The Prognosticator Episode 40


As our van pulled up at the front of police station, one of the police lossed my leg cuff left only the one at hand, he led me to cell number 7 and bolted the door, 45minutes later another policeman came to my cell and led me to D.P.O Ibrahim office where i met D.P.O,Madam Hadiza,Nike and one elderly man who i don’t know .

D.P.O: ***He faced the police who brought me*** You can go ***He left*** .

Madam Hadiza: Welcome my boy, how are you .

Me: ***Crying*** not fine, i was denied freedom since yesterday because of what i know nothing nothing about, its a crime to help .

Madam Hadiza: ***Faced the elderly man*** Barrister Adebayo can you see it now, Mr ibrahim is just punishing my boy for nothing sake, what’s the meaning of all this .

Barr: ***Clear throat*** I think D.P.O will let us settle this matter here, as you can see he’s my friend i know him very well .

D.P.O: ***Face me*** can you please tell me all what you know about this case .

Me ***stammer*** Enrm enrm .

Barr: ***cuts in*** he has nothing to say, i am here because of him all the questions should be direct to my office ok? .

D.P.O: But you should let him talk, he has one or two things to say .

Barr: No, i know everything about this case and am ready to answer all the questions .

D.P.O: No i cannot tolerate this from you, moreover we are talking of my daughter .

Barr: Fine! if you cannot tolerate this from me, lets charge this case to court of law, and i am here to secure his bail, you can submit your court letter whenever you’re ready to madam’s house, give me bail form to fill and let us get out of here, we will meet in court .

Me: ***Haaaaaa barrister or what is your name, please beg D.P.O don’t argue with him, i don’t want to go to court*** .

D.P.O: ***sight in defeat***. .

Me: Please permit me to talk sir .

Barr: No you have nothing to say .

Madam Hadiza: ***Whisper into my ear*** What do you want to say pesman? Better keep your mouth shut .

Me: What i want to say will let the D.P.O understand what is happening please allow me to talk .

Madam Hadiza: ***She told Barrister all what i discussed with her*** .

Barr: ***Moved close to me and talked to me in low tone** know what you want to say, please don’t make this case complicated one for me, i don’t want you to talk but your madam pleaded with me, please say something reasonable .

Me: *** Faced D.P.O*** Sir am ready to answer your questions .

D.P.O: ***lightening up*** Good, how are related to my daughter Tola? .

Me: I don’t know any of your daughters .

D.P.O: How are you related to the boy that escaped? .

Me: He’s my casual friend nothing more .

D.P.O: Do you know him as my daughter’s boyfriend? .

Me: He didn’t tell me anything about his relationship .

D.P.O: Do you know when he gave my daughter drug to take .

Me: How would i know when we are not leaving together .

Nike: Dad please you should let this man go, this man just helped my sister he knows nothing about it .

Me: This is how it happened, my friend and i were coming from Dstv viewing center, we saw your daughter along the road and we carried her to hospital nothing more, let your daughter be ok she will tell you everything .

Nike: I know my sister’s boyfriend very well, he was the one who escaped not this gentle man .

D.P.O: Ok, this is what will happen i will still call you back when my daughter is fully recovery and fit enough to talk, if she says she does not know you fine, i will set you free but if she says she knows you, you’re in trouble and you will find your friend for me ***Before he could finished his word, his phone rang the caller was Doctor*** Hello doctor .

Doctor: Your daughter is awake and she’s talking now .

D.P.O: Thank you God .

Doctor: She said she is ready to talk to you about what happened .

D.P.O: That’s good, will you bring her here .

Doctor: No because of her health you have to come over here to question her .

D.P.O: Ok no problem about that, we will be there shortly bye

***He hanged up*** .

All of us headed to the clinic hoping to hear the reality from Tola without knowing its plan work between me, cnn, Tola and nurse Titi.

We reached the clinic and headed to Tola’s ward, we met her seated on a bed, seated beside her was a young nurse, she left immediately we walked in, Tola winked at me as i walked in i winked back at her, that only put my mind at rest that our deal still intact, Nike rushed to her sister and hugged her tightly, she really missed her, i also missed Tola, this is the first time am seeing her since she was admitted here .

Nike: Anty mi, how are you feeling now .

Tola: Am feeling better, what are you guys doing here? .

D.P.O: ***Scream*** Will you shut up your dirty mouth, your case isn’t here, me and you will meet at home, you this b—–d girl .

Madam Hadiza: Mr ibrahim please take it easy with her nobody is above mistake .

Doctor: Please D.P.O don’t let another bad things happen to her again, it cost us alot to save her life, she’s just been recovering please don’t shout at her again, its against her health .

Barr: Doctor please we are here to question her, can we? .

Doctor: Yes you can but please don’t raise your voice at her .

Barr: Ok, doctor do you know this young man ***Pointing at me*** .

Doctor: Yes i do, him and his friend was the one who brought this girl here .

Barr: Left to you D.P.O you can ask your daughter whatever you want to ask her .

D.P.O: ***With red eye*** Tola! Tola!! Tola!!! What led you to abortion? .

Tola: Silent .

D.P.O: Don’t worry you’ll answer that question at home, do you know this boy ***Pointing at me*** do you know him? Who is he to you? .

Tola: This is the first time am seeing him, i don’t know him from anywhere .

Me: can you see it now, you’re just been suffering me for nothing ***Crying*** .

Tola: What happened? Why are you crying? .

Me: Me and my friend saw you lying lifeless along the road, we carried you to hospital to save your life, but your daddy turned it to another thing for us ***crying*** .

Tola: Oh! Am sorry, so you are the one who saved my life thanks alot .

Me: What do i gain at the end, please save me from this mess tell us all what you know about this .

Tola: Yes i was pregnant and i didn’t want my daddy to know, even i didn’t tell my boyfriend, i went to meet one of my friends she was the one who gave me drug, after i took the drug i became weak, instead of heading to our house i headed to my boyfriend’s house to rest, on my way i hit my leg on stone and i fell to the ground, that’s all i know, concerning this young man i don’t know him and he’s not my boyfriend, he’s my helper (D.P.O: just opened his mouth wider without knowing what to say) .

Barr: Case closed please lets get out of here .

Me: ***wink at tola*** .

Tola: ***Wink back*** .

Me: ***We walked out of her ward, thank God am now a free man, i need to set Dupe free as well if i want to pass my coming jamb .

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To be continued