The Prognosticator Episode 20



The knock sounded for the second time. I was like pee on my pant .

Madam hadiza: Woman, am coming be patient .

Dupe: OK Ma .

Me: ***overwhelmed*** please where your toilet located? .

Madam hadiza: The door behind you leads to toilet .

I went inside toilet to hid not to poo or pee but for Dupe not to see me, random thought began running through my complected mind. “Dupe again” “This girl should let me be please” “She was indeed monitoring sprit” “She followed me everywhere” “Where she gets her power self?” “I wish she could see bet9ja result” “I would have become a millionaire by now” ” But no, she couldn’t see that, only my movements she can monitor” “Continue monitoring me up and down na you sabi” . I moved closed to the toilet door to listen to their conversation, I can hear them clearly. .

Madam hadiza: You are here, hope no problem, you supposed to be in supermarket by now? .

Dupe: Yes ma, I was here to tell you that our goods has arrived .

Madam hadiza: And so? Can’t you guys call me instead of coming here .

Dupe: Ma, the number you left with us isn’t connecting, we’ve tried it several times but still not connecting and the suppliers demand to see you, that’s why Mr John sent me here ma .

Madam hadiza: OK tell them am coming soon, please go and monitor my shop .

Dupe: OK Ma, when are you coming? .

Madam hadiza: *** With harsh tone*** What is your problem, i said am coming soon, what your problem with that? Now out .

Dupe: Sorry ma *** Walked out*** .

“Dupe finally fumble sha” “Her too know too much” “Wetin be her own” I walked out of toilet without using it, I traversed back to sitting room, madam hadiza was seated on a couch .

Me: Why melancholy face, what is happening? .

Madam hadiza: Don’t mind the Yeye girl that just left now .

Me: *** Feigned*** who is she? .

Madam hadiza: The girl I just employed .

Me: Her name? .

Madam hadiza: Dupe .

Me: What does she wants, she supposed to be in supermarket by now .

Madam hadiza: She came here to delivered message .

Me: About the supermarket? .

Madam hadiza: Yes, My goods has arrived .

Me: Oh! That’s good, you’ll make more sales insah Allah .

Madam hadiza: Ameen .

Me: That’s mean you’ve to go and see them and observe the goods very well, all those truck drivers are not worth to be trusted. They can act funny sometimes .

Madam hadiza: You mean they are stealing? .

Me: I don’t say so, but you must be watchful and vigilant with your goods .

Madam hadiza: That’s why I need a manager badly .

Me: Try to employ one as soon as possible, so he can be managing the store for you. But the person must be trustworthy, it is advisable to employed someone you know and trusted very well .

Madam hadiza: Hmmmm .

Me: anybody in mind? .

Madam hadiza: Yes but am thinking of him, Don’t know if he would agreed or not .

Me: Have you discussed it with him before? .

Madam hadiza: No .

Me: Call him nah, you’ve nothing to worry about, highest he would declined the offer .

Madam hadiza: I don’t want him to decline it .

Me: You have to convince him with sugarcoat mouth, I believe he would accepted .

Madam hadiza: I pray to God to give me courage to talk to him .

Me: Funny you, courage to talk to whom you want to employ, don’t you know you are the boss, you are the owner of your Money .

Madam hadiza: No problem dear we’ll talk about it later .

Me: OK ma .

Madam hadiza: Stop using ma for me, you’re my part .

Me: OK madam, thought you love that? .

Madam hadiza: Nope I don’t .

Me: What would you prefer then .

Madam hadiza: Call me #peslady .

Me: That reminds me .

Madam hadiza: Enumerate it .

Me: You always used peslady as signatory message .

Madam hadiza: Yeah that’s what i prefer to be called by you .

Me: ***Don’t you know you too old to be peslady? *** Perfect I will be calling you that .

Madam hadiza: Thank dear .

Me: So back to what we are discussing before Denike or what’s her name interrupted us .

Madam hadiza: Dupe .

Me: Yeah .

Madam hadiza: Pesman what I am trying to say is that I love you, and i want you to be close to me and be by my side always .

Me: What of your husband ? .

Madam hadiza: Please don’t remind me of him .

Me: What happened? .

Madam hadiza: *** Sob*** my husband is no more .

Me: ***Sympathies*** sorry dear may almighty Allah grant him Aljanal fredouse, and be with you and your children .

Madam hadiza: Ameen .

Me: But you supposed to remarry instead of having affairs with small boy like me .

Madam hadiza: Pesman, I made vow not to remarry again, Afterall I had three children(s) two boys and one girl .

Me: Where are they . Madam hadiza: Only my daughter is leaving here with me .

Me: What of the other two boy’s .

Madam hadiza: They’re in USA .

Me: May almighty Allah continue protecting them .

Madam hadiza: Ameen .

Me: Don’t you think your children can get mad at you if they eventually discovered what is going on between us, i don’t want them to ask for my head, you know how US based behaves .

Madam hadiza: Two of them are kids of 15 and 12years .

