The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 34


After she left the room, she came back a couple of minutes later with Marcus.
Marcus: Hey what’d f–k did you say I did to you?!
Marcus: Huh?!
Marcus: He’s f*ckin lying mehn! Why can’t he speak out?
Dorothy: You threatened his life!
Marcus: This dude is lying! I didn’t do nothing!!
Dorothy: Victor say to me again what he did to you
**I didn’t feel comfortable for lying earlier because I detest lying**
Me: D’thy I’ve told you everything and he knows what he did so there is no need repeating myself
Marcus: Dorothy can’t you see what he’s doing? He is doing this on purpose! To cause a rift between us.
Dorothy: What are you talking about?
Me: Ask him if he came here or not
Marcus: This is bullsh!t
Dorothy: Did you?
Marcus: I did come here but i did nothing to him
Dorothy: We had a clear agreement Marcus; remain on your path and keep the agreement intact so there won’t be a mishap between us
Marcus: Dorothy you should be smarter than this; this guy is going to use your brain. Don’t listen to what he’s telling you; you can’t trust whatever he tells you now after all he’s done to you. Remember he dumped yo’ a$$ without looking back
Dorothy: That’s enough
Marcus: How is it enough? I hate it when I’m being accused wrongly!
Dorothy: Excuse us Marcus
Marcus: That’s it?
Dorothy: I need to have a word with him so excuse us
** He left us**
Dorothy: Are you lying to me?
Me: What’s the use of explaining myself to you when my life is at stake on either way
Dorothy: **Moves closer to me and started caressing my head** Victor are you scared of me?
Me: Yes; for you’re no longer the Dorothy that I use to know. Now you’re the bad girl that claims to love me; boosting that anyone that touch me, touches you and all that empty words of threat you stated earlier. What did you do to him? Nothing! You can’t even keep your word.
Dorothy: I meant what I said darling
Me: Well…?
Dorothy: I know you weren’t telling the truth
Me: Really now?
Dorothy: You want to play a smart one on me… nice try
Me: Like I said earlier, there’s no need explaining myself. He’s your partner in crime and you both work together. So… I’m not surprised at all
Dorothy: Yea, do not be surprised that I’m not that stupid girl you use to know
Me: Your problem. So how many members do you have in your confra?
Dorothy: 28 excluding our new converts
Me: No girls?
Dorothy: Sure there are
Me: Why am I not seeing them around?
Dorothy: They have no business in here
Me: But they’re outside?
Dorothy: Yea
Me: With all your 28 members
Dorothy: Nope
Me: For how long do you think you’ll keep me here?
Dorothy: For as long as it takes
Me: I see… you know; there’s one peculiar thing that haven’t changed about you
Dorothy: By that you mean my stupidity?
Me: Yea… how’d you know?
Dorothy: That’s the only thing you think you know about me and you’ve been seeing me as a stupid person for over 10 years now. So… I should know
Me: I’m just sorry for your mother; she’s a good woman. Too bad she gave birth to a goat instead of her likeness
Dorothy: What’s your game plan now? You think I’m going to fall for it?
Me: I’m so surprised that you’ve been keeping your cool all this while not throwing yourself at me. Why is that? Or maybe Marcus has already satisfied you
Dorothy: Me? **Laughs** I wonder how Mirabel would be feeling now after all she’s been receiving from him
Me: What? Marcus has been sleeping with her?
**She burst into laughter**
Me: Talk to me!
Dorothy: See how I got you with only one attempt **Laughs** you think I will fall for your enticements? I don pass that level na
Me: D’thy has he been sleeping with her?
Dorothy: I dunno and I don’t care
My heart was already pounding hard, what could he be doing with Mirabel? I went into frenzy mode because I was so disturbed. I need to come out with another plan that’d work out well before my heart detonates out of anger. I was silent thinking hard while she’s there operating her laptop.
Me: You said you came back when you gained admission, does that mean you’re in school now?
Dorothy: Yep… 300 level
Me: Why aren’t you in school now? Or you don’t have lectures?
Dorothy: You don’t worry about me
Me: Why not? And you seemed to be worried about me?
Dorothy: That’s because I love you, got that?
Me: But i care about you
Dorothy: Nice try
Me: No i mean it
Dorothy: Alright thanks
Me: Sure you’re Ok?
Dorothy: Perfecto
Me: Where can i urinate?
Dorothy: Double?!
*A guy answered from outside*
Dorothy: Bring the container
Me: Container for what? You need to untie me so i’d pee properly
Dorothy: Nice try
Me: D’thy what’s your problem? Please let me go
Dorothy: Let you go? Only death can make that happen
Me: You’ve really gone crazy you know that?
Dorothy: **Speechless**
**The guy came with the container**
Me: Atleast you can untie me so i’d help myself
Dorothy: Give me the container and go
**The guy did as she said; then she stood up with the container**
Me: What are you trying to do?
Dorothy: **Pulling down the zipless sport trouser Marcus provided for me**
Me: No Dorothy stop that… ah! **she’s giving me a head** Dorothy! Ah!
She pulled down the trouser completely, removed her undie then sat on me moving up and down after finding it a little bit difficult to place it in her because she was very tight. She raped me!
-I cummed a couple of minutes later before she stood up-
Dorothy: Whoa… I missed that
Me: You b!tch
Dorothy: Like you didn’t enjoyed it **she wore my trouser back on**
Me: Is this what Marcus is doing to Mirabel? Answer me!
Dorothy: Well…just as he didn’t know what just happened between us now, same way i dunno what happens there
Me: You both are animals! shameless animals!
Dorothy: You guys are the cause for all of this… you both broke our hearts!
Me: Are you guys the first to have a broken heart? Mirabel also had a broken heart but she moved on with her life. Look at you, you’re no different from a dog! You both are animals!!
*Marcus rushed in*
Marcus: What’s going on here? Why is he shouting?
Dorothy: Just a little misunderstanding
Me: You ba$tard! What have you been doing to Mirabel?! Where are you keeping her?! Why won’t you both move on with your life and leave us alone?! You’re so shameless!
Marcus: He needs to be shut off **He went and came back with something in his hand; he injected me with it. Then i dozed off instantly**
I found myself waking up with a blurry sight not knowing how long i slept but everywhere was dark, it was already night and i dunno what the time was saying.
Those two shameless people were really so obsessed over me and Mirabel. If Dorothy could do such thing to me, I wonder what Marcus is doing to Mirabel. I was so worried and disturbed. Marcus and Dorothy have really gone crazy.
I started thinking positively, the thought of encouragement, the thought of inspiration, the thought of strength and hope. Because, it is very difficult and rare for anyone to live a peaceful and perfect life of success without trials and challenges. No matter who we are, no matter what we do; there must be a time where we’d face some challenges. So it depends on how we’d overcome it. The Bible says that “For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the that overcometh the world, even our faith” so this is a challenge for me and i need to overcome it with faith! My name is Victor and Victor means overcomer or conqueror or winner. My name has always worked for me and this challenge won’t be any different from my past victories!
I started meditating on the word of God and made certain declarations. I asked God for forgiveness for what Dorothy did to me before i started praying throughout the night having faith that something would happen: that my life will not end up this way.
I prayed that night like never before.I prayed and sang till daybreak and the glory of God manifested.
**I started hearing gunshots outside**