The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 36


They started providing medical attention from the military’s moving vehicle before we got to their clinic for proper medical service. They injected me something and I slept off immediately; that’s when they did operation on me to remove the bullet without me knowing.
I dunno how long I slept but I woke up and the first person I saw was Vincent who was seated on a nearby chair reading a book and then Mirabel seated side by side with Nancy. None of them could see that I was awake and I couldn’t utter a word. I could feel the pain from where I was shot; so I was like that till Vincent sighted me.
Vincent: He’s awake
*Mirabel and Nancy instantly upstretched their heads facing me**
Mirabel: Victor?
Nancy: **Runs out of the room probably to call the Doctor**
Mirabel: Thank God you’re awake **smiling with tears in her eyes**
**The door burst open letting in the Doctor and a nurse with my Mother, Mirabel’s mother – the First lady and surprisingly my Father – The boss**
{The military Doctor examined me for a many seconds then injected me}
Doctor: He need to rest for now, please don’t let him speak much maybe for the next 12 hours so his wound will heal up fast
Momma: Ok Doctor; should we give him food? He hasn’t eaten for the past two days
Doctor: The drip is Ok for him now but if he would like to eat, no problem. Will you like to eat something Victor?
Me: **I nodded my head left and right meaning No**
Doctor: What about a drink?
Me: **Thinking about it in my head**
Doctor: Do you want a drink?
Me: **Nodded my head up and down meaning Yes**
Doctor: Ok Madam, you can make enquiry on what he’d like to drink and provide for him
Momma: Ok Doctor
Doctor: **Walks out with his nurse**
Momma: What will you drink Victor?
Me: **I turned my head facing Mirabel; she understood and smiled**
Nancy/Mirabel: *Both chorused* Hollandia yoghurt! (I just smiled)
Nancy and Mirabel ran out to get the yoghurt; My Dad talked to me a little then left saying he’d come back tomorrow; Frank came in with Jummy to check on me; Mirabel’s mother – the first lady kept thanking me for rescuing her daughter before she left; Cynthia came in as well, I managed to ask her about Lola, she said Lola is in the intensive care unit on life support battling for her life. She lost so much blood before the help came. Poor Lola, I pray she make it; she’s a great friend even with her little flaws and the issue we both had.
Mirabel and Nancy came back with the yoghurt and Mirabel fed me with it.
Me: Where is Ike?
Mirabel: Oh… he already left; he said something came up so he returned back to the states
Me: How long have I been here?
Mirabel: Two days
Me: Hhmmm…
Momma: Won’t you eat something?
Me: No
Vincent: Hero how far
(I knew he was teasing me)
Me: Not funny
**They all laughed**
Vincent: I’m serious, see for yourself **showing me a newspaper then another one**
Both papers headlined the happenings that took place. The first lady spoke on how Lola, Cynthia and I risked our lives to save her daughter. They pictured the lifeless body of Marcus and how Dorothy killed him and got detained by the Military.
Vincent, Cynthia, Frank, Jummy and Nancy left later in the evening while Momma remained with me and Mirabel; she (Mirabel) refused to go. Momma says she wants to go get food for dinner; Mirabel offered to go with her. I told her to stay back that I want to talk to her but she dissented and followed her.
I noticed she’s been trying to avoid my question, why? I dunno, all I know is that she can’t escape it. Her attitude tells me the answer I fear but I want to hear it from her mouth.
A Military Nurse (A lady) came after they left to administer drugs on me.
Nurse: Hi Victor
Me: Good morning
Nurse: Morning… how are you feeling now?
Me: Better
Nurse: Okay… lemme inject you so you’ll get well and strong sooner
Me: **Speechless till she injected me and changed the drip**
Nurse: You’re really brave to go into the den of the most wanted man in Nigeria to rescue a girl
Me: She’s not just a girl, she’s the President’s daughter and….
Nurse: And?
Me: Nothing, never mind
Nurse: Okay… would you consider joining the Army? The Army needs brave personalities like you
Me: **Smiles** Nah… **Sounded funny to me**
Nurse: Common… you’re great, just say you’re interested then boom! You got it. You will be scrolling past the ranks like pages of a book
Me: **Laughs**
Nurse: I’m serious, you saved the President’s daughter; do you have any idea of what that portends? You have earn yourself a great favor in the eyes of the President and the first lady
Me: Thanks for your concern Nurse, but I have my own plans
Nurse: Just have a rethink and volte-face about it dear
Me: Alright
Nurse: I’m Norah by the way
Me: Yea I know, it’s tagged on you
Nurse: Oh yea… just want to do the introduction myself
Me: Ok then… I’m Victor
Nurse: I know that **we both laughed** Nice meeting you
Me: Same here
Nurse: I’m hoping this clinic won’t be our last place of meeting **Smiling**
Me: I dunno… we’ll see
**Door opens**
Nurse: Ok we’re done here
Me: Thanks Nurse
Nurse: **Walks away**
Me: Welcome
Mirabel: Thanks
Me: Where is my mother?
Mirabel: In the ladies room
Me: You’re yet to answer my question
Mirabel: But I just said she’s in the ladies room
Me: I know and I’m not talking about that one; you know what I’ve been asking you of
**Momma walks; we had to suspend the topic**
They both ate what they bought and gave me an energy drink which I drank.
**The following morning**
Momma left for the house to have her bath and change her clothes; she asked Mirabel to stay with me till Nancy comes around.
I noticed how Mirabel was roaming about in and out of the ward probably trying to escape my question. So I decided to confess mine so she’d feel even and confess hers as well.
**I told her immediately she walked into the room**
Me: Dorothy forcefully had $ex with me **Expecting her response**
*She stood still and faced me looking surprised for many seconds with disappointment written all over her face*
Mirabel: **Grabbed her jacket and vacate the room without saying a word even when I called her**
*I couldn’t understand why she reacted that way; I kept on thinking and wondering before the Military Nurse walked in*
Nurse: How are you doing today my hero?
Me: Much better, good morning
Nurse: Good morning… hope you slept well?
Me: Yea
Nurse: Did you urinate at night?
Me: No
Nurse: Okay… **She changed the drip, injected me and gave me some tablets to gulp** Seems you’ll be discharged anytime soon
Me: Thanks Nurse
Nurse: Norah please
Me: Okay…
Nurse: Call me lemme hear
Me: …Norah?
Nurse Norah: Yeah…**Smiling** so you will give me your number now just in case you get discharged when I’m on shift
**I called my number for her**
Nurse Norah: It’s switched off
Me: Oh… yea I forgot I lost my phone
Nurse Norah: When you went to rescue the President’s daughter I guess
Me: Yea
Nurse Norah: You will do a welcome back right?
Me: Yea
Nurse Norah: Okay… or give me your address
Me: Why?
Nurse Norah: In case you fail to do a welcome back
Me: I will do it
Nurse Norah: I still want to have your address, or you don’t want me to visit you sometime?
**I just gave her the address and she wrote it down**
Nurse Norah: Thanks, lemme go and attend to other patients
Me: Okay…
**She gave me a peck and left** seriously, this Norah is another person to be worried about oh… because I don’t understand all this her attitude. And I’m very sure she’s like 4 to 5 years older than me.
*Vincent came in some minutes later with Frank and Jummy; we exchanged pleasantries and natters*
Vincent: Where is Mirabel?
Me: Uhmmm… she left for a while
Frank: **Speaks into his official ear piece** Copy that
Vincent: Who’s that?
Frank: Your father’s personal security detail; he says the President is here to see the boy, that’s Victor
Me: **I was shocked, bemused, flummoxed, surprised, dumbfounded and speechless**