The President’s Daughter And I Season 2 Episode 12


In life, there is no Victory without Battle, No Man or Woman is free from Challenges. How u win depends on how u fight for Victory. Success doesn’t come on a platter of gold, the ability of manifesting your gifts depends on how u worked it out!


The morning came so late, or maybe it was because i didn’t really sleep that night. It was a Sunday so we started the necessary preparations for the Sunday’s service. We normally go to Church as early as 7:30 against 8:00 which was Sunday school service before the normal Church service at 9:00am. During our morning devotional, Daddy gave a Testimony.

Daddy: Last night when you all went to bed, when i was here (Living room) doing some work with my computer. I checked my E-mail, I received three mails from three large companies for me to Audit.

Nancy: Woa… that’s nice Daddy

Daddy: Yes, It’s a great one. It is a great favour and also a great challenge, because i’ve never had this kind of opportunity before in my 9 years of Auditing. Three large companies at once, and their dates did not clash with the other, which means i shall do them one after the other. This is a big favour from God. The companies are Nestle Nigeria, First Bank PLC, and Flour Mills Nigeria.

Nancy: Daddy are u serious?

Daddy: Yes, and i shall be leaving for Lagos on Tuesday to process some things before starting the job on Monday next week. I can’t tell when i will return

Momma: We thank God, it’s a blessing, a wide door opened for us

Me: This is really great, it’s more than a open door, we should call it an Open Gate From Heaven

Nancy: Only God knows the amount of money Daddy will get from these jobs,,, i’m so happy!

Daddy: Like i said earlier, It is a great favour and also a great challenge. So i need God’s favour; wisdom, knowledge and understanding; His mercy and also the strength to do the work. So we are going to pray seriously for that this morning. But we are going to thank God first for the huge favour

Momma: The God that granted us this huge favour, will also favour u to do the work effectively

Daddy: You all will be praying oh,,, U know it’s not for me but all of us will benefit from it. Who knows, Victor may even go back to School with a car

Momma: Amen oh…

Oops! could this be good? that was when i remembered my range rover sport car which my Parents don’t know about. Well, Momma knows about Mirabel already so i will tell her about the car and to let her convinced Daddy not to buy me another car.

Nancy: Daddy what about me?

Daddy: I know U’ll want a promise Nancy, just let me do the job first before we exhaust an invisible money. Oya let us pray, we’re running late already.

We went to Church, the service was awesome. The Speaker was a guest Pastor and i was really blessed. Daddy also gave the testimony he testified earlier at home and the congregation rejoiced with him.

After the service, we had to wait for Momma because she had to wait for their Women Fellowship Meeting. Dad and Nancy were inside the car. I leaned on our car replying messages on whatapp and forgot i had been trying to avoid someone. My ex girlfriend i didn’t date, Dorothy.

Dorothy: Hei Vickie

(Distracted from my chat, i raised my face to face her)

Me: D’thy how far

Dorothy: Fine oh, you’re waiting for your Mum right?

Me: Yap

Dorothy: Me too (Leaning on the car right next to me) I’m so tired of this their meeting, almost every Sunday, imagine. Women and never-ending talks

Well, i quite agreed with her inside my mind because the worst thing is that, My Mum was the Leader.

Me: Yea, that’s how it is

Dorothy: So what’s up, with school and everything?

Me: Very well, I thank God

Dorothy: I’ve missed u so much, that your number hasn’t been going through or did u changed number?

She didn’t even know i blocked her line.

Me: Nope, still using the same line

Dorothy: Then why can’t I reach u?

Me: Could be network or maybe u weren’t trying it

Dorothy: Of course i was, wait lemme try your number now (reaching for her hand bag)

My heart skipped, didn’t know what to do. Maybe i should quickly unblock her since i’m holding my phone

Dorothy: Oohhhh Daniel!

Me: What?

Dorothy: He’s having my phone. He always took it without my knowledge

Me: Come on, don’t be mad at him (I was happy) He’s your little bro and he looks up to u

Dorothy: Buh he should’ve ask me first

Me: Would u have given him silently?

Dorothy: He is still a boy, what does he know? he’ll just spoil my phone, i know how much i got that phone.

Me: Small boy at 14? U and I know Daniel is a smart boy. Besides he might just be playing games with it

Dorothy: That’s what he does, my phone is so full of games he downloaded and installed that are not deletable

Me: Not deletable?

Dorothy: Yea, and i don’t want to flash my phone

I laughed deep inside my heart on what i just heard, chai!   I wish i could tell her how foolish she was. I have always known that her brother, Daniel is far smarter and intelligent than her, although he is very stubborn.

Me: Just let him use it, let him be learning from yours till he get he’s. Who knows, he might even teach u some things about phone one day.

Dorothy: And be mocking me? just the other day he managed to show me how to upload profile picture on facebook and how to use voice note on whatsapp, he kept bragging about it since then

Me: He is just being proud of helping his elder sis, u know that kind thing na

Dorothy: Whatever, its annoying… So will u still be around?

Me: Not really, i will be leaving next week or upper week

Dorothy: There’s still time, i will check up on u tomorrow,,,, or even later today if you’ll be free

This girl won’t leave me alone,,, i don’t want her or whatever she has to offer.

Me: No u can’t come, u know my dad is around

Dorothy: But i’m not just any girl, your Parents knows me. My mother and your mother are good friends

Me: They will know something is fishy because u haven’t been visiting before, why today all of a sudden

Dorothy: U should quit being negative na, I promise to do whatever u want when i get there

Me: Whatever i want? (Tempted)

Dorothy: Yes i promise and i mean it
(No! devil is a liar!!)

Me: The thing is that, My Parents will be at home, and We may also have visitors

Dorothy: What about tomorrow when Your Father go to his office and your Mother and Nancy to the shop?

Me: Worst, My Dad said, He will be taking me to His office for an orientation instead of staying at home doing nothing.

Dorothy: Then how about u come to my house later today? My Mother won’t be around, it’d fun just like before (Her Father was dead and her Mother was a big business woman).

Chai! bursted!! what excuse am i going to feed her with now?