The Prognosticator Episode 44


I felt like crying when i got to Dupe’s cell, she was looking pale and unkept, she busted into tear when our eyes met .

Dupe: Pesman can you see my life Madam Hadiza is punishing me for nothing sake .

Me: I trust and believe you, i know you cannot take away her money .

Dupe: Have you beg her on my behalf? .

Me: I went there with the madam i told you about .

Dupe: Thank you dear, when am i going to be release? .

Me: She said the officer incharge of your case is D.P.O .

Dupe: Yes .

Me: There is a problem .

Dupe: What happen pesman? .

Me: D.P.O is not around, he’s not in town i think he’ll be back next week Monday and you cannot be release until he is back in town .

Dupe: ***Busted into Another tear*** So am still going to remain here till next week Monday .

Me: That’s exactly what your boss told us .

Dupe: OMG i don’t deserve to be here pesman .

Me: Yes you don’t, but have tried all my best to beg her, she said assuming D.P.O is around today you would have been set free, but he’s not around, though she has withdraw the case it’s left to only D.P.O to sign your bill warrant .

Dupe: Have accepted my faith .

Me: Please don’t think about it, i believe everything happen for a reason .

Dupe: I believe pesman, but if i can be release next week Monday by Tuesday i will leave this town .

Me: Where are you going? .

Dupe: Lagos, am going back to my mummy, pesman am suffering here .

Me: So, you’re going to leave me alone .

Dupe: You’re always in my heart, you are with me wherever i am, am going to leave you by flesh not by soul you can come to lag if you want to see me and i will be coming here to see you as well ***crying*** .

Me: It’s so painful .

Dupe: Am very sorry pesman .

Me: Am going to miss you like mad.

Dupe: Am missing you already .

Me: I have nothing to do ***We talked for about another 30min before i left her in the cell, i received a call from madam hadiza as i step out of station*** .

Me: Hello dear .

Madam Hadiza: How are you pesman? .

Me: Am fine .

Madam Hadiza: Are you still coming or not? .

Me: Am coming .

Madam Hadiza: What keep you so long? .

Me: My room is too dusty, so i am cleaning it .

Madam Hadiza: That’s true, i should still be waiting for you? .

Me: I will be there shortly .

Madam Hadiza: Ok don’t stay too long .

Me: Ok, bye ***Hang up*** .

I felt a soft touch on my shoulder as i hanged up the call, i looked back, i felt like disappearing when i saw who touched me, it was the guy who came to warn me the day cnn and i aborted Tola’s pregnancy .

Me: ***With shaking voice*** You again? What can i do for you? .

Guy: I come to finish what i started the other day, you know i couldn’t finish it before you received one hell call that day, i think we can talk now? .

Me: ***Thank God we are in front of police station, if he try to act funny i will just scream, police will arrest him, i quickly set my phone on recording*** Yes we can talk .

Guy: That’s good, i came to warn you for the last time because you are about to trespass .

Me: Go straight to the point, and don’t waste my time here .

Guy: I don’t want to see you with my bae again, be warned i don’t want to commit crime again, i want us to settle it amicably .

Me: Which of your bae? .

Guy: How many girlfriends do you have? .

Me: Don’t ask me that, tell me who you’re talking about .

Guy: Jameelah, i want you to stay away from her if you don’t want to get yourself blame .

Me: Is that all? .

Guy: Yes that’s all only if you comply with me, but if you refuse we have alot of adventures in front, and i believe you won’t pass your boundary, jameelah is mine not yours .

Me: Ok but i think you should let the girl choose whom she want in her life .

Guy: Please stay away from her, see you other time ***He left*** .

“This guy must be mad” “I think he wouldn’t try anything funny here, i would have just hand him over to the police” “Am not ready to leave jameelah for you, even if i want to leave her that should be after i “program” her” I left the spot and headed to my house, i took some books and went to madam hadiza house to spend the night, i spent the night in her house, she did as promise no to disturb me, i slept in one of her guest room. I left her house around 10am next day, i called Jameelah when i got to my room .

Me: Hello jameelah .

Jameelah: Good morning pesman how was your night? .

Me: Splendid, where are you? .

Jameelah: Am at home .

Me: We have to talk .

Jameelah: Hope no problem .

Me: There is but not too much ok? .

Jameelah: Should i come and meet you now? .

Me: Its not up to that .

Jameelah: When are we going to see then? .

Me: Next week .

Jameelah: ***Scream*** Next week is too far pesman, what of mid week? .

Me: Am having exam next week Saturday, i have to study very hard .

Jameelah: I wish you success dear .

Me: Amen thank you jameelah .

Jameelah: See you next week, please study very well .

Me: Thank you dear bye .

Jameelah: Bye ***Hanged up*** .

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The rest of the week was uneventful for me, what happened during the week? I spoke with all my girlfriends (Women ritual girls) i called Christabel and told her to let me be for the rest of the week, because i have exam to write and i want to study, I called Nurse Titi as well and told her the same story likewise Madam Hadiza, and all of them comply with me, which gave me some time to read, Dupe who promised to help me was not available now .

