The Prognosticator Episode 15



Birthdays are usually the occasions for rejoicing and feasting. Relatives and friends gather on the occasion and wish many happy returns of the day and offer their blessing. They bring with them beautiful presents. . Time was 8:00 in the evening, a special canopy was erected in the big compound of the house. It was tasteful decorated with colorful buntings and balloons. Tables were laid and covered with white sheets. A big cake was placed on the central table. The guests now began to arrive one by one. One of grace’s friend were receiving them at the entrance of the canopy. At exact Eight thirty (8:30pm) The MC (MASTER OF CEREMONY) began the programme by calling out the celebrant to the front after all the guests were seated.

Grace was clad in sexy red gown with beautiful necklace on her she was looking attractive. My phone rang that moment i excused myself out of canopy and picked the call. .

Me: Hello christabel .

Christabel: Hi dear where are you? .

Me: Outside the canopy .

Christabel: I’m outside of the gate i will join you now .

Me: Alright *** Hanged up***

I walked back to my seat under the canopy, few minutes later Christabel walked in to the canopy, She Dressed in a cloths i choose for the previous day she sat beside me .

Christabel: Hi dear .

Me: You came late why .

Christabel: I was taking my time to look beautiful in front of my love .

Me: Hmmmm; That’s amazing and you are looking sweet .

Christabel: **Smile** Thank dear you also look take away .

Me: Thank love .

Christabel: Where are you going after the party? .

Me: My house of course .

Christabel: Why not my house .

Me: I wasn’t ready to meet your parents .

Christabel: I’m living alone not with my parents .

Me: But i still preferred my abode .

Christabel: Nothing bad in it, but you can use that opportunity to know where i resided .

Me: Is that what you want? .

Christabel: Yes pesman please do this for me **she kissed me without minding we were in party** .

Me: No problem dear, i will follow you but i will leave as early as 5:00am .

Christabel: woow you are a wonderful man, love you so much .

Me: **Not your fault you have been caged by my women ritual cream** love you too .

MC continued with the event of the party after the opening prayer by someone i don’t know, he later called celebrant to called out her boyfriend, The celebrant went into the crowd and brings out one fair guy looking like Abbey outside. I cleaned my face to see the boyfriend clearly, my mind cannot deceived me it was Abbey, so Abbey and i were attending the same party without knowing, Abbey bad guy.

Abbey was introduced to us as the celebrant’s boyfriend, he was smiling without knowing he wouldn’t go to his house as complete man as he came to the party, after the introduction he went back to his seat. I brought out my phone composed some message and sent to him.

“I was at your back just look into the next three row at your back you will see me” He looked back and signalled me, he walked to me and said .

Abbey: Pesman so you later attend this party without informing me? .

Me: Oga Abbey, this is the party i was telling you about, my bae Christabel invited me (pointing at Christabel) .

Abbey: Woow that means grace and christabel are friends .

Christabel: Yea we are friends from primary school .

Abbey; That’s cool, hope you are taking good care of my friend, he’s good friend of mine .

Christabel: sure i am, i love him so much .

Abbey: **Faced me** see you later pesman, let me go back to my seat m.c will soon call me again

**He went back to his seat** .

Me: **Turned to Christabel** so Abbey is grace boyfriend? .

Christabel: I don’t know him, Grace told me she just met her new boyfriend, But she hasn’t introduce him to me .

Me: Do you know her ex? .

Christabel: Yes i do, one notorious guy like this .

Me: Hope the guy won’t come here to cause trouble .

Christabel: That’s my fear, he might come because the guy is so violently .

Me: I pray he didn’t come

**Grace (The celebrant) walked to us that moment, she tapped Christabel by shoulder and said** .

Grace: Come with me .

Christabel: What happened? .

Grace: M.C said i should bring one of my friend, don’t you hear when he said it? .

Christabel: I don’t hear o, but why me? Beside am with my boo? .

Grace: because you are my best friend, lets go please .

Christabel: I’m coming pesman (she peck me and left with grace) My phone rang immediately she left, i checked the screen it was monitoring spirit (Dupe) .

Me: Hello .

Dupe: Hi how are you doing? .

Me: Am fine .

Dupe: How is the party? .

Me: Going smoothly .

