The Prognosticator Episode 14


Hmmmm pesman dupe said you never see anything just be preparing for worst, what will be will be. I reasoned .

Me: What do i do now i don’t want to suffer .

Dupe: There is nothing you can do about it as far as you have collected the cream and you have used it, you have to face the consequence but i want you to know that i still remains your number one woman, because girls will soon be running after you. .

Me: I bought this for you *** I gave her the cloths i bought for her from Emeka boutique*** .

Dupe: **checking it** wow i love this i will be wearing it to the birthday party you are attending next tomorrow .

Me: ** I’m not surprised she knew about the party i was invited to by Christabel** no problem dear you will be looking more beautiful in the cloth .

Dupe: Thanks for this pesman I’d appreciate, you will not lack anything in life .

Me: Amen **I kissed her** That’s remind me you said you wanna tell me something when we were in the hospital .

Dupe: Asiko koti to (Not yet time) its secret about me, i will tell you when its time .

Me: Can i ask you a question? .

Dupe: Yes you can .

Me: Do you see everything that will happens in future? .

Dupe: No i only see a little, i don’t see everything because i didn’t see it that you will had s-x with me today and you did .

Me: Hmmmm but whose behind this your vision, Is it Devil or special gift from God? .

Dupe: I think its God because i see everything in my dream, sometimes i do imagine things and it comes to reality. Pesman let skip it when its time, i will surely tell you .

Me: Can’t wait to hear it out. .

Dupe: You have to .

Me: I gat no option than to .

Dupe: That’s reminds me .

Me: what? .

Dupe: I met one woman yesterday the woman is looking rich to me, she said she was looking for sale girls that can be managing her newly opened supermarket, she said she was looking for 6 girls and 4 boys, i followed her to the supermarket for the confirmation of the shop, i must tell you pesman it was a big supermarket .

Me: What do you think we should do? .

Dupe: I want to be working With her but i need your approval first .

Me: Because? .

Dupe: Because you are my man and you deserve that respect .

Me: Hmmmm thanks for that, i love you so much .

Dupe: Love you too

***My phone beeps it was text message from #peslady the same woman that secured my bailed and paid for my hospital bill, i was confused when i read the contents of the message***

“Hi pesman, How are you doing? Just want to tell you that i just opened one big supermarket in town, some workers are needed guessed you can help me on this, if you know anyone that can work as sale girls, accountant and manager, you can forward their names to me, no needs to interview your candidate because i trust you and i know you cannot hurt me. Or you should come to my house, my address would be sent to you shortly, love you so much #peslady” was the message i received.

I read the message without raising any suspicions from dupe i don’t know whether she knew i received a text or not .

Dupe: What do you have to say about the supermarket work? .

Me: It is good and i love it, it will also keep you busy because Owo toba dile, lesu n’mbee nise (Idle hands is the devil workshop) .

Dupe: **moved closed to me and hugged me tight** Thanks for the approval .

Me: You welcome .

Dupe: I’m always welcome

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I sat on my bed playing fifa 2014 on my phone since my ps3 has been stolen my phone was my companions, i was playing and enjoying the game as well. I was about to score a fantastic goal when i heard a knock on my door “Dupe again?” “This girl should give me breathing space nah” “wetin come be her problem self?” The knock sounded for the second time, i stood on my feet walked to the door to opened it for “Dupe” but i guessed I wrong it wasn’t dupe but “Abbey” i could see pale on his face he looked dejected and dispirited i let him in, he sit on my bed bent down his head like someone who just lose his precious mum .

Me: Guy how far? .

Abbey: pesman i’m not ok .

Me: I can see it on your face, just needed to ask you, what is the matter? .

Abbey: Tomorrow is my Bae birthday .

Me: Sandra’s birthday is tomorrow and i don’t know .

Abbey: Not Sandra .

Me: But who? .

Abbey: Grace .

Me: Who is grace again? .

Abbey: we just met not quite long .

Me: What do you think we do now?

**My phone rang that moment i looked at the screen it was a call from Christabel, i picked with joy** .

Me: Hi my love (woman ritual girl) .

Christabel: Hello my love how are you doing? .

Me: I am doing excellent and you? .

Christabel: I am doing great my love, just want to remind you of my friend’s birthday party .

Me: Tomorrow right? .

Christabel: Yes love, pesman please don’t disappoint me .

