The President’s Daughter And I Season 1 Episode 23


This girl is really something else, she didn’t even wait for my response before she starts pulling me to the pool.

Me: Hey! stop, I’m not prepared to swim please…

Lola: Do U have to be prepared?? Don’t U know how to swim?

Me: I can swim, buh…

Lola: C’mon it will be fun,,, don’t be a joy-killer

Me: Lola, seriously I’m not prepared for this… maybe some other time Ok?

Lola: Now is more better, the water is cool and suitable for relaxing the body, mind and the brain trust me…

This thing that Lola is bringing I don’t really understand. I have to avoid her in order to avoid stories that touches the heart. Before I could alter any word, Mirabel just showed up…

Mirabel: Hey guys

Lola: Hi Mirabel

Me: Hey dear

Mirabel: I can see U guys are catching up,,, mind if I join the gist?

Me: Uhmm…

Lola: Don’t mind him Mirabel, he can’t even swim

Mirabel: Of course he can, right dear?

Me: Yes dear,,, I love swimming

Lola: Oh really?

Me: Sure

Lola: Why then U didn’t proved it earlier?

Me: I’m jus…

Mirabel: He turned me down earlier too. Baby,,, are U sure U can swim? We could teach U if U can’t (Ok, she calls me baby again! I hate it!! I gat to tell her)

Me: I’m just not in mood for swimming, maybe some other time

Lola: Whatever…. fear fear (cat-walking away)

Mirabel: Iffa burst your teeth eh… na my love U call fear fear? (So Mirabel speaks pidgin? But the pidge no sweet to hear….. U know that kind ajebo pidgin na)

Mirabel: Lets go in Love, the food is almost ready (using both her hands round my waist and her head on my shoulders)

We got in to her house and something seems unusual…

Me: Where are your guards?

Mirabel: I gave them two days leave,,,, U sit here while I go check whats on fire (she kissed me then ran off to the kitchen)

Well, its a good thing that f√ckin’ frank of a guard isn’t around ‘coz I hate seeing him. I prefer seeing the female one Jummy, she’s kinda hot. Talking about hot and sexiness, I think Lola is a perfect description. The girl has it all,,, to tell U guys the truth, vame responds to stimuli when she threw her body on me after she tried to grab me to the pool.

Her huge pointed boobs almost almost…. chai! I better stop thinking about that. Me seated admiring the apartment, very beautiful… there I sighted our President’s portrait and that of our first lady. She must be a patriotic citizen to have those on her wall…. But, those were not their official portrait,,,, how did she get this? Wow… my babe get leg wella be that.

She’s taking too long already, I decided to join her in the kitchen. I managed to locate the kitchen after wandering about the house. She was slicing cabbage when I got there, I slowly walked towards her, held her waist from behind then landed her soft kisses on her neck (How I’ve always liked such kind of moment, very romantic,,, I love movies)

Mirabel: (jokingly)Hey hey hey mister don’t eat me up, the food is almost ready

Me: (In Frank Artus voice) I can’t wait no longer baby…

Mirabel: So,,, what do U intend to do then? (turning around to face me)

Me: I feel like eating U up

Mirabel: Oh really? (Placing both her hands on my neck romantically, Chai!) We drew our lips closer till they met which results to a passionate kissing… It was getting more intense as she was rubbing my back and head. I grabbed her from the back and raised her upwards so her legs round my waist still kissing then placed her on a table close by… she starts unbuttoning my shirt still kissing…

Mirabel: Opps! The food is burning!!

She got away from the hot romance to drop the food down.

Mirabel: Good thing I remembered, I didn’t even perceived the smell. Its all your fault (romantically)

Me: Well I was hungry how is it my fault? When I came to the kitchen to find out if the food is ready only to find something better

Mirabel: (Seductively) And what could that be?

Me: (caressing her hair) Some one so special that can make her boyfriend resist hunger, that can make a man’s worries to go away in a hurry, that can turn an angry man into a smiling fool, that can make a man to blush with out a cause. Her beauty supersedes all beauties, her presence could open a folder in every man’s heart. Even the most pretty girl in the world with the crown would get jealous of her ‘coz she got the crowd. Who is she? I’m the proud boyfriend of the amazing, astonishing, stunning lady.

Mirabel: If U don’t run to the dining this moment, I’m going to eat up your lips this minute (wildly).

Me: Huh?

Mirabel: Go! Before U set my head ablaze,,, its getting smoky already. I mean… woah… are U a poet?

Me: No dear,,, its the manifestation of love

Mirabel: Gosh! U’re so romantic and I so much love U for that

Me: I love U more dear We kissed again and kissed for about a minute before…

Mirabel: Lets go and eat before I lose control and the food would probably get cold U know

Me: True… lemme help U, where are the yoghurts?

Mirabel: Geez!

Me: What?

Mirabel: Nothing,,, its in the fridge

Me: Cool

I rushed to the fridge at once to get the yoghurt… wow, inside her fridge was so handsome full with many things… I grabbed one big hollandia yoghurt then went to dining. I changed my mind by going to the sitting room, sat on the floor leaning against a chair.

Mirabel: So this is where U want to eat?

Me: No,,, this is where I want us to eat. She dropped down the fine breakable tray containing the food, plates, knife/fork and tumblers. I love drinking yoghurt on tumblers. She opened up the food…

Me: This look really good…

Mirabel: Why won’t it loo… The entrance door suddenly burst open letting in an intruder… ☆☆☆

To Be Continued.