The Piano Forte


For so many a ‘days’
Under different rays
I have walked with tire
Forsaking the rules of fire
I sang myself a song
One that carries my heart along
Nothing did I possess
Nor was a day of recess

For so many a days
Without making hay
I drank from the cursed river
Oh I couldn’t shiver

Then I saw that man again
Walks  like he will never slain
His poignant melodies
Seemed my saving remedies

I entered his abode without fear
No, I didn’t have to snare
Then I asked
Teach me man,
Your melody
It is my remedy

He looked at me soakingly
Then I bulged shamefully
He drew to his side
Then said,
Play on the piano forte
The song that you carry along

I touched a key
Then I asked
Why are some short
Others long
Some black
Others white

He smiled mildly
Then he said
Thats you and I
In this wilderness
You afflicted
I affluent
Together we make the harmony
In this gloomy wilderness

You and I

Credit Dufie Boakye

Mr Pobs