The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 39


**Never look down on anybody**
What someone is today might not be the same tomorrow. That someone has nothing today doesn’t mean he won’t have everything tomorrow. Never think low on someone because he isn’t worth anything compared to others especially when the same person is not lazy but struggling hard with his talents, skills and strength to make something good out of his life.
Testimonies comes in different ways… what you are today might not be what you’ll be tomorrow; my story is different from yours and your story is different from others, so never look down on anybody. How shameful and embarrassing it is for you to go back to who you left, you regret leaving him/her because he/she didn’t have what you wanted.
Everyone has his or her own Grace in life, so always think positive and never look down on anybody. “The stone the builders rejected can become the cornerstone”
With other crimes added to Dorothy’s case, she got sentenced to death by firing squad. Sincerely I got shocked when I heard it. I felt somehow sorry for her because this happened to her because of her stupid and crazy love for me.
I met with Vincent to ask him if he has heard anything from Mirabel, he replied no saying she hasn’t called anyone yet. I still asked Jummy and Frank but I got the same answer. I told Promise everything that happened and how Mirabel has been behaving immediately I told her what Dorothy did to me. She also had no idea on what could be wrong with Mirabel. It can’t possibly be as a result of Lola’s death, because she started the attitude even before Lola died.
I continued with my studies while waiting for her to return. I had to catch up with all I missed. I noticed how students gets closer to me since I resumed, asking me questions upon questions. Many of them want to be where I am, they also took pictures with me even those from other departments. Even Esther, the first girl I met when I started the school came to see me in my department accusing me of forgotten her as I’m now a big boy dating the president’s daughter, that she lost her phone and lost my contact in the process that’s why she haven’t been calling me and I refused to call her bla bla bla… and she still knows my department.
My ex semi-friends Frankkay, Titus and others came as well to renew our friendship. I accepted them all on a condition that we’ll only be friends in school and meet outside school only on official and important matters. I wasn’t surprised about all these at all… that’s how life is.
Dax has been in the U.S even before Lola died. He went on tour with one of his musical friend who recently signed him to his label; it’s an opportunity for him to boost his musical career, he already has the money, he is after fame.
I got back to the house after school without Nancy and I had a video chat with Ike… we talked on how he left so soon, he said he had to leave because of some new business deals he had to take care of. I wanted to tell him about Mirabel but refused to after he teasingly said he’d only come back to Nigeria before the next five years only for our wedding (i.e Mirabel and I).
He told me how he helped me with my website during my absence; how he, frank and others tracked me when they noticed the tracking device I had on me stopped moving so they thought I have reached where they were keeping the girls only to find my clothes in the bush. We talked on other things before we ended the conversation.
I checked my website and noticed some improvements and the handwork of Ike. I saw new adverts on the sites which mean new deals. I initiated a chat with my workers and they updated me on everything that took place during my absence, the new deals and all before I checked my bank account and saw that it has gotten larger.
Later that night, I couldn’t sleep because of my thoughts for Mirabel. I kept switching position while on the bed restlessly, I got up started moving around still thinking about her with so many thoughts running through my head. I felt like I’m losing her, like her love for me has reduced to the red point, like she wants to end our relationship… Ojo ki ko! (Igala language which means God forbid!).
Normally in my past relationships, I wouldn’t care if my girlfriend starts behaving somehow because it’s so easy for me to move on with or without anybody be it a guy or a girl. Mirabel has gotten to the deepest part of my heart, her love and care is so much for me to just forget. See how restless and disturbed I am because of her…. I really miss that girl! Now I understand what made Marcus go crazy, Mirabel is just the best!
I decided to work on the site and as well surf the internet supported with a glass of wine as I couldn’t sleep.
On my way to school the following morning, I called Mirabel’s mother – the first lady but she didn’t pick up, probably busy. I couldn’t pay attention to the lectures and everyone noticed it even the Lecturers. One of them asked me to follow her to her office after her lecture of which I did and the following conversation ensued…
Lecturer: Tell me Victor, what is wrong with you? I noticed how you’ve been acting dumb during the lecture
Me: I’m fine ma
Lecturer: No you’re not, you’re one of my favourite students and I do observe my favourite students. This is not how you are, you were always active during lectures but today is the direct opposite of that or are you missing her?
Me: Ma?
Lecturer: You know what I’m talking about
Me: It’s just complicated ma
Lecturer: Okay… I respect privacies but you’re my student and I’m your teacher, you can talk to me who knows I might be of help.
**Phone rings: First lady calling**
Me: Excuse me ma, I have to pick this call
Lecturer: No problem, go ahead
*I stepped out of her office before picking the call*
Me: Good afternoon ma
First lady: Victor how you?
Me: Fine ma, I called in the morning but it seemed you were busy
First lady: Not really busy, I only stepped away from my phone for a while to see Mirabel
Me: She’s back?
First lady: Yes, you haven’t spoken with her yet?
Me: No I haven’t, I just rounded up today’s lectures few minutes ago
First lady: Okay… she already left for her lodge
Me: Ok ma, I’ll meet her there
First lady: Alright bye for now lemme attend to something
Me: Ok thanks ma… bye
*Hung up*
She’s back, what do I do now? I could use some advice right now! I quickly stepped back in to my Lecturer’s office.
Lecturer: You’re done?
Me: Yes ma
Lecturer: So will you say what’s wrong with you?
Me: **Told her everything**
Lecturer: Hhmmm… first tell me what you think
Me: I’m not sure ma, just that I haven’t been having good feeling about the situation
Lecturer: What feeling have you been having?
Me: Like we’re going to split up or something
Lecturer: That’s too negative of you; you went into such situation because of her, so you’d rescue her. You think she’d just forget all of that? She’s just hurt, I understand what she’s feeling; for a lady to potently have $ex with a guy is implausible.
Me: But I was firmly tied down on a chair, I couldn’t do anything
Lecturer: You couldn’t even wave her off you?
Me: You’re not helping me ma **Standing up** thanks for trying to help
Lecturer: Sit down Victor
Me: Sorry ma, I have to get going
Lecturer: Sit down, trust me
Me: **Sat down**
Lecturer: Yes I’m trying to be of help and it’s what I’m doing
Me: But…
Lecturer: **Cuts in** I just put myself on Mirabel’s shoes, like what she felt about what you told her. Those are questions you need to answer, did you even explained in details to her? How you were defenseless?
Me: No because I was expecting her to feel even and confess what the guy also did to her
Lecturer: That’s the drawback; you carelessly said something like that to her without explaining in details how you were defenseless at the time just because of your curiosity in knowing if the same thing happened to her. Of course she’ll feel hurt; you said it to her without remorse on what the girl did to you.
Me: Yes I did wrong… I was so eager to know if he really raped her. So what should I do now?
Lecturer: Nothing much… Mirabel loves you very much and I’m very sure about it, I’ve been observing both of you since I started lecturing you. What you should do is to get her attention in a cool and quiet place, then explain everything to her in details with apologies and also express how bad you felt when the girl did that to you.… nothing more
Me: Only that?
Lecturer: Yeah… your explanation and apology, there won’t be a plan B
Me: Ok thank you very much, I really appreciate this
Lecturer: You’re very much welcome anytime **Smiling**
**I stepped out of her office feeling motivated and zealous to meet the love of my life**
Explaining things on my mind, but how do I get a cool and quiet place? Hhmmm… I think I already know where.