The Prognosticator Season 2 Episode 10



I was seated in the sitting room watching programme on television, my phone suddenly rang, I looked at the phone and let out a faint smile, the caller was my sister, I punched on the green key and placed it to my left ear without second thought .

Nike: Hello sister mi .

Tola: How are you my love? .

Nike: Am doing fine sister, just that I miss you a lot .

Tola: I miss you more dear, how is everything? .

Nike: Same as you left it,. Home is boring .

Tola: Here is also boring I must conafess .

Nike: Fct for that matter, it’s because you’re a stranger in the city .

Tola: I think so .

Nike: When are you coming home nau? .

Tola: Don’t know yet, what of mum .

Nike: Mummy is not in the house .

Tola: That remind me, I want to tell you something .

Nike: Oya gist me sister .

Tola: I know you can keep a secret that’s why I want to tell you, guess you can keep this too? .

Nike: You know me before nau, even me too I want to tell you something that’s why I call .

Tola: Interesting oya tell me, am listening .

Nike: Tell me urs first, you’re the one to firstly bring the topic, after yours I will tell you mine .

Tola: Ok, Erm can you believe Cnn and I are in the same city? .

Nike: ***She was shocked*** what? Cnn and you, what an irony how come? .

Tola: He traveled down to Abuja as soon as he escaped from Daddy’s team .

Nike: Oh my God .

Tola: What is it? Don’t tell me you’re sad over my happiness .

Nike: That Guy deserve to be punished, he wanted to kill Dad .

Tola: Its secret between us, don’t tell anybody about it,. I have confident in you that’s why I share you this ok? .

Nike: No problem sister, I won’t tell any living soul about it .

Tola: I trust you .

Nike: Just becareful around him, don’t let the history repeat itself again .

Tola: It won’t, oya tell me your own version of the gist .

Nike: ***Clear Throat*** hmmmm if you can remember I was discussing something with you before Daddy came to stop us, you were still with us then .

Tola: Yes I remember, is it not the issue of a guy you said you’re in love with? .

Nike: Exactly! .

Tola: So what about him? Thank God Daddy is not here to stop us today, so who is he? .

Nike: Actually I don’t know his name but I think you does .

Tola: How sure are you? .

Nike: 99.9% assurance, you must know him .

Tola: Ok, describe him let me see if he’s someone I know .

Nike: ***Feeling audacious*** Cnn’s friend, they were together in the hospital during your issue .

Tola: ***Totally pissed off*** What did you just say? .

Nike: Is there any problem? .

Tola: Don’t tell me you’re in love with Pesman? .

Nike: ***Happy*** Yes sister mi, “Pesman” I know you must know his name, I can vividly remember he mentioned such name when we were in the hospital .

Tola: ***I still couldn’t believe my hear*** Wait the guy you’re talking about is fair in color? .

Nike: ***Shouted*** You’re genius, yes he’s .

Tola: He is tall? .

Nike: Omg you have described him all, I can’t lie to you sister I’m badly in love with him, please how can I see him Can you please give me his number? .

Tola: You want to ask him out? .

Nike: Yes, Please give me his number .

Tola: Never, impossible you and I cannot be dating two friends, don’t ever think of it,. It can never workout, KOLEWECK!!! .

******MADAM HADIZA******

I was nervously contemplating in my sitting room, what occupied my mind was the issue of Pesman. Pesman is now an Alfa, where would I be by now if Pesman didn’t save my life few days back? But how did he know that something vital is about to happened is still mastery to me and I’ll ask him, anyway I Thank God for my life and promised myself to compensate him Handsomely” I took ny phone and rang him but his number wasn’t going through, I barely dropped the phone on the table when it started ringing, I checked the screen for the caller and it happened to be my lawyer “Barrister Adebayo” I picked without wasting time .

Madam Hadiza: Barrister sir! .

Br.Adebayo: Madam Madam .

Madam Hadiza: Its been a long time .

Br.Adebayo: Yes Madam I’m deeply sorry, I can’t believe my programme in lagos would take much of my time .

Madam Hadiza: That’s life for us, sometimes things don’t work out the way we planned it .

Br.Adebayo: Yes Its nothing but pure truth .

Madam Hadiza: Where are you now? .

Br.Adebayo: Now at home, that’s why I’m calling .

Madam Hadiza: You’re highly welcome home sir .

Br.Adebayo: Thank you madam, hope am not running late? .

Madam Hadiza: Running late as how? I don’t seems to understand .

Br.Adebayo: About your C of O (Certificate of ownership) .