Me: No problem dear just send the address and time of the event to me, by God grace i will be there .

Chri: The address will be sent to you you after this call .

Me: That’s my bae .

Christabel: That’s my boo, love you with my life .

Me: Love you too **Hanged up** .

Me: **Faced Abbey, cleared throat** so guy what do you suggest we do now? .

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Abbey: Pesman please i need your help, don’t know if you can help me with token amount .

Me: Don’t you heard i was robbed .

Abbey: i heard of it, but you still have to help me on this, i don’t know you as a broke guy you always have money .

Me: Because i’m C.B.N (central bank of Nigeria) .

Abbey: Not like that ore ( Friend ) you are the only alternative i have and tomorrow is the birthday .

Me: **Abbey is very nice friend of mine he do lend me some money sometimes, he once dashed me a phone, nothing bad in helping him, a friend indeed is a friend in need**

Abbey you are very precious to me but there was a birthday party am also attending tomorrow .

Abbey: That mean you won’t attending grace birthday? .

Me: You invited me a day to birthday and you want me to go with you, someone has already invited me to another party tomorrow .

Abbey: So how far about the money i requested for? .

Me: Abbey i will give you 5k. Am also going to spend in the birthday am attending tomorrow .

Abbey: **With joy** haaa pesman thanks a lot you shall not lack of money, you will .

Me: **cuts in** it ok my brother what are friends for. **gave him the money** .

Abbey: I do appreciate brother **he walked out of my room** I was about to resumed my game when two text messages entered my phone. first message from Christabel “Hi love here is the address of the occasion————————– love you pesman”.

Second message from unknown number

“Hi dear, here is the address to my house———————— you can contact me on this number before coming so i can book an appointment for you, love you #peslady” . ***

Pesman you have to use your brain this time around, This is the same woman who wants to employ dupe, I have to play my card well between two of them, i will visit her next tomorrow after the birthday party***



I was clad on Jonathan simkhai brand white shirt, gussi black jean and Jordan pair of sneaker white colour, with my newly Afro hair cut. I looked at my self inside standing mirror i must confess i’m looking handsome, handsomepes i teased myself.

A knock on my door i moved closed to the door opened it, standing before me was the most beautiful girl i ever met “Dupe” Woow you are looking so beauty dear i complemented. Hmmmm you’re looking so cute pesman i must be your hand bag today, if not so some bird legs girls would snatch you away from me at the party.

Dupe was clad in the outfit i bought for her previous day. Lets go pesman time is not by our side Dupe said to me as i was combed my hair for the third time. We boarded a bike to the venue of the occasion, we met few people, we found one empty bench we sat on it. Dupe phone rang that moment she picked it, i was overheard “ok ma” “I’m coming ma” “In the next 20min ma” “Thank you ma” My phone also rang that moment it was christabel

Me: Hi dear .

Christabel: Hi pesman, how are you .

Me: Am fine and you? .

Christabel: I’m ok, where are you? .

Me: Already At the party .

Christabel: That’s cool am on my way, i will join you soon .

Me: Ok .

Christabel: Guess you came alone .

Me: **Looked at Dupe** Don’t stay too long ( I ignored her question) .

Christabel: Ok dear, see you soon **Hanged up**

Pesman you always put yourself in to trouble how are you going to do it now? Don’t forget you are here with Dupe and christabel is coming here soon, hope i won’t cause bewilderment here today?

Dupe tapped me by shoulder my heart flew out of my chest like javelin throwing at Rio Olympic .

Dupe: **Faced me** Pesman i will not be able to continue this birthday with you again .

Me: **Happy but Displaying sad face** what happened? Where are you going? .

Dupe: The madam i told you about just called me to come now its urgent i have to honour her, i don’t want her to see me as a rude girl .

Me: So you are going to her house now? .

Dupe: Yes .

Me: Do you have the address? .

Dupe: yes .

Me: Let me see it (she gave her phone to me, behold it was the same address sent to me by #peslady) ok dear i will call you .

Dupe: Thanks my love, but please be careful in this party something bad might happened my instinct is telling me, don’t be carried away by women .

Me: What’s going to happen this time again? .

Dupe: I don’t know, but something bad, pesman be warned, only God knows what is going to happen ** she left** .

Me: **Thank God she has left the party for me and christabel, i can do whatever i wanted to do now. without knowing that something terrible would truly happened** .

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To be continued