The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 4


My alarm went off, i woke up feeling cool, i prayed to God, did some push-ups, brushed my teeth, bath, prepared myself for school. I checked my phone, saw like 4 messages and 3 missed. The callers was my mum and my uncle… I was about to leave it for later but, Oh! My Uncle!! I swiftly checked my inbox, from firstbank yes!!

I screamed out as i saw what was credited in my account, what do u expect from an engineer uncle, i wont tell u guys the amount *Tongues out* Lol.

I walked in, few people in the class ‘coz i came early (serious student dat kin tin). I went through my notes ‘coz i don’t want to forget what i was taught, a lecturer may decide to give test anytime, failing exams not be me by His Grace.

One by one, two by three people arrives seated gisting, waiting for the lecturer. Then class suddenly calmed, i raised my head to see the lecturer but it wasn’t him. You guessed right, its her, Mirabel. All eyes was on her as she gracefully walked in to the class. What an arrogant fellow in my mind.

Shortly, the Accounting lecturer walked in and immediately ordered for the entrance door to be closed. He wrote a new topic on the board saying we’d discuss about it today. He started asking questions about what we discussed on our previous lecture.

Lecturer: On our previous meeting, we discussed Cost, the types, and also Overhead apportionment. Let’s refresh our memory a little. Class what is Cost and its types? Now close your notes and just put up your hand.

Promise stood up and answered it immediately.

Lecturer: Good. What is Overheard Apportionment? *Silence

Lecturer: Didn’t we discussed it?

Class: We did

Lecturer: Then what’s happening? *Silence

Lecturer: I would give you your test /20 -5marks this moment *Murmuring

Lecturer: Shut up!! I hate dull class, That kind of statement always burst my brain or maybe most students. I was about to stand up before i heard an answering voice, it was Mirabel. (This will be good, now i’m ready)

Mirabel: Overhead Apportionment is the procedure whereby indirect cost are split fairly between cost centres.

Lecturer: The first stage of Overhead Apportionment? (referring to Mirabel).

Mirabel: *Silent

Lecturer: Anybody else? I stood up to answer for the first time. Chai! big boy feeling nervous

Me: Sir, Overhead Apportionment involves the sharing out of common cost in an equitable way or proportion between the production and service department according to benefits they received. And the first stage of Overhead Apportionment is to identify all overhead cost as Production department, Administrative, Selling and Distribution Overhead.

Lecturer: Very good! What’s ur name

Me: Victor Sir

Lecturer: 5marks for You, give me your admission number. I gave him, which he wrote down. I could see how eyes were facing my direction, it made me feel uncomfortable, i just controlled myself till the end of the lecture.

Girl 1: Nice try dude, u saved us

Girl 2: Nna na u try pass

Girl 3: *smiles*

Well Well Well… i think i just earn myself a spot in the department. I called my uncle to tell him i saw his missed call and message then thanked him, i also called my mum, we talked *********.

Promise: Mr. Man

Me: Young lady

Promise: I’m a lady jhoor

Me: Says who?

Promise: My physique

Me: Hhmmm igbo girl(I guess she wants me to check her out, right? Yea)

Promise: What?

Me: Nothing abeg, i’m really hungry

Promise: Lets go out na

Me: After you

Promise: Hhmmm We got to an eatery, fed the warms in our stomach then walked back to class not after sighting that girl (Mirabel). Another lecturer came in to perform his duty.

During his lectures, he asked questions which answering became a competition between Mirabel and I with contributions from Promise and others. The competition in the class impressed the lecturers a lot, they acknowledged our department as an Intelligent department.

We the competitors Mirabel and I are yet to discover our limits. I’m the best in every course subject but maths, Hhmmm maths… just good in it with the help of Promise who was better. My limit was maths, i need to know her own limit. What do you think guys?

To Be Continued