The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 24


Later in the night I received a call from Christabel, she told me about her journey to Enugu and what her mother called her for, we spoke for a while before I bade her goodbye, I also visited Abbey in his house. He thanked me and told me how everything went in station “Pesman am very grateful for your kindness, your type is kinda rare and your Madam is a good person, she sent her lawyer to come and secured my bail, please thank her on my behalf” he said to me as he handed me my new jamb result (Changed of institutions).

I called Powerline and thanked him for a job weldone he also promised me that he will starts work on it on Monday, I left Abbey’s house after the call.

******D.P.O IBRAHIM******

I was seated in my office with lot of files on my desk, my mind was occupied with the thought of my sudden travel, I have lot of works to do, but my sister has been calling me for a week now to come to Abuja, she claimed she caught my daughter and that notorious guy kissing in her house in Fct. I don’t want to appear as a bad father infront of her so, I have to honor her call and be on my way to Abuja first thing tomorrow morning. I was lost in thought when something popped in my head I called my ASP (ASP.MIC) who was just been transferred to our station thought I haven’t know much about him but my instinct is telling me he’s a great Man. I handed all the files to him to continue from where I’ll be stoping throughout the period of my absent in the office .

Asp.Mic: *** Walked in, he saluted me and remain standing*** .

D.P.O: Relax, have your sest .

Asp.Mic: ***He sat down opposite me*** .

D.P.O: I sent for you, you see you just been transferred here and I believe you’re capable of being in control of the station if I’m not at home .

Asp.Mic: Its my duty to discharge sir .

D.P.O: Good I want to travel tomorrow, have written to CP (Commissional of Police) and my 5days leave has been granted so, I’m going tomorrow and I want to handle some files to you ***I gave him five different files*** .

Asp.Mic: Ok sir .

D.P.O: The first file is the file of the kidnappers, officer incharge of it will report to you, I’ve minutes on it,. The second file is the file of the robbery, the boy that his cap was found at robbery scene officer incharge of it will also report to you .

Asp.Mic: I will do as direct sir .

D.P.O: And don’t be hesitate to call me if there is any new development .

Asp.Mic: Ok sir .

D.P.O: You can take your leave .

Asp.Mic: ***He stood up saluted me and walked away with the files*** .

TIME 8:30PM LOCATION: D.P.O’S DINING TABLE (D.p.o Ibrahim side of the story continue) .

I washed my hand after I finished my meal, I looked at my family (My wife and Nike) and shaked my head something is telling me not to travel tomorrow but I’ve made up my mind to go, nothing bad will happen Insha Allah, I recite Ayatl Qurish (Protection prayer) before I speak out .

D.P.O: ***Facing my wife*** Erm dear, am traveling tomorrow I want to go and see my daughter and my sister .

Mrs.Ibrahim: ***Shocked*** You and your sudden decision, when have you been thinking of it? .

D.P.O: Just today .

Mrs.Ibrahim: But you should have called me in the day so I could get her something .

D.P.O: Did she call you that she needed anything? .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Not really but at least we must show her the care she deserve, besides she would gonna ask of what I sent to her .

D.P.O: If she asked I will tell her I didn’t inform you before coming .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Try to be seeking advice from us sometimes .

D.P.O: Ok ma .

Nike: Daddy .

D.P.O: Yes darling .

Nike: I want to request something from you .

D.P.O: Oh the issue of school you discussed with me in the afternoon? .

Nike: Its part of it, But that’s not what I wanted to talk about .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Which school issue you discussed with your daddy? .

Nike: Mum I will talk about it later let Daddy grant my request first .

D.P.O: What is it? .

Nike: ***Smiling*** Daddy I miss my sister, I will like to go with you and you know I have never visit the city of Fct before, don’t say no Dad .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Hmmmm you want to leave me all alone in this house abi? Daddy’s wife .

Nike: No mum God is with you, Daddy please take me along .

D.P.O: Hmmmm go and be preparing, we are going together so I’ll not be alone in the car .

Nike: ***Wow I trust my Daddy he has never say no to my request, she jumped on me and hug me*** Thank you dad, Abuja all the way .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Had it been I didn’t have a father maybe I would have killed myself by now .

Nike: Don’t tell me you’re jealous mum? .

Mrs.Ibrahim: Your father .

Nike: Haaaaaa mum? In his presence? .

D.P.O: Just leave her alone, we’ll not buy her Abuja bread .

Nike: Daddy said we’ll not buy you Abuja bread .

Mrs.Ibrahim: You mentioned something about school earlier, what do I have to know about it? .

