The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 51


​I turned around and saw Mirabel standing at the doorpost; it’s surprising because she came unannounced.
Mirabel: Fred, what was that you just said?
Fred: I think your boyfriend and my girlfriend having an affair
Mirabel: Oh really?
Fred: Can’t you see their so-called friendship? They’re having an affair right under our nose
Me: Mirabel…
Mirabel: **cuts-in** Wait, I’ll handle this (gesturing her hand towards me) You Fred, we had the wrong impression towards you
Fred: What are you talking about?
Mirabel: You’re not good for Promise and I’m telling you now to go your way and never come back, it’s a clear warning
Fred: Warning for what? Why telling me I’m not good for her? No, I’m going nowhere! You can’t tell me to leave. I love Promise and will not let go of her just like that
Mirabel: You’re not getting it, do you? Are you tired of being the son of a minister? That can be arranged and you’ll be the son of nobody. Are you tired of running your night club? That can also be arranged and the club will be shut down permanently. Or are you tired of living a good life? That can be arranged and you can imagine what will happen next
Fred: Are you threatening me?
Mirabel: Not really, just telling you what will happen the next time you show yourself to Promise or to anyone that’s related to us one way or the other
Fred: Can we talk privately?
Mirabel: There’s nothing to talk with you, just go away. We’ve forgiven you for the wrongs you did to Promise and our trust that you betrayed, so just go now!
Fred: Why are you doing this? I really love Promise; I sincerely apologize for my shortcomings, please give me another chance and I’ll be the best man I can be for her
Mirabel: Like I said earlier, we’ve forgiven you, but we’re not taking any chances no more
Fred: Please, I promise never to hurt her in whatsoever way again
Mirabel: Get out of here Fred!
Fred: Plea….
Mirabel: Get out!!
Fred: Ok alright, I’ll leave… but, I will advise you to watch those two closely; they have something hidden under the radar
Mirabel: One more word from you and I promise you’re not gonna like the outcome of it. Frank!
Frank: (from outside) Yes?
Mirabel: Come get this ingrate out from here!
Frank walked in with Jummy and two mobile policemen; they wanted to drag him out, but he behaved himself and told them not to touch him that he’ll leave and he left.
Mirabel: (to me and Nancy that’s with her) it is done guys! Where is Promise?
Nancy: she’s inside, lemme go call her **ran off**
Me: Thanks for not listening to what he said
Mirabel: That’s nonsense, why would he be after the girl that’s cheating on him? And besides, I trust Promise can’t do such thing **walking inside**
Me: **confused** wh… what?
Mirabel: What? **turning around**
Me: What do you mean by you trust Promise can’t do such a thing? What about me?
Mirabel: What about you?
Me: Are you kidding?
Mirabel: **laughs** I trust Promise 100% and I trust you over 100% darling… so if I say I trust Promise, you should know your where you stand, and please it’s enough, let’s not talk about what doesn’t make any sense
Me: **relaxed** Yeah… that’s my fiancée
Mirabel: You said Promise refused to listen when you told her to break-up with Fred, hope she hasn’t fallen in stupid love with him?
Me: Which love? She later came back to her senses and broke up with him the moment he came here, that’s why he’s been talking rubbish
Mirabel: Oh…
Me: What?
Mirabel: I thought I was the one that took care of him not knowing that she already broke up with him
Me: Hey sweetheart, you did something great here, you finalized everything because if not for what you just did, i’m sure he won’t stop coming for her.
Mirabel: Yea… I had to warn him to clear off so Promise won’t go through what we both went through in the hands of Marcus and Dorothy
Me: That’s right
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Mirabel: Where are they na?
Me: Maybe we should go in there
Mirabel: Yea let’s go **walking inside**
Me: Sweetheart…
Mirabel: **turns around** Yea?
Me: You know we haven’t seen each other for a while
Mirabel: Yea, I know… (walking back to me) so sorry my love, I was just so focused on fixing Promise’ predicament
<She gave me a tight hug>
Mirabel: Missed you so much
Me: I missed you more
Nancy: **coughs** Promise is here o…
Mirabel: **breaking off from the hug** Promise…
She went to her and they hugged each other for some seconds…
Mirabel: How are you holding up?
Promise: I’m fine
Mirabel: Sure?
Promise: Sure **smiling**
Mirabel: Good then, I was so worried about you. Sorry for hooking you up with that p—–t, now we’ll understand and respect your decisions
Promise: It’s okay… I understand you guys were worried about me and you all care for my happiness, of which I appreciate
Me: Boring…. **teasingly**
They all laughed
Me: Nancy, where the food na?
Nancy: I thought we’re discussing something important?
Me: Discussing what? Go bring food abeg
Nancy: Nawa o…
She went into the kitchen, Mirabel joined and they came with the food and we ate peacefully but Promise refused to eat, that she’ll eat the remnant beans later.
Me: Nancy, you should update Vincent
Nancy: I’ve already done that but not in details though, I’ll tell him everything when we meet tomorrow
Me: Of course, that’s what you do best
Later that night when we all bade ourselves goodnight and went to our bedrooms, Mirabel and I discussed on many things before she slept off while I was working on my website. It was around when a text message came from Promise and it read
 “Thanks for always been there for me, no one can beat the spot you have in my heart”
I smiled and replied her “I know that *winkz*”
I took it as a friendship thing and nothing else, and I’m sure that’s the same way she also took it as.
Then we started chatting like-play like-play through SMS where each message costs ₦4.00
Promise: Why can’t you just say thank you instead of that reply? It’s embarrassing na
Me: Embarrassing for what? Or don’t you also know your spot in my heart? *winkz*
Promise: Whatever!
**Minutes later**
Me: Why are you still up?
Promise: Can’t sleep, trying to watch tv but it’s not helping, what about you?
Me: Surfing the web… you’re in the living room?
Promise: Yea
Me: Ok I’m coming
Promise: What about Mirabel?
Me: Sleeping
Promise: Ok
I put on a shirt and went to the sitting room. I sat with her while we talked, teased each other and laughed out till she felt sleepy. We bade each other goodnight for the second time that night then I walked back to the room. I opened the door and met Mirabel who seemed to be going out. She stopped when she saw me and then stretches her hand towards me handing my phone over to me.