Dupe: Just want to remind you of warn i warned you .

Me: Never can i forget .

Dupe; Pesman please just be on low key .

Me; Ok dear, when are you coming back to the party? .

Dupe: I just through with madam Hadiza can’t make it to the party again .

Me: Who is Madam Hadiza? .

Dupe; The supermarket woman i told you about .

Me: Her name is Hadiza? .

Dupe: Yes .

Me: Ok dear .

Dupe: I will come to your house tomorrow .

Me: Noted .

Dupe: Love you pesman bye .

Me: Love you too bye

**Hanged up**

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Thanks God she wasn’t come again i can now enjoy myself to the fullest Gbogbo Aye (Full of enjoyment) Grace and Christabel reached the front (On stage) M.c continued with the event of the programme .

M.c: Is this your best friend? .

Grace: Yes .

M.c: Well she fine small sha, but she no fine reach my grandmother **Audiences laughed including me** .

Christabel: Thank you .

M.c: Now lady what is your name? .

Christabel: Christabel .

M.c: Oh! Christabel, do you know what you will do for me now? .

Christabel: Nope until you say it out .

M.c: Now look at the audiences, you can travel to the south,north,East and west of this canopy, just bring out one handsome guy for me .

Christabel: ** With joy all over her face** is that all? .

M.c: Yes that’s all .

Me: **Christabel is going to choose me, my heart was beating faster because i don’t know what this m.c is up to. Christabel walked to me she was smiling like someone who just won jackpot, pesman lets go please don’t disappoint me there she whisper to my right hear as we walked hand to hand to the front ** .

M.c: Woow, good looking,handsome,bea­ utiful,Damsel,cute,Adorable guy, you are looking handsome .

Me: **Shake hand with him** How do you do? .

M.c: Am cool .

Me: You sent for me? .

M.c: Guy Don’t rush, am coming just chill .

Me: Ok boss .

M.c: **Faced Audiences** now we are going to play a game, the name of this game is “DO AS I SAY” i will ask two of you to do something for me and you must do it or you pay fine of 1000naira each, The audiences Roar. Now

**He brought out a condom, he gave it to Christabel and said**

now you will unseal the condom and insert it where it supposed to be .

Me: **My head rang a bell, does mc mean Christabel should insert condom on my d–k in front of everyone** .

M.c: Can you do it or pay fine? **Before i could say jack, Christabel smiled and said yes we will do it** .

Me: Do what, are you out of your sense? .

Christabel: **She moved closed to me and lean forward to kiss me, she began caress my chest through my shirt, i was feeling uncomfortable with that act, she continued caress my chest without looking at the audience, some people came forward to snap and video us, she moved her hand to my belt and loosed it, Immediately she loosed it my trouser fell to my ankle because i used the belt to tiled the trouser to my waist. I felt totally embarrassed because i was left with only boxer

She rubbed her hand on my semi-hard d–k, she was about to pulled it out when i screamed “STOP” “STOP” i would pay the fine, i quickly wore back my trouser, i dipped hand into my pocket and brought out 1000naira gave it to m.c** .

Mc: Coward man, you can’t do this little task, Guy am disappointed in you . .

Christabel: **smiled with sexy eye** .

M.c: **Faced me** It is now your turn handsome man, what you will gonna do for me is so simple, just remove Ten (10) things from her .

Me: **What am i going to remove from Christabel now? “should i remove her cloths?” “why would i do that?” “Do i want to naked her outside?” An ideal popped into my head, i moved closed to her, hugged her like 10sec . “I collected her phone gave it m.c 1” “I removed her ear ring gave it to mc 2” “I removed her hair band gave it to mc 3” “I removed her necklace gave it to mc 4” “I remove her ring gave it to mc 5” “I removed her shoe gave it to mc 6” “I removed her eyeglass gave it to mc 7” Nothing to remove again unless if i want to removed her cloth which i don’t ready to** .

Me: That’s all i can removed mc .

M.c: You removed seven items, still reaming three more to go **Faced Christabel ** Are you ready to pay fine .

Christabel: Nope, how would i pay fine, please tell him to remove anything removable .

M.c: **Turned to me** Guy she said you should remove anything removable. . Hmmmm what i removed would shocked you in the next episode. .