The Prognosticator Episode 35


******FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM****** . . .

Another hot slap brought me back to live from languished condition, my eyes became blur, i cannot see clearly, the kind of ringing tone playing on my head is like that of “Awilo longomba” The D.P.O moved closed to me to hit me once again but he was held by one of his boys “You should take it easy with this boy sir” one of his boys pleaded on my behalf .

D.P.O: Where do you hide my daughter? .

Me: Pesman sir (Because i can’t hear clearly again) .

D.P.O: I said where is my daughter? .

Me: My name is pesman sir ***One of the annoyance police moved closed to me and gave me head knock, you dey craze is that what oga is asking you? You won’t believe all this while they don’t even raised finger on cnn talkless of beating him, when i cannot endure the pain again i voiced out*** Sir you are just been beating me, i can’t hear all what you have been asking me, if you want to communicate with me kindly be writing it on paper, my ear is malfunctioning .

Police: You must be stupid, oga should be writing on paper to communicate with you? .

Me: what do you say? *** he gave me another hot slap*** you’re just been beating me on offence i didn’t committed (meanwhile Nike was on phone call with only God known person, assuming she’s not on call maybe she would have rescued me from beating season by those angry policemen) .

D.P.O: It ok handcuff him and carry him to station, i will make sure i deal with you, your case will teach some imbecile like you a lesson. . .

Nike: ***Screamed again*** He’s not the one, he’s not anty Tola’s boyfriend .

D.P.O: But who is her boyfriend? .

Nike: ***Pointing at cnn*** . As if cnn did beating rituals, they started beating him. He was screaming ontop of his voice “I am not her boyfriend o” “Who are you talking about sef” “Who is tola” “Have you ever seen me in your house before?” he kept shouting as the beating continue, i started laughing in my mind when one of the police hit him on teeth. .

Nike: Haaaaaa liar, you said you are not her boyfriend? Don’t i know you again uncle cnn, don’t mind him he’s the one, he’s my missing sister’s boyfriend he does send me to her several times .

D.P.O: Beating should stop, i don’t want him wounded, you know if we wound him now he might not be able to talk again, and i want him to tell me where my daughter is, for the last time Where is my daughter? .

Cnn: I know nothing of what you have been asking me, i don’t know your daughter, who is she please? .

Me : Truth to be told i don’t think ***Before i could finish my statement something happened, cnn performed magic, only God knew how he snatched gun from one of the careless officer, he pointed it at D.P.O .

Cnn: Move close to me and i shoot .

Me: Cnn please don’t .

Cnn: Pesman commot here or i shoot you too ***He began moving back to the entrance, with gun held firmly in his hand, only God know how he got the courage to snatch the gun from the police, he kept moving backwards till he reached clinic corridor, we all moved close to him as he kept moving till he reached clinic corridor “If anybody dare move close to me consider yourself as deterioration he threatened further as he was about to reached the entrance gate. Deep down in me i knew cnn is planning how to escape, and if he eventually escape i would be the police target and i will be the one to suffer as they already knew i was his friend”*** .

D.P.O: Don’t act funny, i want you to know you’re surrounded by police, don’t think you can go Scot free (He talked with the intelligence) .

Cnn: I don’t care, i know today is going to be bloody, i will kill and i will get killed, just warn your men to stay away from me .

D.P.O: ***Laugh*** I just want you to know that you’re going nowhere. Let get him shot at leg “one of the policemen suggested to him in whispers” Don’t do that, i want to get him unharmed .

Me: Cnn please have mercy .

Cnn: If you say nonsense i shoot you .

Me: ***Now am in for it very big time*** .

D.P.O: ***Commanding all his boys*** your hands down “All hands went down” now let reach agreement ***he face cnn*** i have nothing to do with you, am ready to set you free for the sake of my daughter, just tell me where my daughter is and you’re Free to go .

Cnn: ***He c–k the gun as if he’s ready to put the trigger, he threw the gun at the D.P.O with all his power, the gun hit him by forehead, making him fall to ground, cnn took to his heel he ran out of the hospital as fast as his legs could carried him, i was also ready to pick the race and escape as well, but i was very surprise when i tried to run and something held me back, one of the stupid police held my trouser firmly, the escape route for me has been blocked . .

D.P.O: ***Still on the floor*** make sure you get him, he must not escape, you guys should bring him here alive .

Me: ***Laughing in my head, as i saw blood all over his face .

Nike: Are you ok dad? ***Trying to help him up*** .

D.P.O: don’t worry am ok .

Doctor: Sorry sir, let us go inside so that the doctor can treat your wound .

D.P.O: No need for that, let me see my daughter first .

Nike: Let the doctor treat the wound dad, the blood is too much .

Doctor: Please sir let’s go inside

. D.P.O: Haaaaaa this boy will suffer in my hand, i will make sure i deal with him, imagine the whole me, the whole D.P.O got injured by mere bloody civilian , this boy must be stupid, i will let him know who i am, i will deal with him, i will kill him, i will slaughter his body, i will sell his meat on OLX, JIJI, JUMIA, KONGA, YUDALA, haaaaaa the whole me .

Me: Sorry sir ***The police who held my trouser gave me terrible slap*** .

D.P.O: Are you mad, you want me to kill you before i kill him, if you say anything else i will shoot you ***he cocked his gun*** .

Me: *** I went into silent mood*** .

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To be continued