat something, I haven’t take anything today, after eating we have a lot to discus about .

Me: What do you want to eat? .

Dupe: What do you want to have for breakfast? .

Me: I’ll go for rice and beans .

Dupe: Lets have rice together, I wish I can cook it for you but you don’t have a stove .

Me: I can get it from my neighbour .

Dupe: What about plates and all other things? .

Me: I can get everything from him .

Dupe: ***Shaking her head*** shame on you, do you have a spoon? .

Me: Yes I have two spoons .

Dupe: Go get the stove ready, I wanna cook for you .

Me: Alright ma ***I headed to Tasker’s room*** Tasker! Tasker!! Tasker!!! .

Tasker: Pesman thought I saw you traveling this morning? .

Me: I don’t go again jare .

Tasker: What happened? Or you have a visitor? .

Me: Something like that .

Tasker: I thought as much Ekun (Tiger) you need a condom? .

Me: I’ve enough condom in my room you can come for some if you are in need of it .

Tasker: Bad boy, Pesman arrange one bae for me nah .

Me: We’ll talk later, please I want make use of your stove and some plates .

Tasker: ***Laughed*** .

Me: What makes you cry? .

Tasker: Did you see tear in my eye? .

Me: Abegi give me what I asked .

Tasker: What do you want to use stove for? .

Me: I wanna pee on it, stupid question .

Tasker: I never for once seeing you cook, my stove use kerosene not coal o .

Me: Am I that dump? .

Tasker: I can’t say, because you’re not use to stove, so I’ve to give you OT (Orientation) .

Me: You’re the most stupid person I have ever met .

Tasker: Are you the one cooking or your bae? .

Me: Me .

Tasker: S–t shift let me faint, I wanted to say I’ll like to eat out of the food before but now that I discovered you’re the cook you can have it all, because Dog will not be able to eat your so called food .

Me: You’re mad, abegi give me the stove let me leave your rotten room .

Tasker: ***Pointed to where his stove was kept*** Pesman add my own o, I’m serious o, I never know what to eat this morning .

Me: Am I your father? ***I left his room*** .

Dupe: Welcome dear, Your neighbour is dam funny but he said nothing but pure truth .

Me: You’ve been listening to our conversations? .

Dupe: Ofcourse yes .

Me: Na you sabi .

Dupe: And you too .

Me: ***I gave her money*** Buy all what you’ll be needed including kerosene .

Dupe: ***She collected the money and left the room, she came back few minutes later and cooked, we gave Tasker his share*** Oh! We can talk now .

Me: Yeah its time afterall you’ve filled your tommy .

Dupe: Abi nah, hope you enjoyed the meal? .

Me: You are an extra ordinarily good, what a nice food? .

Dupe: Thank you dear .

Me: I can’t wait to get married to you .

Dupe: Unserious fellow .

Me: I’m damn serious .

Dupe: Lets get down to business .

Me: I’m all ears .

Dupe: I came all the way from Lagos to deliver you a message, Pesman I think its time for you to brake all the ties you have with all your slay mama and stick to just one .

Me: ***Nodded in agreement*** .

Dupe: But I don’t want you to leave Madam Hadiza because something big is coming from her and all of us will benefits from it, nevertheless you still have to becareful of her, though she doesn’t have anything bad against you, but someone is being planning to get ride of you because of her .

Me: You mean someone is being planning to kill me? .

Dupe: I don’t see you dead, but you’ll pass through hell and lot of several pains, who do you suggest that can be planning all this for you? .

Me: ***Recalling*** Yes! I always met one senator in her house it might be him, because I don’t like him and I can see he never for once pleased to see me in her house .

Dupe: A senator? I thought as much beacuse I use to see him in Madam house during the time I’m with her but I don’t know him as a Senator .

Me: Yes the man is a serving senator representing our constituency Sen.Akinkunmi .

Dupe: God really safed you today, that senator had planned with his boys in Ibadan they wanted to kidnapped you, that’s why you’re invited to Ibadan, if you mistakly went there you’re gone be that .

Me: ***Shocked*** Oh my God! So this is the sign my ring was given me, hmmm so its all about the kidnapping not car crashing .

Dupe: What do you mean by your ring? .

Me: Dupe you’re such a darling, you deserve to know everything, some months ago Madam Hadiza’s Gateman gave me a ring, its a supernatural ring that will be hurting anytime something bad want to happened, the ring is working fine I must confess, it kept hurting my finger when I’m on my way to Ibadan, but I thought the bus I took is going to crash, you won’t believe I took three busses still the ring continued hurting on my finger, that’s why I decided to returned home .

Dupe: ***Surprised*** Wow what a wonderful ring, it really safed you .

Me: Yes it did.

Dupe: Anyway that’s is the part one, the part two is coming soon .

Me: Can we please treat it at once? I’m curious to know the next thing and how to play safe .

