The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 14


Jay and Don rushed in and bolted the door at the back they were panting heavily, the look on Don face suggested he was afraid, when he couldn’t bear it any longer he voiced out .

Don: *** I didn’t know Jay is going to put me into trouble, I would have not followed him*** Jay am really scared .

Jay: What makes you scared .

Don: Don’t you think that, that man can recognize our face? .

Jay: Mumu how on earth would he when we are on mask? Don’t be scare we are on mask everything is in order .

Don: We are risking our life just because of a woman, are they the only one on earth? I think its time to stop all this evil game .

Jay: Oh! Don’t step on my tail Don, I must deal with Abbey if you’re no longer interested in making Pesman suffer you can pull out, but on my own Abbey must go to jail, even he’s 70% already in jail .

Don: Don’t you think we are the one going to jail not him, because we are the one dropping the cap .

Jay: ***With angry voice*** If you say rubbish again, I’ll shot you ***He pointed gun at him*** .

Don: ***In low tone*** Try to understand me bro, I don’t mean to be rude or hurt you with my words, I was scared because I don’t know how you’re going to pull this .

Jay: You should have asked in a polite way ***He sat down*** now let me explain to you .

Don: ***He sat next to him*** am all ear sir .

Jay: As early as 5:00am we are going to that man house again .

Don: Which Man again? .

Jay: The Man we just robbed .

Don: ***Its obvious he was scared of being caught*** What are we going to do this time around? .

Jay: Relax! We ain’t entering his compound this time, we’ll just keep tap on him, his movement should be monitored, I know first of all he will have to go police station to report our case, once he entered into station we’ll also enter with him .

Don; Police station? Are we going to confess our sin? Bro am out .

Jay: Be wise, we are going to pretend as if we were robbed overnight too, we’ll let the police know that we came to make a report of robbery, we’ll explain as it happened in that man’s house and we’ll also claim that we saw a cap on one of those thief, because that man will surely come with evidence which is the cap we dropped .

Don: Hmmmm .

Jay: If he came with the cap, I will try to collect it from him after examine it for some seconds I’ll tell the police that I know the owner of the cap, he must be the one who robbed us too .

Don: Arrrhg you have killed this guy, what if police ask what are those things they took from us and we should come with evidence what do we do or you don’t think it that way? .

Jay: Thank you bro, I know police must ask for something like that, what we are going to tell them is that its only our phone and some clothes they took, we just come to station to report .

Don: Hmmmm I think this is the end of Abbey (Two of them shook hands before they went to bed to sleep)


I was lying back on my bed with my eyes widely opened, to say the fact sleep has eluded me, what was the problem I can’t even say, but the only thing that occupied my mind was love, love of someone I love most. I fell in love with him on the first sight at hospital when his friend wounded my daddy, I looked at the wall and his image kept appearing on it,. What makes me love him to this level couldn’t be explained, I just knew that I found myself liking him, I also believe my sister would help me out because he’s friend to her boyfriend, but I was wrong I can remember when I told her about him all what she could say was

“Never impossible, you and I cannot be dating two friends, don’t even think about it, it can never work out KOLEWERCK” .

I stood on bed, took glance at the wall clock the time is 2:32am, it obvious am having sleepless night because of a guy am yet to approach? Ok what if he didn’t love me back? What’s going to be my gain? I walked to my small sound system powered it and played “MY LOVE” by westlife. The song brought out more love and passion in me to the extent I was closed to tear, I really need someone in my life, someone who will be treating me like a queen, am no more a kid and I have never been in any relationship before no doubt Pesman is the right guy for me, he’s the only Man that can do that for me, but what I didn’t realized was Pesman is in women market already, when I couldn’t take it anymore I have to hug my pillow so tight, though I wish it was him I hugged not a foam.

Just then I looked up to the ceiling and something useful came to my mind, I smiled to myself as I took my phone which was next to me on the bed, Today must be today I must find any means of communications with him, thank God we are in 21st century I think social media would help?

