The One I Love Episode 22



Previously On The One I Love.

Credit Temitope Daniel.

“What do you want?” They questioned him.

“Money of course… my own share.” He added.

“Do you think I’m so foolish to the extent of letting you join us?

It was after 10 minutes he left one of the reasoned that he might try to implicate them.

“Do you know his house?”

“Let’s go and deal with him,
“He’s there.” The one that lead whispered to the other who stood behind.


“Alright.” He said still facing his colleague when he shot.

“Yeah!” He grinned and both ran away.

“I know where she is.” He added. I was part of the guys that came to get her


“So how far with you? Will you come with me?”

“You know I’m not into that kind of stuffs..” Tobi smiled.

“Wait oh, since you came to logos, you have not gone anywhere with me except church services.

“What brought me to Lagos?” He questioned him.

“According to you, a lady who you said you fell in love with.” He replied.

Tobi hissed. “Then who else?”

“Anyway.” Shola stood up, ready to leave. It seemed Tobi was already taking it personal.


Episode 22

“When on earth is your dad going to forgive you?” Kate asked Feyi.

“I don’t even know. I’m really bored and i feel I should just travel.” She replied.

Both had been on the phone for minutes, gisting.

“Travel? England?” Kate asked.

“No, he wouldn’t let me.” She smiled.  “So where?”

Feyi paused for some seconds before she could answer.

“Lasgidi should be alright, my aunt’s place.” She replied.

“I’m really bored likewise, but dad wouldn’t let me travel.” She hissed dryly.

“That’s your own cross. I’m going to tell dad and I’m sure he’s going to approve it because I’m visiting his family’s place.”

“I trust you… I know you are going to bring him down.”

“Not in this case, that man has gone difficult.”

“Alright, gist me as things dey go sha..” Kate smiled.

“Alright.” She replied and ended the call.

Feyi had been the only one at home since her mother had started taking steps to head Diamond Hotel while she’d still be serving her punishment. She was sure her father would let her go to his sister’s place in Lagos, at least to spend some weeks.


Two days after.

Tolani drove Favour and Stella into the house. It was the first time he’d enter into the house.

“I should be able to spend a little time with you ladies.” He grinned as he dropped from the car.
“A reasonable guy should always help a lady, bring your handbag.” He walked briskly and collected Stella’s handbag.

He was smiling as the ladies led the way and he followed. He turned around the living room.

“Nice.” He smiled and sat down.

“What would you like to eat?” Stella asked him.

“Eat? I don’t eat outside.” He grinned, trying to cause a discussion.

“You don’t? Wait, you cook yourself right?” Fave asked, smiling.

“For sure, I’m the best cook.” He grinned.

“God! Why are guys like this? Who told you that? You better stop making yourself unnecessarily happy.” Fave laughed.

“You want to try me? Where’s the kitchen? Let me prepare you something nice.” He stood, laughing.

“Are you serious?” Stella asked.

“Sure, lead me to the kitchen and tell me what you’d love to eat.” He grinned.

“Let’s go, we go eat porridge.” Fave lead the way, smiling.

Stella smiled. That was part of the things she missed about him.

“You guys shouldn’t forget tomorrow is the stuff oh.” Favour said as she was going.

“Stuff? What’s the stuff all about?” Stella asked.

“Singles’ Forum.” She replied.



THE HALL WAS FILLED. The programme started exactly by 1pm when interludes and praises started and people from walks of life were gathered, seated under the powerful ministration of the Pastor who would teach them about the relationship talk.

Tolani walked in, hand-in-hand with Stella, both smiling. He was wearing a black suite while Stella had a pink gown and a black pair of wedge on. Both were glimpsing at each other as they entered and had their seats.

Bolu- the M.D and Favour had gotten there earlier and were privileged to sit at the front seats. The hall was blooming, couples of various types. Even married men and women were there.

The speakers were both located at the front and the back of the hall which gave a clear sound. Curtains were also spread around the window blinds to reduce reverberation. The Instrumentalists and their various instruments were in a corner too, all in uniform while the engineers who set the engines and rented the speakers were with their engines, modulating everything.

There were ushers around, all were also in uniform and each had identity tag. The chairs were all white and the hall beautifully designed cream.

The podium was rugged blue with several microphone stands on it. Each had microphones in it and the choristers were all there, singing praises before the programme would start fully by 1:45pm.

Soon, the programme started with an opening remark from the chairman of the occasion and special music from the choir again before the lesson one began.

The man stepped forward and began his lecture, titled ‘Destiny.’

He began by telling them a story of a bachelor and a spinster. The guy was David while the lady was Vicky. He told them how much they loved each other to the extent in which the guy wouldn’t sleep without setting his eyes on his fiancee and likewise the lady’s love was so much that when they were separated, none of them let go of each other till they met again and continued their relationship.

He was giving funny slogans as he was discussing with the audience. His teaching was so lively and interesting as everyone was eager to know the next thing that would happen. He was smiling as he continued discussing with them.

The love of the couple was uncontrollable but none of them had ever prayed to God to know if they were compatible. They were told by friends but neglected all the advices coming their way because they believed they were meant for each other since they were seperated and both met again. They even met again and the love didn’t even fade at all.

The love continued until they were about to get married and went to Pastors to pray concerning their future and were told they weren’t for each another. They never believed, they turned deaf ears and went to the hospital for tests again and found out both had ‘AS’ as their genotypes.

The lady’s Rhesus factor was O- negative while the guy was O- positive. They were also advised in the hospital not to venture into any marriage but didn’t listen until they gave birth to their first born as ‘SS’ and afterwards, couldn’t give birth to any other child again because the lady failed to receive an important injection needed to be given to an O- negative patient immediately after birth, so that she would be able to give birth again.

After seventeen years, the child they gave birth to was given an admission and a scholarship to a popular university but didn’t live to witness how it would be.  After all the money that had been spent on the child,  she later died.

“What’s your genotype?” Tolani asked Stella quickly.

Both glimpsed at each other curiously.


To be continued