The Prognosticator Episode 28



After cnn break the news of Tola’s dismiss to me, my body became weak, my legs became heavier that I couldn’t carried it, I saw my dawn fall before me, the thought of “Kuje prison” (Abuja) or “Binugwari prison” (Kastina) came to my mind, I totally caused myself perplexed with my bare hands, I knew I caused the death of Tola with my evil advice

I cried out my eyes as I remembered God that moment, forgive me oh lord, I know i am a sinner I know it’s been long I worshipped you please don’t reject me, don’t let me suffer, if you can save me from this mess i will never leave you for a single minute, please come to my aid,

The hoodlum in front of me just walked away without saying a word to me, I knew he would pity me, Thought he didn’t know the kind of evil which befall me and I don’t know what he was in front of me for. But he said he was in front of me to warned me, but on what? How would I know when he was yet to tell me what he came for before I received the fatally call.

I Couldn’t tell if I fly, walk, run or crawling to cnn’s house, I just found myself in his room, he quickly stood up and increased his crying tempo when he saw me in front of him,. Tola’s body was lying lifeless in pool of her own blood, the blood on the floor is too much as if they just slaughter cow in his room, my heart skipped when I saw Tola lifeless body on the floor,. Cnn continue crying like a kid who spoiled bicycle. I faced him and busted into crying. together we cried bitterly .

Cnn: ***crying*** Am in trouble .

Me: ***crying** Stop saying you’re in trouble, we’re in trouble brother .

Cnn: What do we do now .

Me: I don’t know .

Cnn: Pesman please lets go and dump her body .

Me: With barely hands, assuming we have a car it would be easy, we’ll just dump her along the road, but try to understand me we cannot disposed her body without a car, don’t you know if we dump her with our barely hands they can easily trace us with our finger prints on her body .

Cnn: Am doom , Tola! Tola!! Tola!!! Please answer me, please don’t leave me alone, how do I face your family, pesman my next house is jail Tola’s father will kill me, do you know her father is a policeman .

Me: Yes I know, he’ll definitely kills us .

Cnn: Pesman please talk to me what do we do now .

Me: ***Moved closed to Tola’s corp on the floor, I felt her throb, she was warmth instead of cold*** I don’t think Tola is dead o .

Cnn: ***curious*** What do you see? .

Me: Tola is warm if she’s dead she supposed to be cold .

Cnn: What next to do, please save me .

Me: I think we should call nurse .

Cnn: Titi? .

Me: Yes .

Cnn: please call her .

Me: Ok ***Brought out my phone and called her*** .

Nurse Titi: Hi love Thanks for today .

Me: Hi Titi there’s a problem .

Nurse Titi: What happened .

Me: It’s Tola o .

Nurse Titi: Who is Tola? .

Me: The girl you injected this evening .

Nurse Titi: your friend bae .

Me: Yes .

Nurse Titi: what happened to her .

Me: She’s been bleeding immediately you left and the blood will not stop till now .

Nurse Titi: How is she now .

Me: Just come she cannot talk again .

Nurse Titi: Please give me 30minute I will be there .

Me: 30minute is too much please start coming now .

Nurse Titi: Don’t worry pesman i will be there shortly .

Me: Please don’t stay too long

***Hang up*** .

I was surprised to see cnn parking his things before i hanged up the Call .

Me: what are you trying to do, Where are you going .

Cnn: Am preparing for jail .

Me: Stop saying that Bro, I believe she’s not yet dead, lets wait for arrival of nurse Titi . 10Minutes late we’re still waiting patiently for Titi to show up but no sign of her, my phone rang that moment I thought it was nurse Titi, but I was so fury when I saw the caller was Jameelah instead of nurse Titi we were waiting for .

Me: Hi .

Jameelah: Hi love how are you doing .

Me: ***pretending as if things are alright*** Am fine .

Jameelah: Where are you .

Me: In my room about to sleep .

Jameelah: Just want to hear your voice and greeting you as well .

Me: Thanks a lot .

Jameelah: And thanks for today .

Me: Welcome .

Jameelah: When are we seeing .

Me: I’ll call you tomorrow .

Jameelah: pesman your voice and your replies is somehow, what happened to you .

Me: Nothing just that I have swirly headache and am feeling sleepy . Jameelah: lemme leave you alone then so you can rest, see you tomorrow love you so much .

Me: ***Hang up*** .

Cnn: Who is that .

Me: Don’t mind the Yeye girl, she doesn’t know what is bothering my mind, she’s is talking of love .

Cnn: Don’t you think this nurse is taking too long .

Me: she’ll be here at any moment from now lemme recall her .

Cnn: Please do . I called nurse Titi again she picked she told me she’s on her way coming, she said she will be with us in the next five minutes, I told cnn what nurse Titi and I discussed, I later received another call from Dupe .

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. To be continued