The Prognosticator Episode 47 Final


Madam Hadiza: Dupe! Dupe!! Dupe!!! ***She didn’t answer*** .

Me: You should let the girl be for now, her head is filled up .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman can’t you see how rude that girl was .

Me: you know she just got released from cell, she will come back to you .

Madam Hadiza: I want to tell her to resume work tomorrow .

Me: Don’t you hear when she said she cannot continue working with you .

Madam Hadiza: She’s joking, i don’t want her to go .

Me: Let me drive you home .

Madam Hadiza: Why would you drive me home? .

Me: You’re angry, i don’t want you to hit my head on rock .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman come and drive .

Me: Cool, *** i sat behind the wheel and drove her home***

******NURSE TITI******

Titi is seen sitting in the Doctor’s office, with headphone on her head, she was listening to music, she has been there for the past 30min now waiting for doctor, who was with patients. 7minutes later Doctor walked in with stethoscope hung on his neck .

Doctor: Wow you’re here dear .

Nurse Titi: For the past an hour .

Doctor: Nice, i asked you to resume yesterday but you refused why? Or a week holiday isn’t enough for you? .

Nurse Titi: Doctor yesterday was Sunday i have alot of house chores to do, before i could finish it time has gone .

Doctor: Titi Or just because you know i cannot get mad at you? .

Nurse Titi: Not really, having affairs with you doesn’t mean i shouldn’t give you the respect you deserve .

Doctor: If you say so .

Nurse Titi: That’s it .

Doctor: Resume your duty .

Nurse Titi: I want to tell you something important .

Doctor: ***Seated opposite her*** Ok am all hear . .

Nurse Titi: If i could remember, we have been dating for the past 2years now .

Doctor: Yeah and i don’t regret having you by my side .

Nurse Titi: Interesting, but you’re a married man, you have beautiful wife and children, you have happy home, please i want to have happy home like you .

Doctor: ***smile*** .

Nurse Titi: So as from now on i want us to stop this intimacy of us .

Doctor: ***Surprised*** What did you just say? Don’t tell me you want to end this relationship with me .

Nurse Titi: Yeah, my wedding invitation will be given to u soon .

Doctor: Impossible .

Nurse Titi: I can’t hear you, what do you say? Impo what?? Don’t you want me to have my own family? Am sorry i cannot continue this affair with you anymore .

Doctor: But titi .

Nurse Titi: Don’t titi me, i have made up my mind, my word is my bound so you have nothing to tell me .

Doctor: You can’t just break up with me like that .

Nurse Titi: Am reporting you to your wife if you don’t let me be

******DON AND JAY******

The two notorious friend has been drinking for the past two hours now, they have drank alot of alcoholic drinks, the two of them had drank to stupor, the only song on their lips Is how to deal with Don’s rival (Pesman) jay had suggested early that Don should make peace with jameelah first and they would strike later after three months of his friendship with her. Jameelah must be stupid, how could she break up with me without warning, she just gave me red card without having any yellow card don said to himself without knowing its not law of football, even in football one could easily collect red card without having yellow card, it depends on how vital your crime is


Tola was seated on a couch in the sitting room, seated beside her was her mum (Mrs Ibrahim) and her only sister Nike .

Tola: ***crying*** Your husband want to throw me out of his house and you cannot do anything about it .

Mrs Ibrahim: I thought you know the kind of father you have, i tried all my best to talk to him but he didn’t give me listening ear, what else do you want me to do .

Tola: I don’t want to go to abuja .

Nike: Mummy you can talk to daddy nah .

Mrs Ibrahim: ***Faced Nike*** Thank God two of you are best friend in this house, can’t you talk to him? .

Nike: Daddy did not listen to me, but you as his wife you should have known how to calm him .

Tola: Please mum i don’t want to leave alone ***crying*** .

Mrs Ibrahim: I don’t want you to leave me too my daughter, but daddy has made up his mind and i know my husband very well, nobody can change his decision ***Busted in tear*** .

Nike: ***crying*** Am going to miss you sister .

Tola: Mum am going nowhere, if your husband refuse to comply with me, i will kill myself .

Nike: Haaaaaa sister please don’t kill yourself, i will talk to daddy one more time .

Mrs Ibrahim: Please don’t kill yourself my daughter, i promise to be coming and check how you’re faring in abuja frequently ******Mr Ibrahim walked in that moment, with frown on his face*** .

Mr Ibrahim (D.P.O) : If you like commit suicide, you’re going to abuja tomorrow, nothing you can do about it, get yourself what you will be needed today ***He dropped some cash on the table*** We re going as early as 4am tomorrow so get yourself ready ok? .