Me: What of their sister .

Madam hadiza: She’s 19years now .

Me: Where is she now .

Madam hadiza: She’s not around now, pesman can you please do what I asked you for .

Me: Actually i don’t think i can do it, beside I have someone am dating, where do you want me to put her, I love her so much I don’t want to hurt her, and i don’t want her to cry because of me .

Madam hadiza: I understand you pesman, I Don’t ask for your hands in marriage with me, what you’ll be doing for me is so simple .

Me: like .

Madam hadiza: I will be calling you anytime I need you by my side, you just have to be treating me the way I want. I am an eminent woman in this town I don’t want to tarnish my image that’s why I choose someone like You, even if people see us together they wouldn’t think we have something in common, they would think you’re working with me, pesman please don’t turned me down ***sobs*** .

Me: Anytime I want to flirt behind my girl I do feel uncomfortable I don’t want to cheat on her and I don’t want her to cheat on me too, ohun ti ole’gba mase se fun eniyan (don’t do to people what you can’t endure) .

Madam hadiza: ***sob*** how I wish my husband is alive, I would have never scornful myself in front of you like this, pesman just name whatever you want and consider it done .

Me: *** Have been reading, hearing, watching about Malaysia for so long*** “This is the opportunity of going to Malaysia” “Pesman why don’t you tell her you want to go to Malaysia” “Hmmmm pesman you are a gold digger o” “Why are you not thinking with your head” “Don’t let this woman see you as volition of money” “OK what should I requested for? ” “You can request for a car nah” “A car while you’re leaving in a one single room without chair in it” “Don’t forget CNN advised to act busy in front of her .

The sms ringtone of my phone brought me back to reality, I brought out my phone to check the text, the sender was nobody but Dupe, I begin to fear that I started sweating from head to toe despite the fact that A. C were on, what I’m sure of is nobody cannot kill me than Dupe

“Pesman I know you were with madam hadiza when I visited, but I was extremely Surprised to met your absence in her sitting room, I know you were hidden somewhere, please don’t waste my time tell me what is going on, so I will know my stand in your custody”

were the contents of the message. Dupe and her palaver, I waved her thought out of my mind .

Madam hadiza: Talk to me pesman .

Me: Nothing much to say, I would like to send my reply through sms, I will text you before I sleep .

Madam hadiza: Can’t wait to hear from you, I want my mind to be at rest .

Me: Don’t worry peslady, I will get back to you soon .

Madam hadiza: I am looking forward to it .

Me: Tell me more about your husband and reason why you vow not to remarry again .

Madam hadiza: It is a long story pesman, please don’t refresh my wounds am yet to overcome it .

Me: Please try to tell Me, so I will know what response to give you Concerning your proposal .

Madam hadiza: So you want to be threatening me because of my condition .

Me: How would i do that, I just want to know and to be assure I am in safe hand .

Madam hadiza: *** Looked at me and cleared throat with tear rolled from her eyes to her cheek*** pesman I was married to Alhaji usman Dan Zaria at age of 26, usman was very popular because he was a politician, he loved by everyone he was rich and wealthy,he loves playing with people. Usman do treat everybody equally, he was pure and honest, he used to gives out to less privileged people and he never failed to render help to anybody whom seek. In year 2007 usman contested for the post of kaduna state governor, he started his awareness, his posters were pasted everywhere across kaduna state, he contested under the platform of U.C.A party this made him the peoples favorite, everybody was ready to vote him, he has gained ground than any other candidates in other political parties, even some of other men who had ambition under the U.C.A willingly step down for him. I was extremely happy and joyous, pesman I was even day- dreaming the day of election, all my aims is to become first lady of kaduna state without knowing I was just be dreaming, the dream that can never comes to reality.

***She increased the level of her crying*** pesman 13days to election usman and i were sleeping in our matrimonial room at exactly 1.00am in the morning usman suddenly shouted “WAYO ALLAH” (My God) and he died instantly, pesman I cried out my eye, that put dent to my ambition to become the first lady of kaduna state ***continue with crying,

I was even carried away by her crying, I felt totally dejected, I was touched by her words that I felt like crying with her that moment but i held back my tear, man must not cry***

To cut the long story short pesman after the burial of usman his families stand against me and my children they called me several names, they said I was responsible for their son’s death, they took over his properties and sent me out of his house. But God is powerful than them, how on earth would I killed my beloved husband, My crown, My Joy, the father of my kids, They seize all our properties, all his companies were locked by his brother, I wasn’t entitled to his property anymore, but God saved me usman made me his next of kin of his bank account, when he was alive, I have access to his bank account.

After the accident I called his bank manager Mr adamu he’s someone I know very well we are from the Same area in kaduna (kabala west) I explained everything to him he was the one that helped me out by Transfered part of his money to my account, after the transaction was done I relocated to South West, that’s why i was here in osun state since 2008 That’s my story dear. .

I felt like crying after listening to Madam hadiza’s story What a wicked world we lives in???? .

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To be continued