I unlocked my phone login to Fb I started with my sister (Tola) I went through her profile and checking her friends one after the other, am very sure they would have each other on Facebook, but my sister seems to have numerous friends which I couldn’t check all, I searched for very long period of time but I couldn’t find him, I was pissed and angry at the same time I was about to log out when something caught my attention, I decided to checked my news feed just to see what my friends has been posted and I saw something like “IBRAHIM OMOTOLANI” and “AZEEZ AROGUNDADE” commented on “LAGBAJA PESMAN’S POST”

I clicked on it and went through his profile, behold it was him, his pictures are the same with the cute one have been seeing in life, I quickly sent him friend request without wasting atom of time, Thank God I have found him without my sister’s help. I knelt down prayed to almighty God to make him accepted my request on time, don’t blame me yet I’m in love

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Jameelah and I were stack naked on the bed in my room, she had come around 8pm yesternight to spend the night with me as promised just because of my fake jamb result. After we ate drank and talked, we are on bed enjoying ourselves when she suddenly brought the “Ugly” topic about Don .

Jameelah: Wait Pesman I will like to tell you something .

Me: what is it all about? .

Jameelah: Its all about Don .

Me: ***Jealous mood*** Don’t tell me you want to reconcile with him? .

Jameelah: What would make me to? Are you not sufficient for me or what? .

Me: The ball is in your court just that I hate that guy with passion, I hate everything about him, even hearing his name always give me ache, I don’t want to hear anything about him .

Jameelah: Listen dear let me tell you what he discussed with me .

Me: ***Standing up*** Perfect two of you has Been seeing each other?

Jameelah: why are you like this Pes please allow me to talk .

Me: ***In 9ice’s voice*** Talk I’m listening .

Jameelah: Don and I didn’t meet anywhere .

Me: How come he discussed with you? .

Jameelah: He called me on phone .

Me: To beg you right and I guess you have agreed to have him back? .

Jameelah: Don’t let me be mad at you Pesman, won’t you allow me talk? .

Me: ***Moved closed to her and planted soft kiss on her lip*** Am sorry darling you can talk to me now I promise not to interrupt you anymore, I think you don’t know the reason why I was interrupting you since .

Jameelah: Why are you like that? .

Me: Just because I love you and I can’t afford to lose you no matter how, that’s why .

Jameelah: are you serious so, you love me to this extent? .

Me: You’re my life I love you more than anything in this world .

Jameelah: ***She happily kissed me back*** Now let me continue my story .

Me: Go on dear .

Jameelah: Don called me when I was on my way here, at first I didn’t want to pick his calls but I later had second thought .

Me: What did he say .

Jameelah: He said I should go and check my whatsapp that he sent some secret pictures there .

Me: ***I wasn’t panic because I know very sure he didn’t has any of my picture*** What the secret is all about? .

Jameelah: Don’t know but he said it contained lot of secrets .

Me: Anyway you’ll have to check it later don’t let the stupid secret spoil our fun .

Jameelah: Alright dear I will check later .

Me: *** She tossed back her phone into her hand bag and joined me on the bed, we began to play we kissed,caressed and f—-d, we are on third round when I noticed something is wrong somewhere, Jameelah stopped moaning to my tempo so, I think she didn’t enjoyed it again I grabbed her so rough as I increased the tempo, I was f–king her so fast and rough but still yet she refused to let out a single word,

“Jameelah” I called out her name but no replied. I quickly withdrew out of her and came out of bed, switched on the light, I walked closed to her and felt her pulse she wasn’t cold neither warm, Jameelah is not breathing anymore I cried out as I placed my ear on her chest, her heartbeat was seized that was when I realized Jameelah had pass out, I looked at time and it was 12:07 am, am in trouble who would I call by this time? I gently sat beside her and cried out my eye, The first time Cnn put me in trouble I was saved by Madam Hadiza, am now in trauma with that same Madam Hadiza now who’s going to save me? my next house is jail nothing I can do about it,. The most painful part of it was I have been warned time without numbers by Madam Hadiza to stay clear away from her daughter, her said daughter is now in my room dying, the tear gathered in my eye can be compared to ocean but it was bit increased when my phone suddenly rang, I looked at the screen behold the caller was no other person than Madam Hadiza, why she was calling by this hour? Does she know Jameelah is here with me? Haaaaaa am totally in Big trouble, I picked the call with one mind*** .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman where is my daughter????? .

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To be continued