The One I Love Episode 6


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“I’m Stella. Firstly, I want to advise you on drinking. It’s a very bad habit that can result into Kidney damage.” She stopped, willing to know what he’d say.

“Carry on, story teller.” He hissed.

“I’ll be coming here everyday to prepare you meal, I wish to know your place of work, likewise if I can be bringing food for you.”

“See, don’t let me see you here!” He said softly because of the Grandma.

“I’ll tell Grandma.”

Tobi was silent. “If you tell her, I’m going to kill you!”

Stella laughed. “


“The guy’s really mad oh…” she replied.

“Mad?” Temitope was here in the morning.” Favour changed the topic.

“That guy…” she smiled.

“I knew you’d be happy. I gave him your phone number, he said he’d call you.”

Stella smiled.


Tolani was in his room, couldn’t take Stella’s image off his mind. He had been emotional for hours, in his room. He was just imagining what might have happened to her or changed about her. He wished to at least see her that day but there was nowhere he could go to search for her.


Episode 6

Even though it was hard to believe, Stella changed her dress and took Favour along with her to Tobi’s place. She wanted to fulfill all righteousness, so that she wouldn’t be termed as a bad person.

She called the Grandmaa and got her informed that she was going to Tobi’s place. It was sunny, she hoped to meet him at home. “Let’s buy him a mouth organ.” Favour suggested.

“He isn’t worth it, and, he’ll think I like him or something. I don’t want him to feel on top of the world.” She replied.

“Just to cajole him now.” She grinned.

“And… where do you intend to get the money. You know we’re are managing.” She reminded her.

“Sorry… I thought we were rich.” She smiled.


Tobi was at home with two of his friends; Sola and Emmanuel. He was targeting 4pm with his friends to go to the joint to drink as usual when Stella knocked at the door. “Is he the owner of this place?” Favour asked her.

“Yes, he’s okay.” She replied.

“That’s good, really good.”

“But he’s weird.” She hissed. She remembered Tolani, he was the one that did utter the word ‘weird’. She did remember him often and it would change her countenance anytime she did remember.

She felt like seeing him. She felt like holding his hands like they did almost five years ago. She felt like hearing his voice, funny jokes and wise words. She’d sometimes sit and chid herself, scold herself against breaking their relationship apart but she knew she had impacted in him by breaking them apart.

If she didn’t do that, even if he would not be searching for employment opportunity now, his certificate wouldn’t be as great as it was.

She was proficient at settling things to be the best. She wanted the best thing for him, if not, she wouldn’t have broken up with him.

“This sun is scorching.” Favour tapped her friend.

Stella comported herself back and became self conscious. She knocked again and patiently waited for him to open the gate. Not quite long after, She saw him approaching through a thin space between the gate. “Who’s it?” She heard a voice from within.

“Stella.” She replied.

Stella?  What’s she doing here again? What’s wrong with this girl! He thought and placed his hand on the gate. “Hope there’s no problem?” He enquired.

“Grandma said I should come and prepare you food.” She replied.

“Food? do I look hungry?” He questioned her.

“I have something to do if you’re not ready.” She turned around as if she was ready to leave.

“Wait.” Tobi stopped her and opened the gate. He walked outside and saw Favour with her. “Good afternoon.” He greeted Favour, bending a little.

“Good afternoon sir.” She bowed too.

Tobi smiled. “Just come in.”

Both of them walked in.


“So what do you intend to cook?” Tobi asked Stella.

“What do you have at home that you’d like to eat?” She replied with a question.

Tobi closed the gate and turned to them. He glimpsed at Favour while their eyes met and took his eyes off at once. He exhaled deeply and smiled. “Let’s go in, my friends are in.” He started walking.

“Friends?” Stella muttered and gave Fave a sharp glance. They both halted, how would they appear before his friends? “Friends?” Stella spoke up, she wanted him to hear and see what his reaction would be.

He turned around and smiled. “Yeah, my friends.”

“We can’t go in oh..” Stella turned her head towards Fave, and started itching her head.

Tobi chuckled. “You want to cook? Come right in.”

“Thought you said you weren’t hungry, let’s make it another day.” She turned around, awaiting him to call her back, or persuade her.

“Alright. You guys may leave.” He was happy and walked up to them to lock the gate.



Favour and Stella got to the front of the hotel. Stella’s heart was beating fast as she stared at the name of the hotel – Diamond Hotel. She felt her pulse herself and smiled faintly. She gazed at Favour and smiles again. “We can do this, let’s go in.” Favour smiled in return.

Both walked in smartly. They got to the front of the receptionist and greeted the young lady. They told her what they came for and she directed them to Feyi.

Though, Feyi wasn’t in charge of the recruiting and employment management, but she felt it would be right to know the ladies that would like to take up the job. “Alright.” Both of them chorused and followed the direction.

Both walked swiftly as if they were been chased by something. They halted on getting to the door of her office and looked at each other. The receptionist had called Feyi to tell her about the ladies that were heading to his office.

Stella and her friend knocked faintly and entered when they heard her voice.


Tolani was laughing. Since he got back to Nigeria, that would be his first time of laughing as much as that. He was always moody, thinking of Stella. He just ended the long term call between him and his friends, in Manchester.

They’ve made it a surprise for him that they’d visIt Nigeria to spend some weeks with him. On New Hemisphere, Manchester to Nigeria was just 10 hours and 48 minutes. He glimpsed at his wrist watch and it was just some minutes past seven.

Four of his friends told him they’d board the flight by 8am, GMT. He stood up at once, he must make neccessary preparations for their arrival. He didn’t have Feyi’s number, he would have called her to tell her about his coming. He knew the way to Diamond Hotel because he had passed the front of the big hotel before, the day he was heading to a boutique.

His father had told him that Feyi was the one heading Diamond Hotel and he felt he should just make a reservations there and besides, she would be happy he brought his friends to her place.

He staired down and entered into his car. He was happy his friends would come to Nigeria to visit him. He too must find time to visit them in Manchester. He was imagining how Frankenstein would survive, because he hated heat so much.

He was happy. He had also thought of it that it would be his first happy day in Nigeria since he got back. He drove at the front of the hotel amd wiped his face. He checked if his collar was well popped and if he was looking as handsome as he left home earlier.

“Yeah, I’m good to go.” He smiled and took some steps

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