The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 35


******ANIMAL KINGDOM****** .

I dedicated this episode to all students in Animal Kingdom hostel Oscotech Esa-oke Osun state, Ex Animates,Present Animates and future Animates. People do called us Animal because we behave like one but we called ourselves Animates because we are unite, we are one and superior than all other hostels that’s why will tagged “Most populous hostel in Esa-oke” Though most students are afraid of us but we see it as fun

90% of Animates guys are single who will date an Animate? We have few ladies among us and our ladies are not girl anymore they are men and even stronger than some men. Still we are care free. Honestly I missed my hostel and I wish to visit you guys soon #AnimatePesman .

****** D.P.O IBRAHIM ******

I’m now being declared fit and ready to travel back to Osun state, I had went to Gwarimpa hospital to check my body the previous week and I’ve being declared fit, seated with me in sitting room was Tola,Big mum and Nike. .

D.P.O: ***I faced my sister*** Thanks for everything sister am very grateful .

Big Mum: I think we should be thanking Almighty Allah for his infinity mercy and also thanks our son inlaw, If not because of God and him where do you think you would be by now? .

D.P.O: Only God know (I faced Tola) Thank your man on my behalf .

Tola: Have already done that sir, but I want to beg you for something sir .

D.P.O: What is it dear? .

Tola: I want you to free him and I want you to let him have access to come to Osun state because he’s still afraid of you, he think you can still arrest him whenever he come to the state .

Big Mum: You have to put your mind at rest,Ibrahim can no longer arrest him, he’s now free .

Tola: Is it true daddy? .

D.P.O: My sister has said it all .

Tola: Wow thank you dad you’re the best .

D.P.O: You welcome daughter (I faced my sister) dear sister am going back home tomorrow .

Big mum: Are you going by air? .

D.P.O: No I’m going with my car .

Big mum: No you can’t drive that far with this your condition .

D.P.O: Doctor said I can and I think I can, I do not feel any pains again I’m now strong enough .

Tola: So soon Daddy, please stay a week more with us .

D.P.O: You know my work nau, I have to resume office as soon as possible, lot of cases has been waiting for me in the office and moreover the leave given to me by CP has come to an end last week, so I have to be in Osun state first even if I’ll still have to request for new .

Tola: Oh am going to miss you Daddy .

Nike: I’m missing you already, I really love this city and I wish I can stay a little bit here .

Big Mum: You can come here whenever you’re in a holiday, the house is yours .

Nike: I can’t wait to be fully in this city .

Tola: Are you serious? Don’t tell me you want to leave him alone? .

Nike: Who? .

Tola: You know nah .

Big mum: Please becareful on the road when traveling tomorrow, speed do kills please speed less .

D.P.O: I’ve heard you sister am going to drive so gentle (I later called Cnn in the night, I informed him that I’m traveling tomorrow the dude just wished me safe trip and hanged up)


Monday came so fast than expected, I wake up in the morning took my bath, said my morning prayer and put on a nice outfit I called Powerline to tell him am on my way to school to write the post utme, he directed me on how to get to school and where I would meet him. I went to the road side to board a car that will take me to Esa-oke I was at the road side when I rememberd I’ve not called Madam Hadiza to inform her about my sudden travel, I brought out my phone from my pocket and dialed her number. .

Madam Hadiza: Hi dear .

Me: Morning ma, how was your night? .

Madam Hadiza: Fine and yours? .

Me: Am fine dear, I just want to notify you that I’m on my way to to Oscotech for my post utme .

Madam Hadiza: Why are you like this Pesman? When are you going to changed? When have you been planning this? And you couldn’t tell me until you’re already on your way .

Me: Am very sorry dear, I received school message yesternight .

Madam Hadiza: And you couldn’t make a phone call since yesterday .

Me: I honestly called your line but was busy (I lied) .

Madam Hadiza: It might be network .

Me: I think so .

Madam Hadiza: When are you coming back home? .

Me: I can’t say for now it depend on what I meet in school, but I think it should be today or tomorrow .

Madam Hadiza: It ok dear, but you should have leave a message for me .

