The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 32


****** LIE FOUNDATION ****** .

The rest of the week was uneventful one,Only good news I received was from Powerline, He had called to tell me that my registration has been Successfully which I confirmed by the sms sent to me by school Administrations. Date of post utme will be sent to us when time is due, Have been trying Cnn’s number but I was unable to reached him, I wanna know how far about our evil plan either its work or not. But I was extremely happy with the response I got from the receiver when I called him today because he wasn’t the one that picked the call Tola did and spoke with me

“Pesman your friend is in theater, he’s donating kidney to my father please help us in prayer” She said to me when he picked my call. Hmmm the Devil is going to have fake surgery,Nothing do you my guy.

Ade on the other hand is a dam professional in crime he planned everything very well, honestly I began to like him and I can’t wait to meet him thought I haven’t visited the city of Abuja before I strongly believe one day I’ll visit there.

Everything became so boring to me,No any activities to engaged myself I continued living my boring life until one evening when I decided to check my Facebook page and I met her online again, I was the first to “Hi” her because I have a good news to share with her she instantly replied my chat, I told her that my registration has been successful only waiting for the date of post utme to be fixed, She said she had reached agreement with her mummy and her wish to study in Oscotech has been granted, her change of institutions has been bought already and her form will also be bought this week. I asked her which course she wanted to study? she said S.L.T (Science Laboratory Technology) “Can’t wait to meet you in campus” she sent to me, I just smiled and I said same here, we chatted for awhile before we bade ourselves goodnight and I slept off.

****** CNN ******

Tola’s family couldn’t believed I could be so emotional and willingly to help them in donating one of my kidney to their son After all the hatreds they had for me,Nike did not like me and I knew it, Big Mummy and D.P.O Ibrahim planned for my arrest and I scale through, Despite all this odds I still wanted to help the family, This made all the families members to love me including D.P.O’s wife Nike had called her early today and explained everything to her, All thanks to my main man (Pesman) he totally saved me from this horribly family.

They now see me as their maisaih and their saviours but what they didn’t know was that everything is nothing but pure plan work. Fake test was conducted on me and the result shows that my kidney is compatible with that of D.P.O so therefore my kidney is going to be useful, but before I could processed with the kidney transplant I made sure D.P.O’s family agreed and be in fully support of my relationship with their daughter.

Thank God the kidney transplant “Percutaneous nephrolithotomy” went successfully on both of us. Few days later after the transplantation of the kidney everything is now in order and we both are on our feet D.P.O Ibrahim was given a minor mark on his abdomen and hug of plaster was pasted on it, samething also done to me thought I wasn’t operated its just a “makaruru” so I won’t be suspected.

Now its time to discharged both of us from the Gwarimpa General Hospital, two of us were looking perfect and healthy fit, all what has been happening for few days has been explained to D.P.O, so he wasn’t suprised to see me laying next to him in hospital bed, here with us was Big mummy,Doctor Ade,Nike and Tola .

Dr.Ade: Two of you are now ok to be discharged so you’re going to your various houses today ***He faced Big mum*** Please let them have enough rest and they should not partake in any hard work for now, monitoring them very carefully and make sure they complete their drugs to avoid story that touched, Mr Ibrahim will be coming here every two days for the rest of the week for check up, but this young man (Cnn) do not need to come for any check up again because when we operated him we were suprised to found three kidneys in him, it really amazed because I as a doctor I haven’t for once come across of it in my life, even I’ve to call one of my boss in UK and explained to him, he said some are created with three kidneys but it rare, so he adviced that we should removed one and use it for the patient we wanna safe, so this young man still has two good kidney in him, Nothing lost from his intestine he’s now strong he only needs some rest. .

Cnn: ***Yimu Oh! Ade can lie, Three kidneys??*** .

Big Mum: Wow I can’t believe some are having three kidneys, It really amazed .

Dr.Ade: Yeah it is .

Tola: ***She was caressing my hair*** Thank you love, I know from onset that you’re a special creature I love you so much .

Nike: I go love o .

Tola: Go to your man nah, who’s holding you? .

Nike: ***She wanted to say my Man is in osun when her gaze met with her daddy’s, she just smiled*** .

Big Mum: All of you have been dating? Honestly end is near, abegi let’s go home .

Cnn: We thanked Doctor Ade and walked out of the ward to the packing space, Big Mummy’s and D.P.O’s car was parked next to each other .

Big Mum: You guys should come and enter into my car, I’ll send someone to come and take Ibrahim’s car out of here .

Cnn: I can drive daddy’s car .

Big Mum: No you just had an operation don’t stress yourself my inlaw .

Cnn: ***Yimu! Who had operation? You don’t know anything and you better wake up from your slumbber*** Am not feeling any pain, have you forgotten Doctor said extra kidney was found in me,so nothing missed and am strong enough to drive the car (After few arguement car key was given to me,Tola and I entered into the car as I drove off to Big Mummy’s House in Jabi) .

