The Prognosticator Episode 8


They searched my room for about 15min without founding something useful to them. The guy that tiled me down to chair walked to me and landed another feverish slap on my face, i found myself in the state of having a fever that has elevated my body temperature. .

Guy1: Detriment, I think we should start going, this guy is poorer than church rat .

Guy2: Violent, you make sense but we cannot leave this guy room without taking something along with us

*** So their names are “Detriment” and “Violent”

According to 7th edition of oxford dictionary, “Detriment” can be define as something that which cause injury, damage, loss or misfortune while “violent” can also be define as involving extreme force or motion, involving physical conflicts. Oh lord please don’t let “Detriment” and “Violent, detriment and violent me, i pray within myself “*** .

Violent: What do you suggest we do? .

Detriment: I think we should go with his Playstation 3 and few of his clothes .

Violent: You always make sense padi mi (my friend) .

Detriment: ** Faced me** guess your name is Pesman? And i knew you were named Pesman just because of this game in my hand ** carrying my PS 3 with left hand** As at this moment your name should be changed, because we are going with your PS game, but if God bless you, you can buy a supermario and named yourself “marioman” .

Violent: Lets select few of his rag that he called clothes .

Me: ** My God please don’t let them take the jean trouser i wore in the afternoon oo, my 40k nairabet winning ticket was kept inside it** .

Detriment: Guy lets go this guy clothes are not worth to be stolen, how on earth would i be stolen rag? .

Violent: Lets go, wait it seems he just bought this jean trouser, i will take it along** Pointing to my jean, where i kept my 40k winning ticket, they left my room with my ps3 and my trouser, my daring ps3 and winning ticket of 40k was gone, i fainted**


My eyes slowly opened, The atmosphere was completely different. The air had a perfumed scent the seat were plush. Every surface was dustless. The nurses were unhurried and they moved with a serene purposefully from room to room on their rounds.

There were vases of flowers and beautiful framed pieces of art on the walls. In the room was a water dispenser and in most rooms could be heard the noise of television. That was when i knew i was on a hospital bed, i turned my head to right side there were my mum and my little sister ( I do call her Queen) I turned left side there were CNN , Tola and Dupe. I looked at Dupe and smiled .

Mum: Thank God you are awake. Doctor said you will be discharge today, once you are discharge, you will be following me to my house, your house is not secured for now .

CNN: Don’t worry mum, he will move in with me .

Queen: Welcome back brother, guess you are strong now? .

Tola: Uncle pesman how are you feelings now? .

Dupe: He is strong already, i trust him, he is not a lazy man .

Mum: what would you like to eat? .

Me: bread and hot tea .

Mum: ** Turned to my sister** go and prepare tea for your brother. She left the ward to prepare tea and bread for me .

Mum: let me go and freshen up, thank God your friends are here with you, i will be back in no time ** she left the hospital ward** .

Me: CNN, please you and Tola should help me go to my room you will see one umbrella at the left corner side of my room, check inside it my phone was hid inside that umbrella .

CNN : hiding your phone inside umbrella? Do you know thieves were coming to your house before hiding your phone? .

Me: No i don’t, but before i slept yesternight my mind keep telling me to hide it and I obeyed, that’s why i hide it inside umbrella ( I lied) .

CNN : Ok bro **Faced Tola** lets go dear .

Tola: I want to stay with uncle permanent, please go alone .

Me: Dear Tola follow him nah, you know he can’t do without you, or you want another girl to snatch him from you along the road? .

Tola: Hmmmm na True o uncle pesman, i don’t want to be toying with my husband to be, oya lets go

** Two of them left the room leaving Dupe and i inside the hospital ward** .

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Dupe: ** she moved closed to me, caress my forehead, i felt the feelings** Pesman, don’t i warned you not to sleep in your room? You don’t want to heed to my words abi? .

Me: Not like that dupe, i tried all my possible best not to sleep in my room but all went futile, all my friends i called gave me frivolous excused .

Dupe: Why don’t you sleep with brother CNN? .

Me: Tola passed night in his house, and i also…… .

Dupe; **Cuts in** its ok Pesman , but don’t doubt me if i tell you something next time ok? .

Me: But Dupe where did you get all this information? Abi you are part of them ni? .

Dupe: Lolzzz part of them ko, part of them ni .

Me: Dupe you are scaring me who are you per say? .

Dupe: Do you want to know me? .

Me: Yes i want to know .

Dupe: you are yet to deserve to know who am i, when its time you will. Pesman do you love me? .

Me: Yes i do .

Dupe: Are you sure? .