Me: My brain even didn’t go there, I would be doing that next time .

Madam Hadiza: Do you have enough with you? .

Me: Yes I do thank you ma .

Madam Hadiza: Alright dear, take care of yourself and try your best in the exam I wish you all the best .

Me: Amen thank you ma, bye .

Madam Hadiza: Bye ***hanged up*** .

Few minutes after she hanged up the call I received a message from my bank saying “Your acct has been credited with 5k by Madam Hadiza” I just smiled to myself and put back the phone into my pocket, 30mins later I saw a car going to Ijebu-Ijesa (a town in osun state, Ori-Ade local government) I entered into the car after the agreement of #400 has been reached between the driver and I.

I barely settled in the car when I remembered I haven’t heard from Dupe for some weeks now, I took my phone and dialed her number but it was switched off, I waved her thought out of my mind as the driver accelerated the car. We got to Ijebu-Ijesa so fast than I could imagine, I came down and took another car to Esa-oke (a town in osun state, Obokun local government) the car dropped me infront of the school gate and I called Powerline he said I should ask anybody I see of Animal kingdom hostel I will meet him there, I saw numerous students walking there and then I stopped one guy and asked him, he Directed me to Animal kingdom as I made my way to the hostel.

The hostel is very closed to the school to the extent that if you have a loud voice and you shouted in Animal kingdom your voice would be hear in the school. I began to pondered on the hostel name “ANIMAL KINGDOM” how could a hostel named Animal kingdom? The hostel must contain all animals in this school, but my suprise was doubled when I was few meters closed to the hostel gate, The hostel is comprised of 3upstairs building with a fence and each building is named Block A,B,C, but the fence has outdated and the paints on the walls is nothing to write home about.

There were about 15guys seated on the hostel fence, they were abusing every passerby, calling them several names, some of them were taking alcoholic drinks while some were on only boxer with hefty chest, They were shouting, gyration,singing and dancing “ANIMAL NI BABA O, ANIMAL NI BABA, WHALA KII SU WA, IJONGBON KII SU WA, POLICE STATION ILE WA, ANIMAL NI BABA O EEE, EHEE EHEE ANIMAL NI BABA O EEE” (Animal is the father, Animal is the father, we ain’t tired of trouble, we ain’t tired of disaster, Police station is our home, animal is the father)

I just stood very closed to the hostel gate to feed my eye more, have even forgotten what I came for, they are still on this gyrations when a beautiful lady and her boyfriend walked past in front of animal kingdom hostel, Animal guys changed their song, they started abusing the girl with another song goes like this ” SE ASO LO WO YII? SE ASO LO WO YII O, OLORIBURUKU ALASO IYONU, SE ASO LO WO YII OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EEEEEE” (Is this Cloth you put on? (2ce) Unfortunate being; With a tattered cloth Is this Cloth you put on.). Because she put on a mini skirt that revealed almost her tight. They started calling her several names “Asewo” “Your mother sent you to school with palm oil money but you turned yourself to asewo in school” “Afterall you’re still in pre-ND” “Your name was written with pencil, we’ll tell school authority to erase your name with cleaner” But to my utmost surprised the said girl and her boyfriend didn’t even look at them, they just walked past them as if they weren’t the one they are referring to.

I was brought back to reality when Powerline called out my name I quickly walked to him, he greeted me and we made our way into his room. On our way to his room I took glanced at the building wall and I saw lot of writeup on it, to say the fact that is no any space left untouched on the wall again as everywhere has occupied with different quotes and writeup, but what surprised me most was the name of past students in the hostel, their name was boldly written on the wall with their animates names, I couldn’t believe one could be sent to school with fine name and your fellow hostel mates would be calling you an animal name. Written on the wall was 2011/2012 block A set Michel – Igala (Antelope) Tope – Eku (Rat) Sam – Oya (Grasshopper) Jackson – Owiwi (Owl) Alabi – Efon (Mosquito) precious (Iron lady) Ibrahim – (Gyrations cor) Dauda – (Defense minister) Peter – (Stealing master) and so on I was about entering his room when another writeup caught my attention “ANIMATES GO, ANIMATES COME, ANIMAL KINGDOM REMAIN FOREVER” what an hostel? I said to myself as I walked into Powerline’s room. .