Dupe: Senator and his boys has two plans, plan A has failed now remain plan B, I don’t suppose to be telling you all this because you don’t rather carry me along in your matter anymore .

Me: I’m very sorry dear its because of distance .

Dupe: I’m doing all this for you because of the love I’ve for you .

Me: Thank you dear .

Dupe: You’re going to South Africa with Madam Hadiza right? .

Me: Yes I wanna go, should I cross it out? .

Dupe: No you don’t need to cancel it .

Me: Ok .

Dupe: That senator want to buy your tickets? .

Me: Yes he’s the one footing the bill .

Dupe: Hmmm that man want to get you kidnap in Abuja that’s why he voluntary to sponsored your trip .

Me: And my mind don’t want to travel via Abuja o, I always preferred going via Lagos, does Madam Hadiza know about the kidnapping issue? .

Dupe: Nope she doesn’t .

Me: What do I do now? .

Dupe: You’ll still go to that South Africa .

Me: But you said I would get kidnapped in Abuja by Senator’s guys .

Dupe: You’ve to play safe make sure your car do not follow Airport road .

Me: But I don’t know anywhere in Abuja, how would I know Airport road when its going to be my first time in the city? .

Dupe: You have nothing to worry about, you’re safe already God will lead us through before then I’ll tell you all what you need to do .

Me; Thanks for this my love, my heart belong to only you .

Dupe: Thanks for loving me .

Me: ***I held her head we locked up in kiss, from kiss to s-x***

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Student couldn’t believe Pesman decided to return home after he had called him he is on his way coming, the stupid boy told him that the road isn’t clear, that’s why he couldn’t make it again, does he (Pesman) is using something? He couldn’t says. .

Tugo: What happened Student? Why are you shouting on the phone? .

Student: ***He dropped the bomb*** The plan has failed .

Spider: ***Shocked*** what?? How come? .

Tugo: ***He felt like breaking the bottle which was lying on the floor*** We finally f–k up, you mean the rat is not coming anymore? I think he had already called this morning that he’s on his way coming? .

Student: Yes he did, I just called him now to know about his journey, you cannot believe he told me he was at Gbongan but he couldn’t make it to Ibadan again because the road is not clear .

Tugo: Road is not Clear as how? .

Student: Seriously speaking I don’t understand .

Spider: Oh God! What do we do now? .

Student: I’m currently out of Ideas .

Spider: Or should we call him and tell him to send his home address that we’ll bring the laptop for him .

Student: Are we Jumia or Konga delivery agency? .

Tugo: It might work, lets try it .

Student: No time for argument ***He dialed Pesman’s number but was switched off***

******NURSE TITI******

I was furious about Pesman’s attitude, I have appointment with him few days back, while he promised to come to my house but I couldn’t see him till this moment nor did he called to explained to me the reason why he couldn’t made it to my house again, Honestly I do not see him as my boyfriend anymore because he ‘s not caring about my well being. This is the second time of him doing this to me, Pesman won’t call you if you don’t call him and the most painuful part of it was I was stabbed in his house first time I decided to visit him home unannounced, What’s is going to happen to me this time around? I thought with myself as I made my way to Pesman’s house.

******BACK TO PESMAN******

Dupe and I laying exhausted after the explosives s-x on the bed, I was on only boxer while Dupe was on undiess, she rested her head on my chest as we engaged in chat .

Dupe: I missed this Pesman .

Me: Me too I missed it .

Dupe: If I hear, you miss what? You missed my P–y or having s-x? .

Me: I missed your “V” and also having s-x .

Dupe: Don’t tell me you’re not doing it with all your chicks .

Me: Silent .

Dupe: The last s-x I had with you was my last s-x .

Me: I know you’re loyal to me .

Dupe: But you don’t reciprocate me the same way .

Me: Its the matter of time I’m going to change soon .

Dupe: As if you’re APC (APC is the ruling party in Nigerian during the time I’m writing this story) .

Me: APC ko BPC ni .

Dupe: Naughty boy, anyway I enjoyed every bit of it .

Me: You can’t enjoyed it more than I do, lets go more rounds ***I began to kissed and caressed her*** .

Dupe: Abegi leave this bae alone, I’m not doing again .

Me; Thought you said you missed it so much? Lets go more rounds nah .

Dupe: I don’t just want to do it again .

Me: Why nah? .

Dupe: You don’t have access to me again till midnight .

Me: Alright if that’s how you want it, but I just want you to have it at the back of your mind that I won’t allow you sleeping tonight***I barely finished my ranting when I heard soft knocked on the door, I quickly put on my shirt and made my way to the door,because I don’t have appointment with anybody I threw it opened and I was like disappeared when my gazed met with Nurse Titi, she walked in without allowing me to says a single world, she nearly collapsed when her eye fell on Dupe who was on only underwear and bumshot. .

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To be continued