The Prognosticator Episode 43


***Madam Hadiza is mad at me, this is the first time of her raising voice on me, my phone rang that moment, i looked at madam hadiza before picking the call because the caller was Dupe*** .

Madam Hadiza: She is calling you right, who is that girl to you pesman? Pick her call ***Moving away from me*** .

Me: She’s not the caller, even i don’t know her talkless of having her phone number, this call is from one of my friend ***Moving close to her*** Let me pick the call and put it on loud speaker for you to hear .

Madam Hadiza: Oya pick it and put it on loud speaker, you want to be flirting around me .

Me: No, am not ***Picking the call after fourth ring, and put it on loud speaker with heart beating faster, luckily for me i heard a man’s voice, i quickly recognized the voice as officer Michael’s voice*** Hello good afternoon .

Off.Mic: ***Speaking on behalf of Dupe*** where did you keep your phone before? .

Me: My phone was on silent .

Off.Mic: We have been waiting for you for so long, aren’t you coming again? .

Me: Am coming, i will be with you soon .

Off.Mic: Please don’t stay too long if you don’t want your… .

Me: ***Cuts in*** Am coming now .

Off.Mic: Ok, don’t stay too long bye .

Me: Bye ***hang up*** .

Madam Hadiza: Am sorry for doubting you pesman .

Me: ***Moving away from her*** Its so painful when you realize someone you love so much does not trust you, am disappointed in you .

Madam Hadiza: Am sorry please don’t be annoyed .

Me: Can i leave now? Am going somewhere .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman i said am sorry .

Me: Have heard you, someone is waiting for me somewhere i have to go and meet him, thank God you heard my conversation with him on phone .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman are you still angry with me? .

Me: No, am not .

Madam Hadiza: Oya smile .

Me: I can’t .

Madam Hadiza: Pesman make a wish and consider it done .

Me: ***Happy*** I should make a wish? .

Madam Hadiza: Yes and consider it done .

Me: ***What should i wish for oo*** Cool, i want you to set that sale girl of yours free .

Madam Hadiza: ***With coloured eye*** Set Dupe free again? .

Me: Yes that’s all i want .

Madam Hadiza: But why pesman .

Me: I believed in her story, innocent soul shall not be punished .

Madam Hadiza: Haaaaaa pesman, i want to deal with that girl .

Me: Everything belong to almighty Allah, let him judge, moreover you’re not as wise as him who gives you wealth, please be thankful over everything .

Madam Hadiza: Hmmm .

Me: That’s the truth, please let set that girl free and allow her to continue working with you please for God sake .

Madam Hadiza: I promise to always make you happy, is that what you want? .

Me: Yes, please do this for me .

Madam Hadiza: No problem, have heard you and i will release her .

Me: Thank you ***Kissing her lip*** please call the officer in charge of her case .

Madam Hadiza: Am sorry pes .

Me: What happened? .

Madam Hadiza: I handle her case to D.P.O and D.P.O of that station is not around now, he’s not in town, he’ll be back on Monday .

Me: That mean? .

Madam Hadiza: She will be release on Monday .

Me: ***Mogbe (Am doomed)*** please call him and tell him what you want, he would call one of his boys to release her .

Madam Hadiza: ***Dialling D.P.O’s number, but switched off*** Pesman the man was in village and there is no network there, we have to wait till Monday .

Me: ***Haaaaaa am having jamb exam next week Saturday, Dupe is going to be released next week Monday, failure on my way, all my hope was on Dupe, she promised to tell me the answer a day to the exam, that’s the reason why i see my book as my enemy, even a single sign board i didn’t read, moku oooooo*** .

Madam Hadiza: Don’t worry pesman Monday is here already .

Me: Ok dear, thanks foe honoring my request .

Madam Hadiza: You welcome .

Me: Let me be on my way .

Madam Hadiza: Where are you still going again? .

Me: I have to go and meet the guy who called me, and am having exam next week, i have to read .

Madam Hadiza: Which exam .

Me: Jamb . Madam Hadiza: you’re writing jamb next week? .

Me: Yes .

Madam Hadiza: You still have enough time to read .

Me: I’m suppose to be reading by now, not everything money can buy .

Madam Hadiza: Don’t forget you promise to sleep here with me tonight .

Me: Yes i do, but i want to read let me go to my house to pick few books and i will be back here .

Madam Hadiza: That’s good .

Me: You will promise not to disturb me in the night .

Madam Hadiza: Sure i will not, you care going with my car .

Me: Nope, i will take a bike .

Madam Hadiza: Don’t stay too long dear .

Me: I will not ***Heading out of her house with complicated mind, immediately i left her house i headed to my house before i went to divisional police station to see my queen Dupe***

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Therefore D.P.O Ibrahim is seen talking angrily with his boys in the hospital after the departure of Madam Hadiza,Pesman and her lawyer, nobody could beg him on behalf of that careless officer (The one cnn snatched gun from) he would be sacked .

D.P.O: That stupid boy has left now, now you’re the one am dealing with instead of him ***Facing the careless officer*** .

Careless police: Silent .

D.P.O: Doctor please let me see you in your office ***Two of them walked to doctor’s office*** .

Doctor: Am hearing you sir .

D.P.O: Thanks for saving my daughter’s life, am very grateful .

Doctor: All thanks be to God .