Madam Hadiza: ***She let out a smile*** You’re not, actually I’m pending everything till you come, now that you’re home hope we can proceed? .

Br.Adebayo: Yes madam, when do you want me to come? .

Madam Hadiza: ***Thinking about her schedule*** Hmmmm I’ll give you a call when am ready .

Br.Adebayo: ***He need the contract badly** What is causing delay madam, we should start soon .

Madam Hadiza: Be expecting my call lawyer ***She Hung up***

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I felt a soft touch on my neck, I looked back and was like Disappearing with who I saw, the guy that always threaten my life (Don) is here holding my neck*** Hun what can I do for you? .

Don: ***He just smiled*** .

Me: I said what can I do for you? .

Don: Relax Pesman we are fighting no more, we are now friends .

Me: What do you mean? .

Don: I want you to know that I have leave you and your girl alone, I’ve nothing against you anymore, have discussed it with her and we have settled .

Me: I don’t know who you’re talking about? .

Don: Jameelah .

Me: Is that the reason why you’re here? .

Don: Yes boss .

Me: ***My mind dosn’t believe in his words*** How did you know I’m here? .

Don: I was coming from somewhere and I saw you walked in .

Me: It ok then .

Don: What are you here for? Don’t tell me you want to obtain soldier form .

Me: Am checking my Jamb result .

Don: Oh! You’re Jambite candidate .

Me: Seems so .

Don: I wish you the best .

Me: Thank you .

Grace: ***She couldn’t take note of Don presence for a while, although she knew Pesman was talking with someone but she didn’t know it was with Don, she took glanced at the person and discovered it was her enemy, she spoke so loud drawing the attentions of everybody present at the cafe to her*** Is this you Don? .

Don: ***With calm tone*** Yeah how are you Grace? .

Grace: ***Frowned*** Oops save your greetings please .

Don: ***He smiled*** What’s going on bae? .

Grace: ***Still burning in anger*** Where is your “Nonentity and insignificant” friend? .

Don: Which of my friend deserve all this insults from you? .

Grace: You know who am referring to .

Don: ***Smiled*** You mean Jay? .

Grace: Iru iro n’borun (Bird of the same feather) Tell him to leave me alone if he doesn’t want to die untimely death, he wounded my boyfriend and distorted my birthday party just because I broke up with him, tell me is it by force to be in a relationship? .

Don: You have every right to be angry, but on behalf of Him am deeply sorry,, I want all of us to stop this rifts of us, it can’t take us to anywhere, let us be friends .

Abbey: ***He just stood watching film been displayed by two of them*** I also have nothing against anybody have forgiven him .

Grace: Dear you should have let us deal with him ***She talked as if she has what it takes to deal with them*** .

Don: I said we are sorry, no vex nau .

Girl: Brother your result is ready .

Me: Keep it with you am coming .

Abbey: It ok guy, but are you the one who smashed me? .

Don: No, it my friend .

Abbey: Where is he? .

Don: He should be at home, we haven’t seen today (He lied, he’s gradually fooling the three of them) .

Me: Why are you asking of him? .

Abbey: Nothing o, I just want to know who is after my life .

Don: We are so sorry bro, he didn’t even mean to hurt you, lets forget about it sha .

Abbey: Have forgiven him already .

Me: That’s wonderful you brother, you have a soft heart, all of us are now one big family .

Grace: Don’t deceive yourself Pesman I don’t believe in his words, you still have some words unsaid, you still have some bad attitude undisplay, you still have something hidding under your sleeve, what are you planning to do? .

Don: ***He was shocked, he couldn’t believe Grace could be this wise*** You really think very bad of me, am I evil? .

Grace: I know what both of you are capable of, you don’t forgive easily .

Don: ***He was confused, but he still need to come out clean*** What do you want me to do just to earn your trust? .

Grace: I don’t care .

Don: It ok, I swear with my grave my friend and I have nothing against you and your man .

Grace: its easier said than done .

Don: Just believe .

Grace: I will be looking forward to that .

Me: ***Faced the cafe attendants*** Bae let me have my result .

Girl: ***She Gave it to me*** here is it sir .

Me: ***Collected it*** you said its 300naira? .

Girl: Yes .

Don: Let me pay for it Pesman .

Me: You shouldn’t worry .

Don: ***He stretched 500naira to the girl*** here is your money, you can keep the balance .

Girl: Thank you sir .

Me: Haa thank you bro, am very grateful. I took quick glance at the result, I almost fainted when my eye fell on my overall scores, no wonder Dupe said i didn’t perform well in the exam. .

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To be continued