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******BIG MUMMY******

The satisfactions smiles kept appearing in everybody’s faces as we settled down in my sitting room, I couldn’t explained how happy I felt at the moment thank God my brother made it and a very big thanks to my son inlaw who willingly donated a kidney to him. Thought I didn’t like the guy from beginning but have come to realized that if not because of him my brother would have being 6fits down as we are talking,

Everywhere was silence as nobody utter a single word, I looked at everybody and spoke out. .

Big Mum: We give Glory,honour and adoration to the King of kings,Lord of lord,the I am that I am,the Alpha and Omega,the was(past),the is (present) and the will be(future) of our being.Thanks for your grace,goodness and mercy over our life. You do not let us lose our beloved Brother,Father and son, Thanks for everything and let your name be glorify .

Everybody: Amen .

Big Mum: ***I faced Cnn*** You’re the one I needed to talk to,back then in hospital if you could remember I knelt infront of you begging for forgiveness .

Cnn: Yes you did but I was also surprised because you ain’t wrong me in any way, seriously you took me as your son .

Big Mum: ***I Looked at Ibrahim’s Direction he urged me to go on*** You dont know anything my son,Even Ibrahim here also owe you an apology .

Cnn: Daddy shouldn’t bother to say any sorry to me, If I were in his shoe I’ll do more than that and thank God I escaped from him that day in hospital .

Big Mum: That’s why I said you dont know anything we are not talking about what happened back in Osun, we are talking of presently one in Abuja .

Cnn: Oh Mummy If that’s what you want him to apologies for I think its not neccesry because I donated the kidney for the sake of the love I have for your daughter .

Big Mum: I can see you truly love her, Please wait let me tell you what happened **Clear throat*** Please promise You’ll forgive my brother and I after telling you this? .

Cnn: I have to forgive you because God has already fought for me,What if I wasn’t on seat today who will you ask for forgiveness, so, as far as God still give me an opportunity to sit in this sitting room You’ve been forgiven .

Big Mum: Thank you dear, It happened that the day I caught you here with my daughter kissing, I called my brother and explained everything to him to which we planned for your arrest which was unknown to you and Tola, look at me my dear all what I’ve been doing in the past was fake,When you came here to meet me on my invitation that I wanna see you,I just wanted to keep you under my roof for some hours before your arrest because Ibrahim was on his way to my house to arrest you but our plan failed. Ibrahim had an accident on his way coming here to get you arrested, Which made him lost one of his kidneys, Still yet you rendered us help, Please on behalf of my family am saying we are sorry .

Cnn: ***He busted into fake tear*** All this just because of me,no Oh my God! Why am I suffering because of love? I left my home town without a single cloth just because of love and my life isn’t also safe here just because of love (Crying so hard) .

D.P.O: Listen my son,I didn’t know it would end like this If I knew I would have not do it, Am now regretting all my actions please find a space in your heart and forgive me. You know all of us are humans we’ve flesh and blood flowing through our vein,All what matter most to me before was the welfare of my children(s) but now have learnt to have feelings for others too, Please forgive me and thanks for saving my life I owe you lot of things, I don’t have anything bad against you anymore my mind is now clean towards you, Have seen it now that you and my daughter are destined together, I’m happy to announce to you that now in support of your relationship with my daughter and you’re welcome to my family .

Nike: Daddy so we came all the way from Osun just to get him arrested? .

D.P.O: Yes dear, that is why I said you shouldn’t call your sister that we are coming, because she didn’t know were coming I wanted to take her and her Friend by suprise, That’s why I went for another two police at Gwarimpa station, My son inlaw please forgive me .

Nike: Please Brother Cnn forgive us,We’re deeply sorry .

Cnn: ***Still crying*** .

Tola: ***Moved closed to him and gave him a hug*** Am very sorry dear please stop crying, You went to hell just because of love you have for me. God has already fought for you I love you and I’ll continue loving you till the end of my life,Please clean your face and gear up .

Cnn: ***He cleaned his face*** It ok dear, just that it was so painful .

Big Mum: We are sorry dear, You’re now part of our family look at this house its yours you can come here whenever you like and ask for whatever you want .

D.P.O: Tola please beg him on my behalf ok? .

Tola: Alright daddy I’ll talk to him when we are alone .

Big Mum: ***I took my purse counted 50k and gave it to him, I want him to see me as a new person*** .

Cnn: What for mum? Do you need something? .

Big mum: I give it to you .

Cnn: ***Smile*** I did not give out my kidney for money but for the sake of the love I have for Tola, if I needs anything I will let you know ma, thank you .

Big Mum: You’re so wonderful dear, thanks for everything may God be with you,Tola please find us something to eat

***Few hours later after the meal Ibrahim off to one of the guest room,Nike entered into my room while Cnn and Tola retired to Tola’s room for better conversation*** .

Nothing last forever particularly lies, Cnn had built his love house on a “Lie Foundation” which might be easily collapsed. How long do you think his “Lie Foundation” could last??? .

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To be continued