The President's Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 30


Something I got to realize from what Vincent revealed earliar was that…”Do not do to people what you wouldn’t want them to do to you”.
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I closed my computer and walked straight to my room deep in thought and confusion. I waited patiently for Mirabel to come explain the whole thing.
She walked into my room a couple of minutes later after a sharp knock on the door.
Mirabel: Hi
Me: Hi
Mirabel: Can we talk?
Me: Yea…you should start explaining
Mirabel: **Sat down at the edge of the bed** Firstly, I apologize for not telling you about him. Just that, he made his reasons very clear to me. He doesn’t like to be seen as the country’s president’s son. Infact, he wasn’t happy when our Dad contested for presidency in the first place. So…he strictly warned me not to tell anyone that we’re siblings most especially to those that already knew me as the president’s daughter. He hates being seen as a big personality…he is always on a low key to accomplish his missions.
Me: What mission?
Mirabel: Soul winning for Christ
Me: Serious?
Mirabel: Yea…he is not just friends with Dax, he is on a mission of converting him from his evil ways.
Me: So he is very serious with his Christian life?
Mirabel: Extremely serious. He has succeded in converting many youths. So he thinks that, his ministry will be ruined when people knows who he is.
Me: Ok, now he wants to court my sister Nancy; how is that going to work?
Mirabel: Well…seriously i don’t know but i know he’ll make it work.
Me: How?
Mirabel: He is very influential in our family. He does whatever he wants to do as far as it doesn’t contradict the word of God.
Me: That’s good to know
Mirabel: What about your parents and tradition?
Me: I don’t know about the tradition. I only know my Parents aren’t a big fan of it.
Mirabel: Okay… Vincent will make it work; trust me.
Me: Wait a minute… you weren’t surprised when i said Vincent wants to court my sister.
Mirabel: Well…he kinda made his intentions known to me
Me: Did you help him in anyway to woo my sister?
Mirabel: I kinda provided all the information he needed to know about Nancy and your family.
Me: Runs girl
Mirabel: Ah! **opens mouth the way yoruba people do**
Me: I was just joking
Mirabel: Hhmmm….
Me: So how come he knew we…uhmmm…you know, you told him?
Mirabel: Yep! He asked me and i can’t lie to him. He was so disappointed and extremely mad at me. I had to beg him to forgive me. He even warned me to stay away from you that you can’t be trusted. He got to calm down after i told him that you and i have agreed not have s*x anymore. Although he kept asking from time to time if you made any attempt towards but he kept hearing ‘no’ from me till he finally forgave and trusts us.
Me: What about kissing? He told me it’s not right
Mirabel: Yea…he’s been telling me that too.
Me: So…?
Mirabel: So what?
Me: We should stop it?
Mirabel: I dunno…or should we?
Me: I feel like kissing you right now
Mirabel: Me too…
*******Two years later*******
In 400L; I was in a haste to get the hell out of school so I’d start building my business empire.
My website kept growing on daily basis. I added many African features on the site mostly Nigerian. By now i have already become a multimillionaire.
My Parents were living fine; My Dad became a big deal in ICAN (Institute of chartered accountants of Nigeria). He built a bigger family house in Abuja and in the village. He also expanded his company with many staffs. My Dad went ahead to buy me a cool toyota camry even when my momma tried all her possible best to discourage him from buying it. I liked the car though, instead of driving range rover to school, the camry seemed to be better.
My older sister – Joy gave birth to another daughter, making two.
Nancy and Vincent has been in their relationship for almost two years now. He’s been helping her a lot with good morals, the word of God, praying and with her studies too.
Vincent’s mission is pretty much yielding good results from Dax, Lola and Cynthia.
Promise is there as well; still single and most focused on her studies. She became the class representative when the department voted the former rep out.
As for me and Mirabel; things were going on fine and lovelier more and more.
Frank and Jummy(Mirabel’s guards) had a secret court wedding while still serving Mirabel.
Everyday passed by in a blink of an eye because of how peaceful and happy we were.
It was indeed a very sad moment that my Uncle the engineer died. He fell off from a six-storey building he was supervising and died instantly on the spot. I shedded tears and mourned him for a long period of time. We just arrived from the burial in Edo few days ago. My favorite Uncle just died like that. My Dad promised to take care of my Uncle’s wife and train his children till they grow up and become somebody in future. Although, my Uncle left a lot behind for his family that can sustain them for the next three years or more.
One evening when I was working on my website; I checked on Linda ikeji’s blog where I read news daily. Then i saw that there has been a break from the prison where Marcus was serving his jail term. It was said that some unknown gunmen attacked the prison and freed some prisoners. The names of the escaped prisoners are yet to be discovered. My prayer that moment was that, Marcus should not be among those that escaped.
I took my phone to call Mirabel and inform her about the prison break but her line was switched off which was totally unusual. I also tried Nancy’s line because she was at Mirabel’s lodge but didn’t go through.
I kept trying till I heard a knock at the gate. I went out to check who was there.
Me: Who’s there?
Frank: It’s me Frank
*I opened the gate and allowed him in*
Me: Why are you here alone? Where is your wife and Mirabel?
Frank: There’s a problem
Me: What happened?
Frank: Mirabel and your sister has been abducted
Me: What?! How did that happen?!!
Frank: Some gunmen attacked the lodge two hours ago and took away Mirabel and your sister with Jummy.
Me: What?! Who are they?
Frank: I really dunno; I just came back from the villa where i went to get some supplies for Mirabel only for me to return and heard what happened from neighbors that witnessed the attack.
Me: This must be Marcus!
Frank: Exactly! I heard about the break
Me: They broke him out
Frank: We need to rescue them fast before they do something to them.
Me: Is the president aware of this?
Frank: I called him immediately I found out
Me: What about Cynthia and Lola?
Frank: I dunno, they weren’t seen around
**Someone starts banging the steel gate**
Frank got hold of his gun while i peeped through the gate and saw Vincent looking fierce. I opened up the gate for him.
Vincent: Guys…we need to save our girls!