The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 3


In the class, the lecturer stated his principles, did the introductory part of his lecture, gave us the course outlines then concluded by saying we would start fully next week before he left. The class immediately got noisy as hell, people running from different angles to one spot, the place where that girl was seated, what? who is this girl sef?? a celebrity i don’t know???

They even tried to take photos with her but were prevented by her bodyguards. They were screaming around her before her bodyguards guarded her out of the class. Myself went out to eat something, i was passing by when i sighted her at the most expensive eatery in the school, i guess she saw me too but i didn’t care.

One thing about me is that, i don’t compare myself with rich kids because…. i believe that their fathers/mothers might even suffered more than me, so they might decide to work hard so their children won’t suffer the way they did. So, me thinking about that is a motivation for me to work hard for my own children.

I went to a eatery i could afford, ate, rest a little, then headed to class for the next lectures. The lecturers came, did their introductions in anticipation for next week’s normal lectures. Once the lecturers left, those bodyguards would come in to protect their princess.

I left the class for I.D card office to get my I.D, after waiting in the queue for several minutes, they told me my I.D isn’t ready yet. On leaving the place i saw two people at once, I saw Esther coming from the east and Mirabel from the west stepping down from her car, with me at the south side. I don’t want any of them to see me, unfortunately there’s nothing i could do. If i should head north, they would both see me. I immediately thought of something, i’ve always liked west-side ‘coz of 2pac Shakur,

U know during the West coast and East coast beef between Notorious B.I.G and 2pac… 2pac rep West-Side. So i decided to take the west route, I walked passed her while she did the same, i didn’t say nothing while she didn’t even look my side. On looking her, i can’t tell what kind of person she was, she was kind of different. But on a normal sense, i’d say she’s arrogant. I don’t like arrogant people who thinks highly of themselves, they irritates me especially when they feel superior over others.

The introductory week passed, i got my I.D different guys rushing to try their luck in wooing Mirabel, i dunno how it went but looking at her reaction, i guess she didn’t give them a chance. They didn’t stop though, all those swagging guyz, guyz with cars and money from different department kept trying.

Normal lectures began, i paid attention to every single knowledge the lecturers impacted, i don’t miss any lectures, got a semi-friend Titus by name and a good female friend Promise who was the assistant class rep, intelligent but i assisted her alot. She alone knows about my intelligence as i don’t like showing myself to get attention.

It was Promise that advised me to be answering questions in the class and help students that needs help.

My day wasn’t that bad but i had to rest a lot by sleeping… i sleep a lot which made mum always complain that i sleep much yet i don’t get fat, because i was a slim guy but i like my stature though. Phone rings

Me: Hello

Uncle: Hello, how are u?

Me: Fine sir. Long time sir

Uncle: So u know that, yet u don’t call

Me: Not like that sir

Uncle: How is it? I don’t enjoy lying or arguments, so i just accepted the blame.

Me: Sorry sir

Uncle: U know things aint done that way, we’re family

Me: I know sir, wont happen again

Uncle: Better not.

Me: Yes sir

Uncle: U’re in school right?

Me: Yes sir

Uncle: I just confirmed from your mum

Me: Ok sir

Uncle: I trust u that u’re studying hard right?

Me: Yes sir

Uncle: Good. Send me your account details let me see what i can do.

Me: *happy* Ok sir, thank u sir

Uncle: Thank God, i will always support u, just don’t betray us boy

Me: Sure sir

Uncle: Alright take care of yourself. Don’t forget to send me your account details. Bye.

Me: Bye sir, thank u sir.

Wow! extra money coming… i love my family jare. With that i decided to treat myself for the night.

Coming to school is like a new source of income for me as i worked in a computer business centre that made me save a lot before starting school. Now more money from one relative or another, cool! good thing i don’t womanize and i don’t drink alcohol.

I went to a nearby suya spot which later became my favourite. I bought #300 suya, went into a shop got myself hollandia yogurt and 3 eggs. I got home, prepared indomie and enjoy myself as a student for the night. Then i thought about what Promise had told me earlier

“If Martin Luther had kept his knowledge to himself, he wouldn’t had become great“ I thought about it over and over then agreed with her after some time. Time for everyone to know who Victor Vames is I said to myself silently.

To Be Continued…