The President’s Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 16


No human is so perfect that challenges won’t come his/her way. We need wisdom and courage to overcome any kind of challenges or trials. Get wisdom and boldness, be a Victor over challenges and trials that comes your way and your life will be successful. WE NEED WISDOM AND BOLDNESS!

Me: Mirabel, the videotape should be our 100% privacy until we’re clear to take our relationship public. Our Parents needs to approve our relationship so that, whenever anything as such gets to the internet, it will be a news and not a scandal.

Mirabel: Baby, what can i do?

Me: Tell me where u keep the videotape

Mirabel: It’s in my iPad, my computer and i backed it up in my external drive.

Me: Your friends have access to your iPad and computer right?

Mirabel: Yeah

Me: Mirabel there are things that i need to tell u about,,, but that’d be when we meet. For now, U should delete the video from your iPad and computer then hide the external drive in a secret place.

Mirabel: Okay

Me: Or u can back it up with your genius cousin Ike and get rid of the drive.

Mirabel: Okay….

Me: Sweetheart, please watch your friends closely,,, they might be something else

Mirabel: Why did u say that?

Me: We’ll talk about that when we meet,,, do u trust me?

Mirabel: Of course! and with all my heart

Me: Good, and u know i will never do anything that’d hurt u

Mirabel: Yes i know,,, what’s all this about dear?

Me: Nothing much, just investing my innocence and good intentions towards u, just in case something comes up in the nearest future

Mirabel: Is that so?

Me: Yep

Mirabel: I hope u are not doing anything illegal in the course of our relationship?

Me: **Laughs** illegal?

Mirabel: Yes illegal, and u know what that means

Me: I know dear, I’m very clean

Mirabel: I know my love

Me: Thanks again for the gifts, i really appreciate it

Mirabel: Thanks for accepting it

Me: She’s even thanking me again, woah,,,, what a lovely girlfriend I’ve got, I’m so lucky to have u

Mirabel: I’m happy to have u too,,, Mum knows about u already

Me: Your mum the first lady?

Mirabel: Yea

Me: How? when? is she Ok with it? what did she say?

Mirabel: Relax love, Mum is the best, and so my Dad

Me: U haven’t answered my question

Mirabel: I guess we’ll have a lot to talk about when we meet at school

Me: What does that mean?

Mirabel: I will answer your question when we meet, or we should shift it to tomorrow?

Me: No, I’m not prepared for tomorrow, i will wait till we meet

Mirabel: Its Okay…

Me: So,,, goodnight?

Mirabel: Alright dear, lemme take a shower

Me: May i join u?

Mirabel: Only if u can

Me: Yea i can’t now, maybe when we get back to School

Mirabel: Good night sweetheart, love u…

Me: Love u too

**Hangs up**

Well, well, well,,,, Little by little our relationship is going forward. Both our mothers knows about our relationship, now remaining the bosses, our fathers.
I took my new iPad and wireless modem and started browsing immediately, It’s so fast. I set everything in the iPad, my google account, whatsapp, Facebook among others. I downloaded more than 15 applications and over 20 games.

I spent my night on the internet browsing and downloading till dawn. After the morning activities, Momma and Nancy left for the shop leaving me and the boss at home. The boss was in the parlor working with his laptop, he goes to his office anytime he likes because he is the boss and he can work at home using his laptop. I called Mirabel, recited a poem for her and professed my love for her. I silence my phone before i went to my bed to have a cool sleep. I had a daymare, I saw myself getting married to Lola, and i wasn’t happy . It was as if i was forced to marry her. Something was about to happen when the minister asked if there’s anyone here that have a reason why the two of us should not be together, I saw someone like a figure from afar,,, i felt some kind of feeling instantly before i was interrupted by the boss (my dad) he called me to open the gate for him that he’s going to the office.

After he left, I tried to sleep again but i couldn’t sleep anymore. I kept thinking about the dream, why did i dream of getting married to Lola of all people, and who was the one that wanted to crash the wedding?

I had to pray seriously that moment using Isaiah 7:7 to terminate the dream from ever coming to pass. I struggled with courage to wash my clothes as i will be leaving the following day,,,, i so much hate washing. Why? because i started washing my clothes when my elder sister Joy got married last year and left our house. Thank God there is a washing machine at the house Mirabel gave me to live in.

After washing, i spent the rest of my day on the internet, without even checking the games and apps i downloaded. I met new cool friends online especially at i love online friends better than close ones.

Later in the night, the Boss called me to his room to talk as Father and Son
Boss: U are my son, and i expect to see myself in u,,, but it doesn’t seem so yet. Why I’m trying to trust u now is because, many youths of our society start doing wayward life on higher institutions but instead, u got better. Your mother has been very happy and pleased with u recently, she says you’ve really changed, that u are now a good sensible boy and all that. For me, its your grades in school that will make me to trust u completely. If your first semester result comes out, and u performed well beyond my expectations,,,, Then i will purely understand what your mother has been telling me, I will surprise u, I will provide for u whatever u will need, i will support u in any way that will enhance your motivation. I thank God for blessing me with those jobs, with it and other connections from it will make me fulfill my promise. For these jobs has increased my level, professionals higher than me were dropped because of me. I don’t know how it happened but i know its a favour from God. So please, make me believe in u, so that i can trust and know that u won’t cause any trouble, then i can fight for u no matter what to prove my son’s innocence. Are u following?

Me: Yes sir

Boss: Good,,,, as u are going back to school, do not keep bad companies, be prayerful, study hard and make me proud. Stay away from girls,,, Victor stay away from girls,,,, that’s the area that i don’t trust u with…. i know what I’m saying,,, abstain from them completely. It’s better to keep one than be flirting around,,, but I’m not telling u to be in relationship yet. U may probably get my blessing and the go ahead to have a girlfriend on three conditions. First and fore-most, your first year results must please me, both first and second semesters,,,, secondly, u must introduce her to me and your mother, which means,,,, you will have her as your future wife and that’s if i find her suitable and worthy. And thirdly which is very important even to God,,,, U must not have s-x with her and to anyone else. For it is only for married couples. Do I make myself clear?

Me: Yes sir

Boss: Do we understand each other?

Me: Yes Boss,,,, sorry, sir

Boss: So u will go and write down everything u need, sum it and bring it to me

Me: Ok sir

He then prayed blessings me before i left his room to write down my needs.
I didn’t even know what to write, i feel like I’m okay. My bank account is still intact, i didn’t use the money that was sent to me when i was in school. I just wrote down some things with a total of #6,800 and gave to him. He looked at the paper and looked at me, he looked at the paper again and then went inside to his room and came with some Naira in his hand and gave to me.

Boss: That’s 20,000 you’re holding, U may need it for other expenses

Me: Thank u sir.

Boss: Its okay…

Momma also gave me her own piece of advice, both morally, educationally and otherwise. She asked how much my Dad gave me, I told her the amount,,, she then gave me #25,000 and promised to backup some money in my bank account. I tried to resist it but she insisted and left me with no choice.
I felt like too much money, i gave Nancy #5,000 and she hugged me crazily and happily.