Nike: Yes I called Dad in the day that i have found the school I want to go .

Mrs.Ibrahim: What happened to the ones you chose before .

Nike: Mum am not interested in them again, I want to choose another .

D.P.O: Alright which school are you planning to go now? .

Nike: Oscotech sir .

D.P.O: Esa-Oke? .

Nike: Yes daddy .

Mrs.Ibrahim: State polytechnic? .

Nike: Yes ma .

D.P.O/Mrs.Ibrahim: Impossible you’re going to university not State polytechnic.

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The two friends are seen talking angrily with each other, it obvious they have been regreting their actions, mostly Don because he wasn’t that strong, if not for jay who put him into this mess, he would have been in his house not cell .

Don: See what we put ourselves into, and I warned you not to let us do it .

Jay: Guy stop talking like this, we are going to be release soon, police do not have any evidence to hold us down, they just been working on assumption they are trying sha .

Don: You will be shocked when we are thrown to jail, they have gone for second house searching now, I pray they didn’t find anything to implicate us

Jay: Forget padi mi, I don’t remember leaving any leap hole in that Man’s house .

Don: Bro am scared I don’t like situation like this .

Jay: Don’t provoke me, I did everything just because of you .

Don: Don’t ever say that again you’re doing it for your own personal interest, don’t forget we are to implicate Abbey not Pesman so, how dare you say you were doing it for my shake? .

Jay: Are you mad? Don’t tell me we don’t have any plan to deal with him too .

Don: Fine if dealing with Abbey could cost us all this pain, what do you think dealing with Pesman could cause? Listen to me am no more in this game, I don’t do again .

Jay: Awual! Lower your voice we are in cell not in our house, someone might be listening to our conversation who know? Better becareful before we dig our grave ***Two of them keep quite***


I walked into my office the following morning, I’m the boss of this station now since D.P.O Ibrahim is not around, honestly I was just being transferred to this office and the assignment given to me by D.P.O would be my first official assignment as (ASP) I am one of the respectful officer in my old station thought my hard working earned me the current position I found myself today, I can vividly remember even last week my title was “Officer Mic” I just sat with my colleagues at the office when I received my promotion letter and I was immediately transfer to this station to start my service as (ASP) not ordinary officer again.

I checked the files on my table and I called various officers who were incharge of the cases, I explained to them what they needed to do, the only case I have much interest in was the case of a young boy who’s cap was found at a robbery scene, the officer incharge of his case had explained to me that investigation are still going on and the only evidence they’ve got now is an Airtel sim Certificate so, I have to invite him to my office for more chat about the opening case .

Asp.Mic: What is your latest discovery about sim certificate? .

Police: Sir we are yet to run proper investigation on it .

Asp.Mic: What are you guys waiting for? .

Police: Our work continue today sir .

Asp.Mic: What is the next step you’re taking? .

Police: We are going to Airtel office sir to run check on it,. The owner might be of help sir .

Asp.Mic: What do you need? .

Police: We need recommendation letter sir .

Asp.Mic: Don’t you think we need to call Airtel Osogbo branch that we are coming .

Police: It needed sir .

Asp.Mic: Go and meet secretary for letter I will order p.r.o to call Airtel office .

Police: Yes sir ***He saluted me and walked out*** .

Meanwhile D.P.O and Nike are seen inside the car heading to Abuja, they left home as early as 4am in the morning they are now in Owo ondo state while time is 8:30am, their journey would have been faster than this, but majority road in south west part of the country is not in good shape.


The team of policemen walked into Airtel office and walked down way to customer service point where they presented their letter and told the head of customer service what they came for, a girl of about 22years of age was assigned to them, they were led to a room where the proper check was done on the sim certificate. She collected the sim from the leader of the team she pounced something on her system after she inputs the sim serial number and the phone number into system, they waited for some minutes before the system came with the data of the owner of the sim (The person who registered it) came out was. .

Name: Obisesan James Ayodele .

Contact Address: No 40 inulayewa street .

Date Of Birth: 01/02/1994 .

Thumb print: Left hand 0+opzt right hand 0+opmt . picture: His picture was Clear and visible .

The police team requested for the colour print of the result which was given to them, they thanked the Airtel team for cooperation with them and left.

Meanwhile the owner of the sim certificate is no other person than Obisesan James Ayodele a.k.a Jay, he wanted to implicate Abbey without knowing he had already leave a loop hole in the Man’s house. . There is no sinner like a young saint. But sinner shall not go unpunished. .

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To be continued