The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 50


​We turned around and saw Nancy standing in the middle of the entrance; I didn’t shut the door when I came in.
Me: Nancy, you’re back
Nancy: Yeah… I came to check on Promise and the door was opened so i… I’m here
Promise: Welcome
Nancy: Thanks! So… what’s going on?
Me: She has agreed to break-up with him
Nancy: Really? Whoa… great! Call him now and break the news to him
Me: Not on phone, she’ll have to meet and tell him face to face
Nancy: Huh?
Me: Yea
Nancy: Can she do it? Promise can you?
Promise: Victor I don’t think I can
Me: Of course you can, we’ll stay behind you
Promise: I can’t face him anymore
Me: He won’t leave you alone by just sending him a break-up text or call; you have to be bold to tell him to his face
Promise: I can’t
Me: You’re not going to face him all by yourself; we’ll be there for you. Just break the news to him with all sincerity and boldness and walk away from him, I’ll take over afterwards
Nancy: That could work
Promise: And if he keeps coming? I don’t want what happened to you and Mirabel by Dorothy and Marcus
Me: I don’t want that to happen either and that’s why we have to act now
Promise: Ok, we should do it tomorrow
Me: No problem
Nancy: What if he comes by today? I don’t think they’ve met today
Me: **Looked at the time** it’s 17 minutes to 6:00
Nancy: Not late for him, he even comes around 7 or 8pm
Me: Then we do it today if he comes around, Promise hope you can handle it?
Promise: Ok
Me: Good
Promise: What about you?
Me: What about me?
Promise: Will you sleep over or you’re going back?
Me: I’m sleeping over
Nancy: So… since she’s agreed to break-up with him, are we going ahead with the fasting and prayer?
Me: Yes so that everything will go well
Promise: Fasting and prayer?
Me: Well ermmm… the thing is, I thought you lost it because of how you reacted when I asked you to break-up with Fred, so we wanted God to intervened and bring you to your senses **teasingly**
Promise: You’re not serious
Me: You won’t understand, because I’ve never seen you like that before…
Promise: And whose fault was it?
Me: Mine
Promise: So you know? Good thing you admitted it
Me: So what’s for dinner?
Nancy: I think we still have some left over beans
Promise: Yea
Me: For who and who? Abeg make una go cook something else
Nancy: Yes sir
Promise: What do you mean by yes sir? We’re going to cook again because of him?
Nancy: Yes because I want to sleep peacefully tonight, let’s go if you want that too
Promise: Not me
Nancy: Ok o **walks away**
Me: You won’t follow her?
Promise: As your cook or gini? Better know those you boss around
Me: Really?
Promise: Yea
Me: Oya get up
Promise: No
Me: Get up
Promise: No
I rushed her and start tickling her playfully, she starts to giggle and laughing anyhow till I grabbed her up and took her out of the room heading to the kitchen while she was still laughing out loud. We stepped into the parlor and saw Fred stepping in as well. He paused immediately he saw us in that position and removed his glasses from his face.
Didn’t he come with a car? Why didn’t he horn so we’ll know about his arrival?? So he is so regular around here that the security/gateman will just open up for him???
Our laughing face immediately turned normal, and then I slowly dropped Promise on her feet. He let out a smile of which I know it’s a fake one. I’m sure he’ll try to beat her up for that.
Fred: I can see you guys are having fun
Me and Promise both didn’t say anything
Fred: Hey mahn **giving his hand for a handshake and I shook hands with him** Baby… go dress up lemme take you somewhere special
Promise: Fred we need to talk
Fred: Yea we can do that when we get there or on our way in the car
Promise: No, now please
Fred: You sound serious, hope no problem?
Promise: Let’s meet outside **walking outside**
He smiled at me while doing a cross sign before going out.
I sat on the couch to watch Tv but didn’t pay full attention to it. Nancy came to the parlor and said she heard Fred’s voice.
Me: They’re outside
Nancy: By their selves? What if he hurt her?
Me: I doubt it, he can’t do that
Nancy: But we have to be sure, lemme go and see what’s happening
Me: Nancy let it be, he can’t… (I got distracted when Promise stormed in and headed straight to her room)
I stood up then Fred also walked in following and calling her name. He came back to the parlor about two minutes after he knocked and knocked and called out Promise’ name but she didn’t open the door for him.
Fred: You got to help me mahn, Promise is breaking up with me
Me: **speechless**
Nancy silently walked to the kitchen.
Fred: Why’d she decided to break-up with me all of a sudden? Please help me talk to her
Me: Sorry I can’t do that
Fred: What? Why??
Me: I don’t want to meddle in her private life anymore, I’ll respect whatever decision she decides to take
Fred: But this is a terrible decision! Please talk her out of it
Me: You’re a man, talk to her and fix your relationship and leave me out of it. If she accepts you, fine, and if she refuses there’s nothing I can do about it
Fred: She doesn’t want to listen to me, she listens to you more than anyone mahn… please talk to her for me, I really love her
Me: No you don’t
Fred: Excuse me?
Me: You don’t love her
Fred: Of course I do!
Me: How can you be beating up the girl you claim to love? A gentle and responsible man will never do that to a lady no matter what she did to you
Fred: She told you that I beat her up?
Me: No she didn’t had to, the constant bruises on her says it all
Fred: It could be something else that happened to her, like an accident or…
Me: **Cuts-in** Spare me all that Fred, Promise has never had a single scratch on her body for the past four years that I’ve known her then she started having them constantly from when you both started your relationship
Fred: The truth is I didn’t mean to be hurting her, just that, that ugh, just some little misunderstanding that every couple have and i….. Ok look I promise never to hurt her again
Me: Go tell that to her not me, I will respect whatever decision she make
Fred: You and I know she’s not coming back to me if you don’t interfere, and you also know we would never have dated if not for you
Me: And that made her loses her trust and respect that she has for me because I got her involved with a guy that hurt and disrespects her
Fred: I’m sorry it’s all my fault, it won’t happen again trust me, just give me a second chance
Me: Sorry mahn, I’m not gonna do that mistake again. It’s her decision to make
Fred: You don’t want to help me because you’ve been sleeping with her!
Mirabel: What?
I turned and saw Mirabel at the doorpost.