Me: Why all this nah, i love you with my soul Dupe .

Dupe: Ok, i will tell you something when we reached house .

Me: I hate suspense please tell me now .

Dupe: Your sister is here already, and what i want to tell you is a secret, just chill till we reached your house .

Me: Where is she? .

Dupe: Wait and see she would enter now

*** Knock on the door, my sister walked in with big flask on her left hand and slice bread on her Right hand*** .

Queen: ** She poured tea inside cup and placed it on a.small table with four slice bread** Brother here is your food sit and eat it.

** I sat, took a slice of bread, soaked it inside tea put it to my mouth but i couldn’t eat it, the tea and bread was tasteless in my mouth** .

Me: This tea is tasteless in my mouth .

Queen: Maybe because of the injections you took .

Dupe: **Caress my hairy chest** should i feed you? .

Me: Don’t worry dear

** I managed to eat 3 slice of bread with a cup of tea** *** Knock on the door, CNN and Tola walked in, he (CNN) brought out my phone from pocket handed it to me*** .

CNN : Guy you try o .

Me: What happened? .

CNN: I suffered before i could see this phone. e be like say you dey leave with your grandmother before, you sabi know how to hide things .

Tola: Abi nah, nobody can suspect your phone were kept there *** Mummy walked in with Doctor*** .

Mum: Pele oko mi (sorry my dear) Doctor said you will be discharge now .

Doctor: Yes, you will be discharge now, your bill has been taken care off by someone, but the person didn’t reveal her Identity, so you can go home now,. .

Mum: Pleas doctor who paid the bill? .

Doctor: Madam, on no account you should worry yourself, the person said when its time you will know .

Mum: Just want to appreciate her .

Doctor: It ok madam, we will delivered your message , and you young man **he faced me** make sure you complete your drugs and stay away from trouble ok? .

Me: Alright sir, thanks alot.

I was discharged, all of us left the hospital, but not until CNN finished reaming bread and tea ( Hungry Dude) ————————————


Tola: My mum is waiting for me at home, i will check on you back uncle pesman .

Me: Ok dear, thanks for your care .

Dupe: Let me be on my way too, i left my sister alone in the house since morning .

Me: no problem dear, you have tried for me can’t wait to see you again love you so much .

Dupe: ** Kissed me ** love you more . Tola and Dupe left the room, remaining CNN and i .

CNN : Guy, those thieves really deal with you o, see how they tied you like sallah ram .

Me: No be small thing brother, they nearly killed me, and cold for outside was not helping the matter at all, that i don’t know when i fainted .

CNN : Eyah sorry bro .

Me: Thanks, yours is coming .

CNN : You they crazy, let go and cashed in our winning tickets .

Me: *** In inarticulate voice *** my ticket was kept inside the jean trouser those people took in my room .

CNN : ** Laughing Endlessly ** .

Me: What’s funny? Why the stupid laugh? .

CNN: I was laughing because you are the most dumpest guy i ever met .

Me: so if it was you, won’t you released the trouser to them, or you want me to losse my precious life because of 40k winning ticket? .

CNN : Stop saying rubbish, your ticket is here with me .

Me: How come? .

CNN : I was the one who collected it when it was printed out yesterday .

Me: ** happy ** Thank God oo, abeg lets go and collect our money .

CNN : Mumu guy .

Me: So far as my ticket is with you i agreed to be mumu, thanks .

*** We left his room for nairabet shop, we cashed in our money left the nairabet shop, but not until we gave O.J 200naira each for job weldone, aki lahun kaniyi, ( you can’t be stingy and be honored )*** .

Later in the night still in CNN room .

Me: How about where we are going tomorrow .

CNN: Where? .

Me: Fayemi’s shrine ofcourse .

Cnn: You are a greed man, thought you have Dupe already, what else are you looking for .

Me: Guy remember your words, ” seven girlfriends at a time” .

CNN : And so? .

Me: Lets Go please, i want to confirmed how powerful fayemi was .

*** My phone rang that moment, i checked the screening, you all guessed right it was Dupe i picked the call*** .

Me: Hello dear .

Dupe: Hello my love, how are you doing? .

Me: Am getting better, thanks for your care .

Dupe: Where are you now? .

Me: Still with CNN .

Dupe: Good just want to tell you that you should not do what you are planning to do tomorrow .

Me: what?

Dupe: You know nah, where you are planning to go with brother cnn, pesman you should not go, i can bet it with you, you will regrets the outcomes


Pesman you are in big mess this girl had found out again, what next to do now, should i go or not? .

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To be continued