Powerline: Pesman You’re welcome to Oscotech and to the most popular hostel in Esa-oke Animal Kingdom .

Me: Animal kingdom indeed, all boys out there behave like one, I don’t think I can leave in this environment .

Powerline: You haven’t admitted yet so why complian? See have been waiting for you for few hours now, exam starts by 2pm and this is after 1 keep your bag here let us go to ICT .

Me: Am enjoying your guys madness .

Powerline: Is that what you came for? .

Me: Absolutely No. I dropped my bag and followed him to ICT, we entered into the school premises and I began to feed my eye once again, the school was a bit ok with lot of buildings and flowers, guys and ladies were catching fun everywhere, I just took my eye off every activities going on on campus Although its very strange to me and I want to look more into it but I don’t just want those students to see me as a fresher, anyway no matter how hard I tried to hid my curiosity it still shown on me as I couldn’t control my gaze as I fixed them on what’s going on on campus. I did my exam and about to walked out when a guy walked to me .

Guy: Hello, you came for post utme? .

Me: Yes .

Guy: Cool my name is Stephen but people call me Horolomo .

Me: I’m Pesman, thought Horolomo means one who talk too much? .

Horolomo: Yes, its my nick .

Me: Hmmm nice meeting you Horolomo .

Horolomo: The pleasure is mine. Which course did you applied for? .

Me: You wanna help on admission? .

Horolomo: I also came for post utme .

Me: Ok I applied for Elect/Elect .

Horolomo: Wow we are going to be in the same department .

Me: If we are admitted .

Horolomo: By his grace we’ll .

Me: Amen .

Horolomo: Can I have your number? .

Me: Yes 080xxx .

Horolomo: Thanks see you next time .

Me: Alright

Horolomo and I parted, I met Powerline outside of the ICT waiting for me .

Powerline: How was it? .

Me: Have done my best and leave the rest for the almighty .

Powerline: Its well, let’s go to the hostel. .

Me: Ok

We made our way back to animal kingdom, seriously Powerline is a very nice and friendly guy he cooked for me that day, that was the first time I ate students concussion, the food was made of rice with red oil,Pepper,onion and salt, it was tasteless but I had no option than to managed it .

Powerline: Hope You enjoy the food? .

Me: For where? I don’t like it o, its not sweet at all .

Powerline: (Laugh) You’re welcome to higher institution, I can bet it with you time is coming that garri will be your favourite food .

Me: Are you scaring me? .

Powerline: No am not am just trying to tell you the fact, anyway everything will soon goona clear to you as soon as you fully become a student .

Me: ***Thank God Madam Hadiza is still alive, I rebuke this kind of stupid food*** I want to go and catch fun outside .

Powerline: Seems you love them .

Me: I enjoy their madness .

Powerline: It ok you can go, if they ask you any question tell them you’re my brother, because they might be asking you annoying questions .

Me: Ok bro

I went outside to catch fun with the kingdom guys, Another set of guys different from those I saw in the morning are now outside still they kept gyration this time around with drums and mega phone they were singing lot of Aluta songs,


I really love the song and I must confess this hostel was just too lively. They kept shouting and abusing every passerby some of them were smoking India hemp and lot of dry gin bottles was shatters everywhere, I couldn’t looked again with my eye alone as I opened my mouth widely looking at them, I was so engrossed with their act to the extent that I couldn’t make it home again that day, I’ve to spent the night in the kingdom, I slept in Powerline’s room with the intention of going back to my home town the next day.

Later in the night after I ate the remaining rice because Powerline refused to cooked again, he said students only cook once in a day and his food formation is 1-0-1 its either you cooked early in the morning before class or you cooked later when you’re about to sleep in the night.

I log on Facebook after the food to wipe out time, I saw a friend request on my timeline which I accepted without wasting atom of time, the guy and I started chatting as soon as I accepted his request. .

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To be continue