The Prognosticator Episode 5



Hi pesman! Have been calling your name for a while, it seems the earpiece in your ear did not allow you to hear.

I brought out my phone from my pocket, paused the music and faced her. .

Me: Oh! Dupe good afternoon .

Dupe: Afternoon .

Me: But how did you know my name? I guess we met just today and i don’t remember If i told you my name. .

Dupe: You shouldn’t worry about that, i did my home work perfectly before i come. .

*** Home work? What does she mean by homework? Either its homework or not, i’m less concerned. After all, i don’t have any girlfriend, this is the best offer for me o, i need to woo this girl*** .

Me: Ok dear, so why did you stop me? .

Dupe: Actually i’m stranger in this area, i just relocated, my house is boring so i have to take a walk down the street, and i saw you that’s why i called you maybe you can keep my company. .

Me: Yes i can, but i’m going to my house now, don’t know if you can follow me? .

Dupe: No problem let’s go, guess you have nice movies? .

Me: I’m not that fond of movies but i have playstation in my room. .

Dupe: oh! you have P. S ? .

Me: Yes, do you play it? .

Dupe: Yes i do .

Me: Ok let’s go then .

*** Hmmm, thank God o, this girl don dey follow me go house sha, e be like say she don love me be that oo (reason in pigin English) And dupe is a very beautiful girl o, Had it been CNN didn’t send me out of his room how will i meet this girl? Every disappointment is a blessing.

Dupe and i walked like happy couples to my house, she sat at the edge of my bed, there was no chair in my room, i intended not to have chair. Because of some adventures like this. .

Me: What should i offer you? .

Dupe: Lets play playstation first, it’s quite an age i played last, after i beat you like five times, i will tell you what to offer me .

Me: No problem nah, i don’t argue with females, and your name is dupe just four (4) letter words, i will spell it within 20 minutes with goals .

Dupe: stop making noise and let’s play .

*** I powered the game console, turned on the TV set and continued with the settings of the game***

Dupe: This pad is wireless? .

Me: You mean the pad you are holding? .

Dupe: Yes .

Me: ok, the pad is wireless .

Dupe: I never played with wireless pad before .

Me: This is Playstation 3, so the pad is wireless .

Dupe: I haven’t played Playstation 3 before .

Me: It is so simple and similar to PS 2, just little miscellaneous.

Dupe: Don’t beat me too much then

Me: sure i will not, i will rather teach you how to play

*** We played the game for some hours, infact dupe was a professional in PS 2, the way she holds the pad, the way she plays, the formation and substitutions said it all*** .

Dupe: Kunle, i don’t think i can continue with this game again. .

Me: But why? .

Dupe: I’m tired, and the game is not like PS 2 am used to .

Me: ok o, what should i offer you now? You said earlier that you will decided after the game and how do you know i also bears kunle? .

Dupe: You shouldn’t worry about that, when its time you will know, please give me any nice drink, not alcoholic o .

Me: Ok o

*** chai how do i go about it now? I had no money on me, or should i go to bank again to withdraw the remaining 2k in my account (jamb fee). No! this money is for jamb registrations not for a woman*** .

Dupe: You don’t have money? .

Me: *surprised this girl is something else oo* no, i have money i was only thinking of what to buy for you .

Dupe: I know you don’t have money, you are also thinking of going to bank to make some withdrawal. .

Me: * Shocked, i’m in trouble* Dupe i have money let me get you your drink .

Dupe: Ok o *** I left my room as a confused man, i don’t know what to do, this girl must be a witch oo, she knew everything about me. hahaha CNN must be behind this, he was the one revealing my secrets to this lady, but wait oo CNN and i just met this girl today nah, na him sabi oo, where would i even get 300naira to buy hollandia yogurt for this girl?

I brought out my phone to call CNN but his number was switched off, hmmm this guy must have be programming tola by now. What should i do now? I was in trauma of thinking when an idea pop into my head, Pesman go to mama blessing shop to buy the yogurt on credit, shebi you are not owing her any money?

My inner mind told me. Yes na, i don’t owe her ooo. I left the spot of thinking and headed to mama blessing’s shop to buy credits yogurt.

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On my way to mama blessing shop, i saw something like money in front of me, i moved closed to the pieces of paper to confirm either its money or not, i can’t believed my eyes its 1000naira note, glory be to God in heaven, but the street is crowded street, how do i picked this money without drawing the attention of people to myself. I quickly dropped my phone ontop of the 1000naira note and i picked it up with my phone, i was about to raised up my head when someone tapped me from back, my heart flew away that moment

**The owner of the money later catched me sha, i said to myself**

Me: Yes what can i do for you? .

Guy: Please is this the way to market road? Pointing to the front .

Me: **Relieved** yes it is, just be going straight, don’t turn back.

Guy: Thanks, he left .

I reached mama blessing’s shop, bought what i wanted to buy and returned to my room to meet my visitor (Dupe) .

Dupe: What takes you so long? .

Me: The crowd at mama blessing shop is too much i have to wait for my turn (i lied) .

Dupe: Hmmmm pesman you can lie

Me: lie? As how? .

Dupe: Don’t tell me you don’t pick 1000naira note along the road? .

Me: ** Mouth opened** 1000naira note? Who told you i picked any money along the road? .

Dupe; Nobody, just guessing though .

Me: Better! . *** i poured the hollandia yogurt into two glasses cup. I took one and gave one to dupe, i sat beside her and stylish caress her lap, she didn’t resist and i continued with it*** .

Me: Dupe, i don’t want you to think that we just met today, since when i met you at the nairabet shop in the afternoon have been developing some beautiful feelings for you, Baby i must confess, i’m in love with you. .

Dupe: Pesman i know you are a single, loving and caring guy, but its too early to go in relationship with you, let start with friendship first, though i like you so much, but i don’t want to go in to any relationship for now.

*** I didn’t allow her to finished her words, i planted a soft kiss to her lip she responded to my kiss, we started kissing, i began to kiss her, sucking on her tongue like my intention was to pull it out of her mouth. As i did this, i ran my soft hands on her boobs and shoulders while i kissed her back grabbing her boobs, i was about to free her boobs from bra prison yard and sucks the n—–s, she held my hand and said *** .

Dupe: Pesman it’s ok, you will have visitors now .

Me: lolzzz visitors ke? I don’t have any appointment .

Dupe: You have to believe me on this, someone is coming here, and the person will be here any Moment from now .

Me: The person is your visitor right?

Dupe: No silly, yours .

Me: Just tell me you don’t want to do it with me .

Dupe: Its not that i don’t want to give my body to you, i’m found of you already and i must confess i love you too. .

Me: let do it then .

Dupe: I wish we could do it, but your visitors would spoil the fun .

Me: But wait does…… before i could finished my words i heard a knock on my door, i nearly fainted, i looked at Dupe with surprised eyes. She smile . .


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To be continued