The Prognosticator Episode 24


******THE PROPHETIC DUPE****** .

I have totally put myself in a big mess, how am I going to defend myself in front of Dupe now, I have to come up with something confusingly than what have been telling her before .

Dupe: Talk to me pesman .

Me: Actually am with woman i told you about around 11am but I don’t know her name neither do I know her .

Dupe: Pesman you know nothing last forever, I made up my mind to end this relationship with you, I don’t know what came over me to take it easy with you .

Me: You have to take it easy with me love, because am telling you nothing but pure truth .

Dupe: It shows on your face, all what you have been hiding will soon reveal itself as times goes on. My only fear is that I don’t know what future holds for me with you, Despite the fact that I love you with my whole heart, but you’re treating me like a slave (Crying) .

Me: ***Moved closed to her and hug her*** you’re reproaching me of what I knew nothing about but there’s no problem about that, what matter most is the love we have for each other (I raised up her head, I looked straight into her eyes with full love in my eyes, I made her totally confused) I love you with my life modupeola. What followed was a hot kisses, the kiss led to romance, the romance lasted for almost 30minutes before it got to penetration level, Dupe was fully ready for my d–k. But she was disappointed because I denied her s-x not intentionally thou, but my sexual huge had been taking care of in the afternoon by Christabel, Dupe was so hurt and voice out .

Dupe: What happen pesman I want to feel you .

Me: Just that am not in the mood and something is bothering my mind .

Dupe: ***sit up *** What is it dear please tell me .

Me: What happened is that I want to register for coming jamb, even am planning to register it tomorrow morning .

Dupe: so jamb is what is bothering your mind .

Me: Not like that, it’s been long I read my book to pass the jamb is what am scaring of .

Dupe: Don’t worry about that pesman just go and register the jamb, a day to the exam I will give you all the answers to all the subjects of yours choices, I could remember my brother scored 350 in last jamb .

Me: ***Surprised*** 350 how come, the guy must be extraordinary brainy .

Dupe: See you, I gave him answer a day to the exam and he passed .

Me: So you can prophesier the answer? .

Dupe: Yeah I did it last year and am ready to do it for you this year .

Me: Woow thank dear, that mean I will be among the jamb best students this year with your help no need to read again .

Dupe: Yes dear, I love you .

Me: Love you most ***Kissed her*** The kiss brought back the lost passion in us, Dupe was moaning under my warmth mouth .

Dupe: Pesman give it to me please .

Me: I wish I could but .

Dupe: But what, please give it to me. .

Me: Am not with any protection here .

Dupe: Protection like what? .

Me: Condom .

Dupe: Pesman give it to me raw, am not infected with any viruses .

Me: Yes I know you are not, but am not ready to become a father .

Dupe: You have a point dear what do we do now .

Me: Do you have any protection with you there .

Dupe: like .

Me: ***Innocent girl*** Anti pregnancy pill .

Dupe: I don’t use any pills, can you prescribe for me. .

Me: Yeah, you can go for postinor (Note: I didn’t prescribed postinor for you ladies as anti pregnancy pill, thought it works perfect but it side effects can damage womb, kindly stop using it if you have been using it before. It was the name of anti pregnancy pill that came into my dirty mind by the time am writing this particular episode) .

Dupe: Thank you, I will go for it tomorrow then .

Me: Don’t forget your promise about my coming jamb o .

Dupe: ***wore back her clothes*** don’t worry about that .

Me: Thanks .

Dupe: Pesman .

Me: yeah .

Dupe: I have something important to tell you .

Me: Am listening .

Dupe: And I want you to believe me on this .

Me: OK I will .

Dupe: Pesman stay off cnn for a while, something bad might happened to you through him .

Me: ***Fear*** What’s going to happen this time around .

Dupe: I don’t know, just stay off him for a while .

Me: Like how long .

Dupe: Don’t know, just try to avoid him, and don’t tell him anything .

Me: OK dear I will do as you say .

Dupe: It’s time to go home see you after work tomorrow (I See her off) .

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Immediately I entered my room I began to fear. my mind is full of unsaid words “what is going to happen to cnn” “dupe said I should stay off him” “she said further than I should not tell him anything” “cnn is the only confidant I have” “I pray nothing bad happens to my dear friend” “Should I tell him” “pesman don’t try it, if you try it Dupe would not tell you anything again” What can I do to cool off my spirits now, I remembered the nurse I met in hospital in the afternoon, I brought out my phone and dialled her number she picked instantly as if she has been expecting my call for a while .

Me: Hello beautiful nurse .

