“I’m Obinim” Season 2 Episode 7


As at now, I was just interested in getting to know Doc. Efua more and see how I’m going to get closer to her but as long as Jojo remains in the way that is definitely going to be a problem.

Shela left my side at the hospital very upset with me. That was the first time I have disagreed with her so you could feel how awkward we both felt around each other. Well, I was a bit worried about her because I felt she needed more this time around, however I was more concerned about Doc. Efua. I needed to find new strategies and get my lines right when she report to duty the following morning.

So that night, infact felt like a home work. I looked closely at the ceiling with my mind cast into thoughts then I began creating scenario. First of all, supposing she comes in the morning to do her regular checks up on me, I will firstly complement her looks of which am so sure she will appreciate it by saying “Thank you”. Then I will drop the line flirting line “I miss you taking care of me”. From the response she will give, I will build on that, then eventually win her heart.

I kept rehearsing this lines over and over again in my head. Now I could feel that am very well ready to meet her tomorrow. If I’m not able to manup then my readers, you can call me “John Boo- father of nashers”.

Talking of Pozo, from what I gathered, he was arrested right before I was rushed to the hospital. I felt bad for him though, but on a lighter note, I won’t get to pay the money I owe him if he remains in cells. The least I can do is buy him “koko and Toase” every morning when I go visiting him at the cell. That is, even if I will go.

I slept late that night all in the name of mastering my lines for a battle. That early morning, Health wise, I was really responding to treatment and recovering rapidly than usual.  You see what love can do?

I woke up, went to have a quick shower, and laid back on my sick bed waiting for her patiently.  It was about 10am when the nurses begun coming in, checking on me and giving me bitter tablets which I hated most. I normally place the tablet under my tongue and throw them out on the blind side of the nurse.

That morning was quite different. Usually the nurses that check up on me were all young ladies but today everything was different. This particular nurse that came looked very old and matured. She had no smiling face. All she did was to bring me the medication and kept on looking right at my face for me to take them. It was as if she knew I had the intention of throwing them off my mouth.

The worse thing she even kept on saying was “Swallow” after every gulp of water I take. I had no option than to take this bitter drugs. You can imagine my facial expression. It was nothing to write home about. That was the very moment my Doctor came in and infact, she was looking very gorgeous and elegant.

As soon as she came she talked the nurse and immediately the nurse left my ward. Now I was left with her alone at my bed. This was the time to put what I was rehearsing throughout the night into practice. So I began with my lines.

“Hey Efua, you really looking elegant this morning” I said.

She just watched me and then without saying anything, she just shook her head creating the impression that I was not being serious.

That was definitely not the answer I was expecting but I ignored it and took that as an appreciation. Then I followed with my second lines.

“Efua, on a more serious note, I really miss you  taking care of me and I want to say thank you for that” I said confidently.

She looked at me in weird way and gave me an answer that I never ever expected. All she said was

“I’m being paid to take care of my patients. So don’t think I treat you any different from the rest of the patients in this hospital. By the way, you are good to go home now. See me at my office for your prescription and other receipts. “She said.

All my words and ego vanished into the thin air. One thing I didn’t check was the mood she was in when she came to my ward. Apparently, my step sister Shela, had called after that night to stay away from her man Jojo, so then I guess she took her anger out on me.

To be continued.