The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 35


Heeey guys, sorry for the delay, I was at church all day but enjoy this episode

I felt like, there’d be no need for telling her, as I will do my possible best to avoid Lola. I would make sure she doesn’t get close to me ever again.

Me: That must be a dream sweetheart, maybe after my poem

Mirabel: Exactly what I was thinking

Me: Its Ok sweetheart,,, it was just a dream,,, it doesn’t mean anything

Mirabel: I hope so

Me: Let’s forget about that dear and focus our mind on our exam.

Mirabel: That’s correct,,, let’s go do our best.

We got to the School, Promise was there already waiting for us

Promise: What took u guys so long?

Mirabel: Sorry dear,,, its he’s fault for waking up late

Promise: So u went to his house to wake him up?

Mirabel: No, he slept over at my place, if not, he wouldn’t had woke up till now

Promise: Oh, I see…

Me: Morning Promzy

Promise: The morning is good,,,, come on, let’s go and study now i don’t want to get a low grade on this

Mirabel: Yea Let’s go

I followed them into the class, we read, reviewed, did questions and answers. They both gisted with the remaining time left before the exam. I was totally left out of their conversation, so i operated my phone till we started the exam.

I pieces the exam like mad… I thanked God. The exam finally came to an end, everyone was happy, others only had smiles on their faces.

Mirabel surprised me with a passionate kiss in the presence of everyone to celebrate the success of the exams.

Promise gave me a friendly hug. I got handshakes from some of my course mates and my chest got lots of soft hugs from other course mates too.

We took some photos, spent more time in the school before we logged out.

Mirabel invited Promise to join us in her house for lunch which she tried to decline but Mirabel left her with no other choice but to join us. I didn’t follow them to the house, I stopped at one junction that parted Mirabel’s house and my place. I dropped so I would go to my place to change the clothes I wore the previous day.

I got to my place, had my bath, then i put on something new. I couldn’t take yoghurt that moment because i was in a hurry and I can have some at Mirabel’s. I got out, locked my entrance door then rushed towards the gate. I opened it and found someone standing outside waiting for me.

Me: Promise?

Promise: Hi

Me: What are u doing here?

Promise: I came to see u Victor

Me: Buh I thought…

Promise: Yea, I also dropped after u did… I told Mirabel that I needed to get something, that I would join her shortly

Me: Okay,,,, come in. So what’s up? What’s this about??

Promise: I really dunno, it may sound embarrassing,,,, I just I just…

Me: Promzy calm down, relax and tell me what u want to tell me

Promise: Its too late Victor,,, Its already too late **she starts running away with tears dripping down from her eyes**

Me: Hey Promise! Wait!! What’s wrong with u? Promise… hey! What’s wrong with her??

Promise: Leave me alone!!

Me: But why?! What’s wrong?

Promise: Just leave me alone!!

Me: I won’t leave u, until u tell me what’s bothering u

Then she stopped and faced me.

Promise: Why? What would u do if i tell u now?!

Me: Why don’t u tell me first? I’m really confused right now

Promise: Fine! I love u!! I have always loved u since we became friends…

Me: What?

Promise: I thought u felt the same way, that u were just waiting for the right time to ask me out

Me: Promise….

Promise: What?! I waited for u! I waited for your move Victor, I waited…

She started crying. I hugged her to calm her down.

Me: I’m sorry Promise, I didn’t know. I saw u as that good girl who wouldn’t want such. Even when i tried to test how your outcome might be if i should make the move towards u, but u failed the test Promise, u failed it

Promise: U don’t test a lady that way Victor, I have my pride to protect. I don’t need to appear cheap before u know what my response might be

Me: But I needed to be sure

Promise: That means u never loved me, a real guy would pour out his feelings to the girl he loves but u never did that Victor… and i love u so much

Me: I’m sorry Promise,,, I never knew u did love me…. I tried to confirm if u had a thing for me but i didn’t get a yellow light from u, more to talk of a green. I really did liked u but i wasn’t sure if u would like me as well

Promise: I understand u, buh its okay. U have Mirabel now, she’s happy and you’re happy too, that’s all that matters.