Nurse: ***With sexy voice*** hello who am I on to .

Me: Guess who it can be .

Nurse: Am not good at guessing, kindly reveal your identity or I hang up the call, am not in mood for prank of yours .

Me: OK this is pesman .

Nurse: OK o Mr pesman, what can I do for you .

Me: I thought you need my help most .

Nurse: Please don’t threaten me, who are you .

Me: You’ve been scared .

Nurse: Why should I, am just curious to your identity .

Me: Ok this is the guy you gave pieces of paper which contains your number at you clinic in the afternoon guess you remember.

Nurse: Oh! Handsome man, so your name is Pesman .

Me: Yes my nickname .

Nurse: What of real name .

Me: Kunle .

Nurse: Adekunle, nice name .

Me: Thank you, what of you .

Nurse: My name is Titilayo .

Me: Woow nurse titi .

Nurse Titi: I love the way you call my name “Nurse Titi” .

Me: I also love that name, it remind me of one comedy series I watched years back, nurse Titi was my favorite character in that movie .

Nurse Titi: What’s the title of the series .

Me: clinic matter, very funny series .

Nurse Titi: I knew it’s clinic matter .

Me: You also watching it .

Nurse Titi: Yeah but biliki was my favorite character .

Me: True i also love biliki, I love the way she speaks pidgin and Yoruba very funny .

Nurse Titi: That’s what makes me love her too .

Me: so, why did you give your number to me .

Nurse Titi: I Just like you on first sight and I think we can work together .

Me: But am not a doctor nah, why working with you nurse .

Nurse Titi: I think we can be friends .

Me: Yes we can, save my number o .

Nurse Titi: Thank you Pes, nice meeting you .

Me: The pleasure is mine, good night .

Nurse Titi: Sleep tight bye

***Hang up*** .

This nurse Titi is kinda funny and fun to be with, I pray she becomes good friend of mine I called madam hadiza after speaking with nurse Titi .

Me: Hello .

Madam hadiza: Hi love, how are you doing .

Me: Am fine, how today’s work .

Madam hadiza: Fine dear, where are you .

Me: In my room about to sleep .

Madam hadiza: That’s good, and thanks for today’s visit .

Me: Welcome, peslady .

Madam hadiza: Hmmmm pesman you always put smile on my face .

Me: ***smile*** .

Madam hadiza: But have been expecting your call since 7pm, I would have called you but I don’t want to be too forward .

Me: Thought i promised to call you before i sleep .

Madam hadiza: Yes, that’s why I didn’t bother myself to call you again .

Me: It ok peslady .

Madam hadiza: So how far about our discussion .

Me: Our discussion .

Madam hadiza: Yes what we discussed in the afternoon .

Me: ok the reply I promised to give you on phone .

Madam hadiza: Yes, can you please tell me now .

Me: What is there is that .

Madam hadiza: pesman please don’t break My heart .

Me: Am ready to Take your offer .

Madam hadiza: Pesman tell me it’s a lie .

Me: Am damm serious .

Madam hadiza: Woow pesman I love you .

Me: I love you too ( my phone’s screen light went on and off it signalled me I had another Call ***Call waiting*** I checked the screen the caller was cnn, I will call him back after this Call) .

Madam hadiza: This Calls for celebration, I will take you out tomorrow for lunch by 4pm, deal? .

Me: Yes .

Madam hadiza: Thank my love .

Me: Thanks dear, get to go now bye

***Hangs up*** .

I barely hanged up when cnn call came in again .

Me: Mr cnn .

Cnn: ***With fright in his voice*** Pesman .

Me: Guy what happened your voice is somehow .

Cnn: Pesman there’s a big trouble .

Me: Abeg don’t prolonged the matter, tell me what happened .

Cnn: ***With shaking voice*** It is tola o .

Me: Modaran (am doomed) what happened to her please stop scaring me and go straight to the point .

Cnn: You know Tola was with me since afternoon .

Me: No needs of telling me that, we are together when she called you, hope she’s didn’t faint under you .

Cnn: Nope she did not .

Me: So what happened tell me .

Cnn: I always tell her I never ready ooo .

Me: OK .

Cnn: After having 3 rounds of raw s-x with her today, she brought up the ugly topic .

Me: What is the topic is all about .

Cnn: Pesman am totally in big mess .

Me: I think it’s time to end this call because you’re not ready to talk to me .

Cnn: Don’t hang up please .

Me: For the last time, What happened to Tola .

Cnn: Am in trouble pesman, Tola is pregnant .

Me: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . Hmmmm seriously trouble, my friend is about to become a responsible father .

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To be continued