****** THE FOLLOWING WEEK, JAMB ****** .

I wish myself best of result as i entered jamb center (Osun state college of Education Ila- Orangun) i sat on my seat, few minutes later question paper was given to us with answer booklet (There is nothing like CBT then) my mathematics question was Type A, English Type C, Chemistry Type B and Physics Type D, i almost fainted when i went through the mathematics question, it was as hard as a rock that i couldn’t attempt a single question out of it because i was so poor in mathematics, when i thought of what to do for a while i began to shade what i like, i shaded in zigzag, i did my best and leave the rest for God as i walk out of the exam center.

Later in the night i received a call from jameelah .

Me: Hello jameelah .

Jameelah: Hi love, how was today paper? .

Me: I bless God .

Jameelah: I wish you best result .

Me: Ameen .

Jameelah: Have been worried since i received your call last week, can we see tomorrow? .

Me: Tomorrow? By which time? .

Jameelah: Anytime you wish .

Me: Venue? .

Jameelah: Your house ofcourse .

Me: ok No problem, when are you coming? .

Jameelah: When do you want me to? .

Me: 12pm .

Jameelah: It ok by me, missing you so much pesman, one week is like one year to me, can’t wait to see you .

Me: Missing you too, bring something for me tomorrow .

Jameelah: Like what? .

Me: Anything eatable .

Jameelah: I will bring myself for you, guess you can eat me? .

Me: ***Laugh*** you’re not eatable .

Jameelah: Pesman you can eat me .

Me: Bring solid food like semo wheat or pounded Yam .

Jameelah: Kasan ce wani bauceya che (You know i am an hausa girl) .

Me: Ai na sani (Yes i know) .

Jameelah: so i will bring Tuwo for you (Tuwo is an hausa meal made of rice or corn, it usually look like semovita) .

Me: Can’t wait to eat your tuwo .

Jameelah: Ok dear .

Me: Bye for now .

Jameelah: Bye ***hanged up*** .

I barely hanged up jameelah’s call when another call came into my phone, i checked the caller and it was “SANDRA” i couldn’t figure out whose Sandra it was until i accepted the call .

Me: Good evening .

Sandra: Good evening pesman how are you? .

Me: Am fine, please who is this .

Sandra: Don’t tell me you have erased my number out of your phone .

Me: Not really, i know am talking to Sandra but i don’t know any Sandra and i can’t remember when i saved such contact .

Sandra: Its true, i saved it myself, hope you have remember me now? .

Me: Nah, I’ve not .

Sandra: This is Sandra .

Me: Yes i know, but which Sandra are you? .

Sandra: Madam Hadiza’s maid .

Me: Haaaaaa Sandra how are you doing? .

Sandra: Am ok, lets be serious pesman its not fair like this .

Me: What happened? .

Sandra: I saved my number on your phone about two weeks ago and you don’t bother to call me and you know i don’t have your number .

Me: How did you get it then? .

Sandra: I copied it from madam phone, have been expecting your call for awhile now .

Me: Am sorry, kinda busy throughout last week .

Sandra: What kept you so busy? .

Me: Na jamb o .

Sandra: wow so you wrote this year jamb? .

Me: Yes nah .

Sandra: All the best dear .

Me: Thank you .

Sandra: Where are you now? .

Me: On my bed in my room about to sleep .

Sandra: I wish to know your house one day .

Me: That very simple, how is my boss? .

Sandra: Who is your boss? .

Me: Madam Hadiza .

Sandra: She’s pretty fine .

Me: That’s awesome .

Sandra: See you other time pes, good night .

Me: Bye .

Sandra : Wish to see you soon, we have to talk .

Me: Can’t we talk now? .

Sandra: We cannot discuss it on phone, its face to face conversation .

Me: Ok .

Sandra: When are we seeing .

Me: When am less busy you will hear from me .

Sandra: Ok pes bye .

Me: Bye ***hang up*** Sandra another player to my girls

****** THE FOLLOWING DAY ****** .

I was seated in my room enjoying cool music on my phone around 11:30am when my phone rang, the caller was jameelah, i quickly remember my appointment with her by 12pm, i picked the call she told me she was on her way coming to my house (I forgot to tell you, had sent my home address to her the previous day) 45minutes later i heard soft knock on my door, i made my way to the door and opened it for her jameelah was standing in front of me , she was looking more beautiful, damsel and charming, she threw herself on me, we hugged like 30sec before she let go of me, she placed food flask on my bed, when i opened the flask it contain tuwo with enough meat, i quickly devour the meal with speed of light, i retired to bathroom after the meal and having three good rounds of s-x with her, i must confess jameelah is too sweet i enjoyed every bit of the s-x with her, her pu–y was well shaved with tight hole (Oh i forgot its s-x free story)

jameelah began to caress my Di–k for another round of s-x, my phone rang that moment, i sprang out of bed, grabbed my phone which was on the floor, i was so furious with the caller, i felt like seeing the caller and strangle the living out of the b—–d, the caller was no other person than Cnn. Imagine the stupid guy is calling me a week after he left me alone, the anger in me kept boiling as i pressed the red key on my phone, i wasn’t ready to speak with the betrayal friend .

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To be continued