The Prognosticator Episode 36


Nike: Doctor please lets go in and treat the wound .

D.P.O: No need .

Nike: Don’t mind him jare .

Police: Oga please let the doctor treat you. . We walked back into hospital,

Doctor,D.P.O and Nike walked into one ward where D.P.O was attended to .

Me: ***Facing the police who held my trouser*** Oga police take it easy with me nah .

Police: Are you crazy, i will slap your face .

Me: What’s my offence, afterall i wasn’t D.P.O’s Daughter boyfriend, so what’s my own abeg free my trouser and let me waka .

Police: You be mumu of highest order, i should release you and let you go, you want to put me in trouble .

Me: ***Talking to him like my friend*** Oga you can help me on this, i will give you 5k, let me go please .

Police: You must be high on weed, you will give me how much? .

Me: 5k . Police: So after collecting 5k, from you i would be sack and the 5k you offered me is what i will be spending till the end of my life? If i give you hot hot blow you will not wake after 23days .

Me: What do you want me to do please .

Police: Tell me all what you know about this saga ***he brought out one small recording device*** .

Me: I know nothing brother .

Police: Who is that guy to you? .

Me: Which guy? .

Police: The guy who run away .

Me: He’s my friend .

Police: He’s a cultist right? .

Me.: Why asking such question .

Police: Didn’t you see how he handled gun .

Me: He’s not a cultist he only watched it on Tv, i don’t know where he got the skill from .

Police: But this is not first time of him to carry gun? .

Me: Don’t know

*** D.P.O Nike, and doctor walked on us that moment brought our conversation to an end, small plaster was on his face***

D.P.O: ***Faced Doctor*** Actually we haven’t done what we came here for before my daughter sighted that stupid boy .

Doctor: The patient they brought here last night? .

D.P.O: Yes my daughter insist that we must see her, she said she might be my missing daughter lets check her ward .

Nike: Dad you should mark my word you will see that the person we are talking about is no other person than my sister .

Doctor: Lets go to her ward then .

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***They are about to head to her ward when the police team (The team that run after cnn) showed up with their heart beating faster, the sorrow on their faces suggested they missed their target*** .

D.P.O: *** with full smile and calm tone*** Weldone guys and thank you for wonderful job, where is he or you have kept him at the back of the van .

Police: (Sergeant Bukola was the team leader and he was the one talking on behalf of his team members) ***with shaking voice*** Sir we tried all our possible best but we lost him, it’s obvious he’s living around this area sir, he know every loungu (Loungu means corner in hausa language) we loss him sir .

D.P.O: ***With Apopletic in his voice*** You did what? .

Sgt. Bukola: We couldn’t get him sir .

D.P.O: And you’re here in front of me, don’t you know what you suppose to do, you are suppose to lost with him .

Me: *** Finally! Finally!! Finally!!! Cnn escaped leaving me all alone to face the music, leaving me all alone to suffer, whereas i don’t know when he was fu–king her, tear flow down my cheek*** .

Sgt. Bukola: with due respect sir, we should have used violent hand on him but you denied sir, lets assume you agree with us to shoot him at leg we should have not lost him but you said you want him alive .

D.P.O: You’re blaming me right? .

Sgt. Bukola: No sir but when aegis were pursuing him,they had opportunity to fire at him but when i i remembered you ordered to spare his life i warned my men against it .

D.P.O: stop saying nonsense, are you not here when he injured me. , are you not here when he threw gun at my face, i see ,i now understand that boy had bribed you, you have collected money from him and set him free, just because you want to takeover my position in office, no problem i know what to do to you guys .

Sgt. Bukola: We didn’t set anybody free,no one collected penny from him .

D.P.O: No problem, i will get back at the silly boy .

Nike: Take it easy dad .

D.P.O: Don’t worry my dear, i will let the stupid boy know who I am, i will teach him the kind of lesson he will never forget in his life .

Sgt. Bukola: What next to do now sir? .

D.P.O: Why asking me? .

Sgt. Bukola: Because you have assigned yourself to be incharge of this case sir, and nothing can be done without your knowledge sir, what you say is the final say .

D.P.O: ***Faced me with lion eye*** You silly boy see how vital your insensitive friend wounded me, i will teach you a lesson, i will let you know that God is not from Nigeria, you will serve as scapegoat, i will let you suffer, you will regret your friend’s action ***He landed me hot slap*** .

Sgt. Bukola: Shut up your mouth .

Nike: Daddy you have just been beating this young man since, he’s not my sister’s boyfriend, i don’t even know him please let him be and let us check the ward we are to check .

Doctor: You should take it easy with this boy sir, we are yet to confirm him as the criminal, lets check the ward first .

Nike: Yes we should check the ward first .

D.P.O: Whether he’s criminal or not, i will not let him go don’t you see how his friend hurt me, if i deal with him so hard, he will tell me where his friend is .

Nike: Let Check the ward dad .

D.P.O: ***Faced sgt. Bukola*** handcuff him, put him at the back of the van .

Me: *** I was cuffed and led to where police van was parked outside, a lot of thought began running through my mind*** “This is how am going to spend the rest of my life in jail because of my ignorance” “Where is cnn now, where is jameelah?” “Dupe is also in police cell” “Why always me oh Lord?” I wept as i was put roughly at the back of the police van, i barely settled down at the back of the van when i heard a familiar voice screamed from afar “STOP! STOP!! STOP!!!” I looked outside and saw Madam Hadiza coming down from her car, i heave a sigh of relief


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To be continued