The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 15


I quickly hanged up the call, Jameelah! Jameelah!! Jameelah!!! I called out her name but no response, how do I wake her now? I carried her down from bed gently placed her on the floor, I put my mouth to her mouth and I began giving her kiss of life (Kiss of life mean mouth to mouth restoration, its the process whereby breathing is been given to someone who is unable to breath, engineering students are in best position to understand this, its not real kissing ok?)

My phone rang again, this time around I began to panic than before, I took my phone and picked the call after short prayer on my wet lips .

Me: ***Pretending as if I just wake*** Hello Peslady hope there is no problem its unlike you to call in the mid night what happened ***Yawning*** .

Madam Hadiza: Why did you hang up my call .

Me: I was wake by Your call .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman Jameelah is in your house? .

Me: ***My heart flew out of my chest that moment, I began stutter*** In my house how? .

Madam Hadiza: Answer me Pesman .

Me: Did anyone tell you they saw her with me *** I was heavily Panting this moment*** .

Madam Hadiza: No am just asking you .

Me: Calm down dear, we are in mid night, tell me what’s happening, your voice isn’t settle ***I looked at Jameelah who was lying lifeless on floor*** .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman I couldn’t sleep am in trouble .

Me: You’re scaring me dear, please talk to me stop beating around the bush ***I know very clear that if anything funny eventually happened to Jameelah all I need to do is to sneak out that night and headed to unknown destinations*** .

Madam Hadiza: I didn’t see Iameelah for some hours now, yes she used to party but she never sleep out even if she wanted to, she used to inform me, have been calling her number but not going through .

Me: Haaaaaa you mean Jameelah is not in the house? What do we do now? .

Madam Hadiza: That’s why I call you dear, I don’t really know what to do, but Sandra told me that she said she is going to her boyfriend house .

Me: ***I felt like exploding*** Her boyfriend? Who is her boyfriend, didn’t Sandra mentioned his name? .

Madam Hadiza: She said she doesn’t know her boyfriend, but Jameelah told her before leaving house around 7pm, please do you know her boyfriend? .

Me: ***Looking at Jameelah on the floor and shaking my head*** Actually I don’t know any, Jameelah and I are not in talking term since she caught us some months back, don’t you know any of her friends that you can put a call to? .

Madam Hadiza: I don’t have any, I think I need to call the police to report her missing .

Me: *** My fear increased as I heard about police, I strongly know in the twinkle of an eye I will be behind the bar*** its not up to that Peslady, even if you call station they can never open case file by this Time, kindly wait till dawn before you take any action, constitution state that one can be declare missing after 24hrs .

Madam Hadiza: We are talking of my daughter not constitution .

Me: I know, you see let us do it this way, I will be coming to your house as early as possible tomorrow morning, we’ll together go to station to make a report, please stop thinking it can only harm you Jameelah isn’t a kid she can take care of herself, I believe her phone has run out of power that’s why it was switched off, you have to go to bed now and be expecting me first thing tomorrow morning .

Madam Hadiza: Thank you dear, I will be expecting you please don’t stay too long .

Me: I won’t .

Madam Hadiza: Thank you bye .

Me: Bye ***Hung up***

I looked at Jameelah on the floor seriously speaking I wasn’t myself that moment, part of me urged me to call Tasker (My neighbour) but I decided against it, because if Jameelah couldn’t make it Tasker would be the one to reveal me to the whole world, either I call Tasker or not its obvious I’m playing with fire, Just then an idea popped into my head, I positioned her well on the floor, I reached for the full bucket of water without minding how watery my room is gonna be, neither do I’ve what might be spoiled by water? I emptied the bucket of water on her, to my greatest surprise she gave out deep breath and began breathing so heavily like someone being pursued by a masquerade, I rushed to her and raised up her head, I made her sit while she rested her head on my lap “Jameelah” I called out her name

“Yes dear” she managed to answer.

Thank you God for saving me from prison, I know I’m a sinner but you never for once leave me alone thank you dear God .

Jameelah: ***Weaken voice and her eye kept shut*** What is wrong dear? What happened? Why am i so wet??? .

Me: Glory be to God in the highest .

Jameelah: Am confused tell me what happened Pesman .

Me: ***I helped her sit up*** Jameelah you fainted under me .

Jameelah: How come Pesman? Fainted ke? ***Sat properly*** .

Me: Yes you did .

Jameelah: It must be you hit me so hard or you hit the wrong place .

Me: I don’t know, what I noticed was your breath were seized, you made me cry .

Jameelah: You have nothing to fear I’m healthy .

Me: Yes I can see that, but you know what scared me most? .

Jameelah: What? .

Me: Immediately you fainted I received a call from your mum .

Jameelah: You don’t mean it? Hadiza called you? .

Me: Yes she did, she said you’re not home and its unusual of you, she couldn’t sleep she is worried about you .

Jameelah: Don’t mind my mum she can be too scared .

Me: She has every right to be scared, its unlike you and you didn’t inform her you ain’t sleeping home, she was about calling the police to make a report but I stopped her, we agreed on going to station together first thing tomorrow morning .

