The Prognosticator Episode 33


*****SHE CANNOT KILLS****** . . .

Nike walked in with sorrow on her face, you don’t need to ask before you’ll know something terrible is bothering her mind, her lost sister? Only God knows, she faced her father (D.P.O) and said .

Nike: Daddy lets go where we are going, we must find my sister today ooh, either dead or alive .

D.P.O: Don’t worry my daughter God will led us through, but let me settle the matter of these two young boys first .

Nike: Daddy you should handle their case to another officer, let us find your lost daughter first .

D.P.O: My daughter, I have to attend to this case properly, because if my men failed, i will be the one to be questioned by Commissioner of Police. Do you know their case is like murder case? .

Cnn: ***With low tone*** Pesman what should i do now? Nike must not see me .

Me: Use style walk out and wait for us there .

Cnn: What if they ask of me? .

Me: I will cover you up, but please don’t run away o, don’t put me into another trouble .

Cnn: ***He walked out, without raising any suspicious*** .

Nike; Daddy you said their case is like murder, what happened to them? .

D.P.O: There is a girl admitted in one clinic not too far from here, the girl had an abortion and her boyfriend dumped her body along the road, this two young men saw her and carried her to clinic .

Nike: Oh my God! What a wicked world .

D.P.O: Have you seen it now that i have to follow the case properly, i even want to deal with the girl’s boyfriend .

Nike: Her boyfriend deserve to be punished, but have you seen the girl? .

D.P.O: Nope why asking? .

Nike: Don’t You think we have to visit that clinic, something tells me the girl in question might be my sister .

D.P.O: ***Laugh*** you mean Tola my daughter? I trust her, she can never had abortion, if she does i will kill her stupid boyfriend .

Nike: Lets go there first .

D.P.O: I agree with you, we will go there and from there to where we are planning to go before .

Nike: Ok dad .

D.P.O: ***faced me*** where is your second? .

Me: He went outside to pee .

D.P.O: Ok. ***he faced his boys*** am coming let me check some files in my office, when am through with it we’ll go to the clinic together ***he walked into his office with her daughter*** . I brought out my phone to gist Nurse Titi how far we went .

Nurse Titi: Hi pesman (chatting via whatssapp) .

Me: morning .

Nurse Titi: How are you doing? .

Me: Am fine .

Nurse Titi: That’s good, so how it go? .

Me: It went well but there is a problem. .

Nurse Titi: ***shocked*** what happened pesman .

Me: we did well in questioning room, even the police incharge of our case confirmed it that our answer is 90% the same .

Nurse Titi: That’s fantastic of you guys, but you said there is a problem earlier? .

Me: Yes .

Nurse Titi: Oya tell me what the problem is .

Me: Nike is here with us .

Nurse Titi: Who is Nike? .

Me: Tola’s immediate younger sister .

Nurse Titi: ***Surprised*** Haaaaaaaaaaa serious trouble pes, how come? .

Me: She came with her father .

Nurse Titi: Did she recognized cnn? .

Me: No, cnn was hiding under the table .

Nurse Titi: Haaaaaa kasala want to burst, what do you think is the next thing to do now? .

Me: I don’t know oo .

Nurse Titi: Nike is still there with you? .

Me: Nope she went inside her father’s office .

Nurse Titi: What of cnn? .

Me: He’s is outside, we’ll soon be on our way to the hospital .

Nurse Titi: Ok, but you might not meet me in the hospital .

Me: Where are you going? .

Nurse Titi: You know i suppose to be on morning duty, but because of what happened, i did morning and night duty, so Doctor said i should go home and rest, i will resume back tomorrow .

Me: Hmmmm ok o, so how is Tola now? .

Nurse Titi: She’s perfectly ok now .

Me: Her father and her sister are coming there soon .

Nurse Titi: Have they find out she’s here in our clinic? .

Me: Nope, they just want to come and visit the girl in your custody without knowing they are coming to meet their daughter in your clinic .

Nurse Titi: Oga ooh .

Me: Just be praying for us o, because i don’t know what will be our faith when D.P.O finds out his daughter in your clinic .

Nurse Titi: Don’t worry pesman, since i was involved in this saga you have nothing to fear, you know i told you earlier that i have my way .

Me: What are you up to? .

Nurse Titi: Don’t worry pesman when we overcome this, i will tell you everything .

Me: No problem oo .

Nurse Titi: So how far about our last discussion? .

Me: Which discussion? .

Nurse Titi: The one we discussed at Royals hotel .

Me: To be your man? .

Nurse Titi: Yes dear, i really love you pesman .

Me: When we overcome this i will give you a reply .

Nurse Titi: Pesman why are you doing this to me? .

Me: We are in trouble you are talking about love, see when everything die down we’ll enjoy our self, let solve the problem at hand first .

Nurse Titi: Ok pesman, just want to tell you that .

Me: What? .

Nurse Titi: I love you .

Me: Thank you ***Ended the chat*** What is this nurse is up to? “We are about to be going to jail, she’s talking of love” “Love my foot” “But she said she has her way” “does she know any big personality in this town? “Maybe she’s dating one of the police officers” “But this matter is beyond what any mere police can solve” “I pray we overcome this as soon as possible” “My phone brought me back to reality with its stupid ringtone” .

Me: Hello good morning .

Caller: Morning, please is this pesman? .

Me: ***Panic*** Who is on the line? .

Caller: Am i on to pesman? .

Me: Yes, how may i help you? .

Caller: Good, this is officer Michael from divisional police station .

Me: Officer? What happened .

Police: Do you know one Miss Modupeola Ajayi? .

Me: Modupeola Ajayi? .

Police: Yes, do you know her? .

Me: ***Dupe my girlfriend*** Yes i know her .

Police: Who is she to you? .

Me: ***Feared*** she’s my girlfriend, please what happened to her? .

Police: Just come straight to police station, when you reach everything will be explained to you, she was arrested this morning .

Me: ***Surprised*** but sir do .

Police: ***Hanged up*** . Immediately the police officer hanged up on me rudely, one million and one thought began flowing on my mind “Dupe was arrested this morning” “What offence she might be committed” “May be its scam” “They can never arrest Dupe just like that” “The Dupe i know would have seen everything before happening” “I believe she knew i was in police station now” “Dupe cannot commit crime” .

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To be continued