The Prognosticator Episode 17


I said you should stop there another vigilante said to us, if you move I shoot. You this thieves , he threatening further. It now down on me Christabel has put me into another troubled, why always me??? .

Me: Good evening sir .

Vigilante1: Save your greeting **He flashed touch light across my face** where una dey come from? .

Me: Sir we dey come from the hospital .

Vigilante2: You go do abortion abi? .

Christabel: If we go do abortion nko, he concern you? .

Vigilante2: Na me you dey talk to like that? .

Christabel: ***Raised voice*** who you be? .

Vigilante2: Choi na me you dey open eye for? You go tey (stay long) for here this nite o .

Me: sir na true be say we tey for outside but you no suppose to ask that kind question, if we go do abortion that one no concern you .

Vigilante1: Wetin una go do for hospital? .

Me: Na one of our friend get wound for head na him we carry go hospital, and we just comot from the hospital, we dey go our house .

Vigilante1: where una dey leave? .

Christabel: Araromi street .

Vigilante1: una done marry? .

Me: yeah she be my wife .

Vigilante1: your wife or corner corner wife? (illegal wife) .

Christabel: I be him wife, any problem with that? .

Vigilante2: na you him dey ask? .

Christabel: if him no dey ask me nko, no be my husband him dey ask? .

Vigilante2: no problem nah, dey yab me (Abuse or insult ) if no be say you be woman I for don beat you .

Christabel: come beat me na, come beat me **hissed** .

Me: oga vigilante na woman you dey follow talk like this, na me and you get problem please leave her alone, come make we reason (let talk)

**I dragged him to one corner** oga vigilante I done tell you the truth na for hospital we dey from one of our friend na him get injured for head and we carry him go hospital, even we want to sleep in the hospital but no space for us to sleep, that’s why we dey Waka go home .

Vigilante1: but you too for no say time don go this is 11:42pm .

Me: I know but we no go sleep in hospital nah, we no be thief abi thief dey Waka for main road in the nite? .

Vigilante1: no problem, I go free una but you go buy regal gin for us (alcoholic drink ) you no say the kind of cold wey dey outside no be small .

Me: that one no be problem **I dipped my hand into my pocket and gave him 1000naira note** .

Vigilante1: I no get change oh .

Me: no worry keep the change .

Vigilante1: haa thank you, where you say una the stay? .

Me: Araromi .

Vigilante1: we go follow you there so another set of vigilante no go disturb you for road .

Me: OK **the two of them seeing us off to Christabel house** .

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******THE FOLLOWING DAY****** .

I woke up as early as 5:00am in the morning, I was feeling weak and lost some of energy , I was weak because of two rounds of s-x I had with Christabel last night. I manage to get up went into bathroom to clean up, Christabel has fully wake before I returned from bathroom .

Christabel: Good morning love .

Me: good morning .

Christabel: how was your night? .

Me: with you beside me, it went well .

Christabel: **laugh** that’s romantic of you, how are you feeling now? .

Me: weak .

Christabel : lazy man you can’t do three rounds .

Me: I can’t do three rounds because am with my love, not with prostitute, so why rushing? While you are here for me .

Christabel: I love you pesman, you always put smile on my face .

Me: smile **wearing my clothes** .

Christabel: this is 5am pesman where are you going? .

Me: my house .

Christabel: is too early .

Me: am going somewhere by 7:00am .

Christabel: where? .

Me: I have appointments with one firm I applied with (I lied) .

Christabel: so when are we going to see you? .

Me: I will give you a call .

Christabel: missing you already .

Me: miss you too .

Christabel: A kiss .

Me: **Moved closed to her and kissed her** .

Christabel: Ouch nothing sweeter than earlier morning kiss .

Me: see you soon dear

**I walked out of her house**

I reached my house at 6:07am took a nap and woke by 7:20am by the sound of my phone .

Me: Hello dear .

Dupe: hi love, how was your night? .

Me: fine .

Dupe: What happened yesterday, I was trying your number but not connect, I was panic maybe something bad has happened to you .

Me: nothing happened to me dear, I am perfectly ok .

Dupe: Where did you sleep last night? .

Me: **Panic should I open up or not ** Hello what do you say I can’t hear you clearly .

Dupe: Where did you sleep last night, I checked you at house this morning by 5am and you weresn’t at home, don’t tell me you slept in your room. Cuz your room were locked .

Me: **Thank God she opened up** actually I wasn’t in my room, something happened at the party after you left .

Dupe: **Oluwa o, (My God)** pesman tell me what happened to you, I am doomed, pesman but I warned you nah, hope dey no shoot you at the party? .

Me: Am not the victim .

Dupe: Who is the victim then? .

Me: Abbey the boyfriend of the celebrant

Dupe: What a wicked world, what really happened to him? .

Me: Bottle was smashed on his head by unknown bottlemen .

Dupe : which one is bottlemen again? .

Me: You know we have terrorist that terrorizes us with gun here in 9ja? .

Dupe: Yes I know .

Me: what was their name? .

Dupe: Gunmen of course, because they are operation with guns .

Me: Brilliant you, those people who wounded abbey operation with bottles, that’s why they were called bottlemen .

Dupe: Funny you, where is he now? .

Me: He’s in hospital, I left him this morning, I slept with him in the hospital last night, that’s why you met my absent .

Dupe: My mind is now at rest, I thought you were sleeping in a woman house .

Me: What am I still looking for after having someone like you .

Dupe: thanks love, am resuming Supermarket work this morning, I reached agreement with madam hadiza last night, see you after closing hours .

Me: so soon .

Dupe: Yes dear .

Me: OK dear, see you soon .

Dupe: love you .

Me: I do .

Dupe: bye .

Me: bye **Hanged up** .

Things are now getting complicated for me, “Dupe will start work today under madam Hadiza” “Same woman who had crushed on me” “I am also going to visit madam Hadiza this morning” “Should I postpone her visitation till next time? ” “What would be my explanation if dupe eventually see me with her boos?” “Should I called Dupe and explain to her” “Never I can’t do that” “Don’t forget who Dupe is” My phone rang that moment, it was madam Hadiza .

Me: Hello .

Madam hadiza: Hi love how are you doing? .

Me: Fine .

Madam hadiza: Please I want to see you at my supermarket by 10am this morning, don’t say no please

**She hangs up** .

This woman must be very stupid she don’t even allowed me to accept or decline. “She said I should come to her supermarket by 10am” “To go and face Dupe abi? ” “This woman wants to ruin my relationship with Dupe” “Dupe must not heard about this, if I don’t want trouble” “What should I do know” “Should I go or not? ” “An idea popped into my head” .

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To be continued