D.P.O: how much is my bill? .

Doctor: We don’t need to collect money from you sir, but you will have to pay for drug we gave her and the injection she took .

D.P.O: Thank you doctor, That will be how much? .

Doctor: I don’t know, i will have to call the nurse in charge of drugs, she will give us the bill .

D.P.O: No problem about that, i want to receive the bill before i leave here .

Doctor: We’ll do that ***calling the drug store with his office phone, he told the lady at the store to do the estimate of D.P.O’s daughter drugs and injections and bring it to his office*** She will be here any moment from now .

D.P.O: When my daughter is going to be discharge? .

Doctor: When you’re ready to leave you can be going with her .

D.P.O: Thanks for that, am very grateful .

Doctor: Erm D.P.O i want you to close that boy case, just leave everything for God, that’s how he want it .

D.P.O: I have nothing to hold the boy who just left here with the lawyer, his case has been closed since my daughter had confirmed it that she didn’t know him, but if i see that run away boy in the next ten years i will still deal with him .

Doctor: Thank you sir ***Shaking hand with him*** .

Together they walked back to the reception, Tola was discharged and left the hospital with his father, instead of heading to station D.P.O Ibrahim is seen heading to his house with his daughters, a lot of thought was running through his mind, he promised himself to deal with Tola whenever she’s strong enough to handle his punishments, meanwhile Nike mind wasn’t with her father nor her sister (Tola) what occupied her mind was how to talk with pesman, seems she’s in love with him, Fayemi charm? No the guy is just too cute.

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I was lying back on my bed in my room, seriously speaking i missed my bed so much. The only thought that occupied my mind was how to pass the coming jamb without Dupe’s help, next thing to do now is to go to police station and talk to that officer incharge of her case (Micheal) i don’t want to meet his absence in station so i have to call his number before leaving for station .

Me: Hello officer .

Off.Mic: Hi pesman where are you, .

Me: About coming to station, guess you’re still around .

Off.Mic: Yes, waiting for you don’t stay too long .

Me: How can i ask of you in station? .

Off.Mic: Ask of officer Mic, you will be directed to me, please come as soon as possible am going somewhere .

Me: Alright i will be there soon, bye .

Off.Mic: Bye ***Hang up*** .

I walked out of my room immediately i hanged up the call and headed to police station to check Dupe, i was lucky enough officer Micheal was the one i firstly met when i got to the station, he quickly led me to one corner where we discussed a lot of things .

Off.Mic: You must be pesman? .

Me: Yes i am, are you the officer am looking for? .

Off.Mic: Sure i am officer Mic ***Flashing his I.D card*** .

Me: That’s Great here i am .

Off.Mic: Welcome, you see your girlfriend case is simple and not simple as well, it all depend on how Madam Hadiza want it to be, she was the only one who can pull the case further and also capable of withdrawing it, with the interrogation i had with your girlfriend, i discovered she’s innocent, she knew nothing about the money, what you have to do now is try to find madam hadiza’s house address and plead to her to free that girl .

Me: Thank you officer, i will do that as soon as i leave here .

Off.Mic: Don’t call her on phone, try to know her house, go there as early as possible in the morning, beg her very well she’s very nice woman i believe if you can beg her very well she will release that girl for you .

Me: Ok .

Off.Mic: But if you know you can’t beg her .

Me: Why would i not beg her? .

Off.Mic: You might be feeling bigger than begging her .

Me: Who am I infront of her? I will go to her house tomorrow morning to beg her .

Off.Mic: Or can you afford to pay 500,000naira for her? .

Me: ***Laugh*** Where can i get such amount? .

Off.Mic: Please go and beg her, i want that innocent girl to be release as soon as possible .

Me: I think you’re the one incharge of her case? .

Off.Mic: No, I’m not the one, it’s D.P.O himself .

Me: Can’t you release her for me? .

Off.Mic: Only D.P.O can release her, even if Madam Hadiza want her to be release D.P.O must be aware of it and he’s not around now, but if Madam Hadiza call him to release her, he will call me and the girl will be set free, so you have a lot of work to do if you want her to be release on time .

Me: Thanks for the help, can i see her now? .

Off.Mic: Yes you can ***He led me to where Dupe was, i was closed to tear when i saw how roughly my lovely beautiful girl was looking*** . ( Meanwhile Madam Hadiza is seen dialing D.P.O’s number in her sitting room, she didn’t want Dupe to be release till next week Monday, while pesman is having exam on Saturday) .

Madam Hadiza: Hello D.P.O .

D.P.O: (The D.P.O of station where Dupe was) Hi madam how are you doing .

Madam Hadiza: Am fine, please i want to withdraw the case am having in your station .

D.P.O: That’s Good, i will call Mic to release her .

Madam Hadiza: Not now, i don’t want her to be release today .

D.P.O: Till when then? .

Madam Hadiza: Coming Monday .

D.P.O: Is that what you want? .

Madam Hadiza: Yes D.P.O one boy is begging me to release her and i want her to suffer for some time, i told him you’re not around that she can not be release until you are back in town .

D.P.O: Good idea, i will call Mic to leave everything till when i come, she will be release on Monday .

Madam Hadiza: Thank you sir .

D.P.O: Welcome madam .

Madam Hadiza: Bye

***hung up*** .

Hmmm Dupe is going to suffer for another one week .

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To be continued