Jameelah: That means you will be in our house tomorrow morning .

Me: That was exactly what I agreed with your mum .

Jameelah: what are we gonna do now, the girl you’re about to report missing is right here naked in your room .

Me: Honestly I don’t know yet and am scared .

Jameelah: Be strong ok? .

Me: Smile .

Jameelah: Let’s do it this way dear, switch off your phone, while I call my mum now I’ll tell her am with a friend that am coming home tomorrow, you will have to leave here before me in the morning, I’ll join you in our house some hours later so my mum won’t suspect of anything and you must act suprise to see me, I pray Sandra never tell her I’m with you because I told her before coming here .

Me: Your mum didn’t mention anything like that when I was on phone with her, Sandra keep that secret with her .

Jameelah: I trust Sandra she dare not .

Me: Thank God you saved my a-s .

Jameelah: You too dey scare, you ought to be a woman .

Me: Na you sabi, who will be my witness in court of law? .

Jameelah: Me .

Me: Your ghost right? .

Jameelah: I won’t die .

Me: During the time you fainted what did you see? .

Jameelah: I saw lots of things, firstly everywhere was blur later it became clear .

Me: So, what did you see? .

Jameelah: I saw myself in an unknown place people are many there, some were wearing white garment, some were with Black while some were putting on hash colour .

Me: ***I began to scared*** What colour were you putting on? .

Jameelah: I was on hash colour, what got me scared was when I saw a little stain on some white garment while some were having pure white garment without any stain, those with pure white garment were singing praise song, those with little stain were also singing same praising song but not as audible as those who doesn’t have any stain .

Me: ***I let out deep breath*** Continue dear though I’m sacred .

Jameelah: Another set of people in red garment were crying with hard labour, they were breaking hill someone is right behind them with iron rod, he hit those who doesn’t want to work hard, I saw pain and regrets on their faces, Pesman another set of people were in black garment .

Me: ***This time around, my room has been smelling ghost*** .

Jameelah: Those whose were on black garment are also receiving same punishment as red garments but theirs is somehow different because the person behind them held fire rod in his hand .

Me: I think you need to stop this horrible story of yours, I can’t take it anymore .

Jameelah: let me finish my story .

Me: Hmmmm alright, what type of punishments did you received? .

Jameelah: Bad you! You want me to suffer abi? You think I’m evil? .

Me: Not at all, I just want you to tell me about people on hash colour .

Jameelah: People on harsh colour were the new comers .

Me: New comers as how? .

Jameelah: Like me now I’m among the new comers because I just joined them, harsh colour is the colour I put on from where I’m coming from, we the new comers were stood not too far from them, there was a single room by our left side we were called to enter the room one after the other. I guess it was a dressing room because some people who entered there came out with different type of garments, some came out with red garment, white, and black .

Me: What colour did you put on at last? .

Jameelah: I was denied entrance to the dressing room .

Me: ***Shocked*** who denied you entrance? .

Jameelah: I was about entering the room when a man shouted at me and chased me out, he said I wasn’t qualify to enter the room he also said I was too dirty that I should go and take my bath, the next thing I saw was he poured cold water on me and I heard your voice calling my name .

Me: Omg you have gone far only God save you, when you fainted I began to call your name but you couldn’t answer until I poured you cold water .

Jameelah: Are you the old Man that poured me the water? .

Me: I’m the one who poured you water not old Man, you just seen it as imaginary .

Jameelah: You should learn how to handle a queen gently next time .

Me: Do I still need to be warn again? .

Jameelah: Anyway you’re saved already, let’s forget about it, you know the reason why I came here right? .

Me: Yes I do, actually you’re here to celebrate my success in jamb .

Jameelah: Yes but you ended up in making me fainted so, how far about your admission processing? .

Me: Have started I’ll be feeding you how it goes .

Jameelah: Thank you dear love you .

Me: Love you more .

Jameelah: Are you serious .

Me: I can give you 101% assurance .

Jameelah: I trust you Pes, that reminds me of Don’s pictures, can I check it now? .

Me: I think you should call your mum first .

Jameelah: Worry less about my mum I got you covered, I’ve to check out the pictures .

Me: *** I know Don to be my rival he must be the one calling me with private number, the pictures he sent must have something to do with my relationship with Jameelah, or he wanted to blackmail her to have her back, I was lost in thought*** .

Jameelah: What are you thinking? .

Me: I don’t know what to say about what he sent, I only believe Don is not for any Good .

Jameelah: Are you afraid of him? .

Me: ***Laugh*** Why would I? Let see what he sent .

Jameelah: Ok then am even curious to see the pictures .

Me: Login then let see .

Jameelah: ***She powered her phone, switched on data bundle and log on whatsapp, messages began flowing like water on her account, she clicked on Don’s name and looked at me with horrible eye*** Pesman what is this all about? .

Me: What are you talking about? .

Jameelah: Come and see for yourself .

Me: I moved closer to her and almost fainted when I saw what he sent. .

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