Tola: Nooooooo Dad am going no ***Before she could finish her statement, her phone rang, she looked at the screen and she nearly ran mad when she saw the caller was her boyfriend (cnn), the imbecile is just calling her a week after her discharge from the hospital, she was mad at him, she felt like seeing him that moment and strangled the living out of him, she looked at the phone again and pressed the red key at right handside of the phone, Definitely she was furious about her sudden travel.

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******CHRISTABEL****** .

Its been long time now she saw pesman, pesman had called her few weeks ago to stay away from him for the main time, not fighting thou but he needed some privacy and also disturb free time to study for his coming exam. Today is Monday right? Yes its monday, jamb was done on Saturday right? Ofcourse Yes! Definitely she has to call pesman and hear from him, she brought out her phone to call him when she heard a loud knock on her door, she stood up and made her way to the door,she was shocked with who she saw when she opened the door, stood in front of her was is Susan (Her friend) very beautiful and fun to be with lady, the surprise in christabel face when their eye met was very obvious, Susan ran into her arm both adult hugged tightly for some sec .

Christabel: What a surprise, is this you Susan? .

Susan: Yes dear its me .

Christabel: Why don’t you call me before coming .

Susan: Pardon, can you let me in .

Christabel: The house is urs .

Susan: *** she made her way into christabel room*** .

Christabel: Hmmm uninvited visitor


Madam Hadiza’s gate man opened the gate for us as i drove in, i packed the car at her car park, we came down and headed to her sitting room, we seated on a couch facing each other .

Madam Hadiza: Sandra! Sandra!! Sandra!!! ***Calling her maid*** .

Sandra: ***Answering from afar*** Am coming ma ***She walked to sitting room*** Welcome ma .

Madam Hadiza: You want to tell me you didn’t hear the sound of my car .

Sandra: I heard of it ma, how was your journey? .

Madam Hadiza: Did i tell you I was traveling? Please give us a drink .

Sandra: ***Wink at me and left*** .

Me: Thanks for today dear .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman that girl is too rude .

Me: I think she’s not herself that moment, that’s why she behaved like that, she will come back and beg you, and on Her behalf am sorry .

Madam Hadiza: It ok pesman .

Me: Once again thanks for releasing her .

Madam Hadiza: So how far about your jamb exam .

Me: It went well ***Sandra walked in to sitting room with soft drink*** .

Madam Hadiza: I wish you good result .

Me: Ameen .

Madam Hadiza: When are you going to check your result? .

Me: In Two weeks time .

Madam Hadiza: Come and show it to me immediately after collecting it, so we’ll start your admission processing, which school are you choosing? .

Me: University Of Abuja, ABU Zaria, Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kaduna State polytechnic, Osun state college of education Ila and ilesa .

Madam Hadiza: Wow you are choosing two schools from my state, ABU and Kadpoly, that’s fantastic, it will be easier for me to process those two schools, even including uni Abuja, just try and beat cutoff mark, i believe you will do well in the exam, i know you’re not dull guy .

Me: I tried my best in the exam, that reminds me, What’s the latest information about the filling station land you said we are checking? .

Madam Hadiza: My lawyer is not around now .

Me: ***Move to her side and seated on her lap*** Where went he? .

Madam Hadiza: Lag, he will be back next tomorrow .

Me: Whenever you want to start work there i have an enginer who can do it for you .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman i want to handle it over to a construction company, if i have another thing to do, your engineer will do that for me ok? Am very sorry .

Me: ***Sad face*** .

Madam Hadiza: Common pesman, the contract has been awarded to the company already, i cannot terminate it, i promise you big contract next time ***She placed kiss on my lips*** .

Me: ***Kissing her back,we began to kiss and smooch each other, The door to the sitting room threw open that moment and she walked in, i felt like disappearing when i saw her face, madam hadiza mouth was left ajar without knowing what to say*** .

Madam Hadiza: Jameelah i thought you are in the store, what are you doing in this house by this hour .

Me: ***sweating from head to toe*** .

Jameelah: ***Face me*** Maika ke yiah gidammu pesman, harma kazauna, a kapar mamata? (What is the meaning of this pesman, what are you doing in our house on my mummy’s lap? .

Haaaaaa pesman you’re in trouble, so jameelah was Madam Hadiza’s Daughter, no wonder she said she’s from Zaria, how do i escape from this, i busted in to tear .

******THE END******


Story By Pesman

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