Me: Promise its…. **Phone rings**

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Me: Hello

Mirabel: Where are u? The food is almost ready, yet U aren’t here, … what’s keeping u? even Promise is not here yet

Me: I’m on my way dear, I will be there in 10 minutes

Mirabel: Well hurry up,,, lemme call Promise, bye **Hangs up**

Me: It’s Mirabel,,, she will call u any moment from now

Promise: Oh… **Phone rings**

Promise: Hi Mirabel

Mirabel: Promise where are u?

Promise: I’m almost there

Mirabel: Please hurry up **Hangs up**

Me: Let’s go

Promise: Together?

Me: Of course! let’s go We rushed out, I noticed a car screeched its tyres away across the road of my gate. I didn’t care ‘coz i dunno the person but the car looked somehow familiar.

We got into the nearest taxi and then zoomed off to Mirabel’s. We got there few minutes later, passed through the opened gate, then knocked on Mirabel’s door. She came out immediately…

Mirabel: What took u guys so long?

Me: Sorry dear,,,, buh, we’re here now **giving her a kiss on the cheek**

Mirabel: Let’s go in before the food gets cold

Me: Alright We went in, Mirabel ushered us straight to the dinning so we’d attack the covered meal.

Mirabel: Its a good thing the food didn’t get cold before u guys came, if not i would’ve killed u both.

Promise: Kill kwa! Abeg o… They both bursted into laughter while i just forced out a smile.

What Promise told me earlier kept me in a thinking and imaginal mood. She uncovered the food, Oh my! My favourite!! I know u all can guess what it was. Now Promise will eat my precious food! And shorten my ration? Lols,,, just kidding…

Mirabel: I prepared your favourite to celebrate the success of the exams **referring to me**

Me: U did well,,,, this is great! I was already thinking of when I would eat your fried rice again

Mirabel: Another reason why I prepared it,,, I know u’d miss it

Me: Sure I would

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Promise: Uhmmm… Mirabel can u please play us some music?

Mirabel: Sure She took the remote and pressed a button, a cool music by Timi Dakolo started playing. But she changed it to Tekno’s Duro. She served the food, with an expensive drink I even forgot its name. Of course it doesn’t taste good, or maybe it was me.

Promise did the judgement before we proceeded in sentencing the food into our bellies.

After eating for a while, I sipped the drink, it tasted somehow… my expression was like “Which kind drink be this one now” and I guess Mirabel noticed it.

Me: Uhmmm Mirabel…

Mirabel: Don’t even think about it

Me: But…

Mirabel: Not today

Chai! I needed it,,,, hollandia yoghurt of course!! I just managed to drink the available one, but I enjoyed the fried rice sha. After the meal, Lola showed up, smiled and said hi to me before she started dancing. Mirabel and Promise was in the kitchen then. I couldn’t understand if Lola timed them or something. She danced sexily with her white bum short. I tried hard not to look at her, but damΠ! She was good, the twisting and whining and twerking got me excited. But i maintained my position, even little vame understood the implication. I heard some footsteps approaching, I quickly turned away from Lola and began to operate my phone,,, breathing like a goat.

Mirabel: Lola!!

Lola: Hey dear

Mirabel: What’s the meaning of this? Can’t u see Victor is here?!

Lola: And so? Is Victor a kid? Come of it girl

Mirabel: I don’t like it

Lola: Now what? I should stop dancing because a matured dude is here? What is he gonna do? Rape me? m@sturbate over me? Or what? Come on girl!

Promise: Lola calm down, just understand Mirabel’s point of view.

Lola: And who are u? Her d!ck sharer?? oh pleaseeee….

Having said that, she stormed out with her shakeables shaking up and down.

Mirabel: Lola!!

Promise: Woah… what’s wrong with that girl?

Me: She’s like that

Mirabel: She can be crazy at most times, but not like this

Me: Maybe she’s high or something

Mirabel: That’s when she tries to make some sense

Me: So what do u think?

Mirabel: I dunno, but,,, how come u guys came together?? ☆☆☆



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